Benefits of conversational artificial intelligence in 2022 -


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Mar 11, 2021


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Benefits of conversational artificial intelligence in 2022 -

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the combination of AI and Data Science could help you, as a sales leader, perform better at every aspect of your job. It can all get better with deeper insights from the post-call analytics Salesken offers. Here’s how.

Decode high performance to set better benchmarks and KPIs

Hiring sales reps is always a great sign. It means your company is growing.

But do you know what you are looking for in your next sales rep? What’s the formula to hire not just a good rep, but a great one? A great one who has the chops to mimic or, even better, exceed what your top performers are doing?

Even when you do choose a rep to bring into your team, the learning curve is steep. It takes time for reps to unlearn everything they know and learn how your product or service sells.

If you want to fast-track learning, you can’t just hand them your sales playbook which features the most basic template of how to sell, can you? You need to hand them a capsule of all the learnings your sales team has acquired from years of selling.

These are both problems that deeper insights from post-call analytics can help solve.

By studying the factors that lead to success (it’s a matter of linking your CRM to Salesken), you can break down exactly what behaviors and actions your top performers exhibit that the rest of your team needs to replicate. You can even get diagnostics on what’s working in your playbook and what isn’t so that you can build a more useful set of guidelines for your team to follow.

Boost sales rep productivity to achieve targets

Post-call analytics of sales conversations reveal the voice of the customer, be it via call, email, web conference, or chat. It uncovers their real needs and concerns. Perhaps price, a missing feature, lack of rapport, low trust in the product?

In fact, you get to hear both sides of the conversation without spending hours and days listening to call recordings and risking your reps feeling like you’re over-interfering. Instead, sales calls are annotated with keywords and conversation points that Salesken is programmed to detect.

You can even get a quick view of the journey of the sales pitch – from introduction to pitching to handling objections to follow-ups – in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Salesken’s post-call analytics result in lesser dependence on anecdotal evidence shared by your rep, and more on unbiased, unfiltered cues based on actual insights.

Get better returns on your investment of time

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of the big picture. Decision-making is often driven by intuition and gut-feelings and reports from team members.

For instance, every time a new competitor arrives in the market, sales reps start to report that prospects or existing customers are asking questions about it. Before you know it, you’re inundated with questions on how to tackle the comparisons between your product and your competitors’, as if it’s the only thing your customers care about. So, you slot time to figure out how to update your playbook or assist your reps in real-time (as if conversational AI can’t already do that).

But is that really good use of your time? Wouldn’t it be much more effective if you could study your sales call data to determine whether competitor comparisons are causing drop-offs? Or if it’s suddenly become a more common objection than say, price, or industry fit? Without control over what leads to success and failure, you can’t focus on the activities that boost revenue.

As a sales leader, you need to be able to identify which problems have the greatest impact on ROI, so you can move from leaning on word-of-mouth to learning from data.

Leverage data to make successful selling more scientific, less fiction

Salesken uses data science and AI to empower you to reduce the performance gap between top performers and the rest.

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