What is the Best Time and Day to Make Sales Calls?

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What is the best time to make sales calls in 2021

Data is gold in today’s digital age. While companies can’t bear the cost of losing valuable data, the same goes for sales reps. It is imperative to update your contacts and gather as much information on prospects as possible. 

More than
40% of sales reps say prospecting is the most demanding part of the sales call process. If you also find this nut difficult to crack, you’re not alone. 

Instead of researching the buyer or creating a personalized note, the sales representatives should have an idea as to when to pick up the phone to call a prospect. Finding the best time to cold call comes from your homework and ability to convert the cold call into a warm call.

What are the Challenges of Cold Calling?

Nailing a cold call is not a walk in the park, especially for sales professionals. Many prospects straightaway reject what salespeople offer. At times, sales reps would hang up before the cold callers would begin the pitch.

Recent estimates suggest that it takes 209 calls to bag the first appointment. Imagine the intensity of efforts that sales reps put in secure prospects. However, they also waste a good number of working hours leaving voicemails. Of course, connecting with a lead is a massive task. 

Now, let’s have a look at the common mistakes sales reps make during cold calling:

  • Keeping incorrect customer details
  • Ineffective cold-call scripts
  • Badly timed calls

The only thing that salespeople need to understand to combat such inaccuracies is to ‘do it right’. So, learn about the prospect's requirements, find the most opportune time to connect with them, and understand how to be more efficient when talking to them. 

So, When to Call Buyers in 2021?

The best time of day to cold call is between (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM), your prospect’s local time. This is the time when people have completed 80% of their work and mostly be at their desks. 

Now, let’s dig deeper in detail to identify what is the best time to make sales calls and hit your target number:

1. Morning Hours

It makes sense to make morning calls to your prospects. The best thing is you get to connect with them before they kick start their to-do lists. The right time to call your prospect is (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM). 

During these hours, most people are finishing their tasks before having lunch. Similar is the scenario with the 4:00 PM slot when employees are winding up their day. 

2. The Right Type of Day

As per the CallHippo study, Wednesday and Thursday remain the best days of the week to call prospective customers.

Now, it totally makes sense to not bother people on Fridays as they are looking forward to their weekend party and not to begin a relationship with the sales rep. 

Mondays and Tuesdays are mostly for planning the week ahead. By the mid of the week, people have had created some space to take a few critical tasks.

3. Best lead Response Time

Your best response time is the one hour within which you receive a query from your potential lead. CallHippo found a 450% difference in response time for leads that received a call and those that didn’t. 

So act quickly to your lead actions. They are the ones who lead you to sell the product eventually. 

4. Worst Time of the Day

Usually, office hours begin between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. During these early hours, professionals are occupied in the hustle and bustle of work which makes these hours the worst to make calls. 

There is a lot of uncertainty that anyone will be available to answer your call. Just when the employees reach their offers, the first couple of hours are spent planning the day ahead.

Thus, refrain from calling decision-makers and experts at peak hours if you want yourself to be heard properly.

5. Consistency Pays Off

Sales representatives have a 95% success rate on making contact with their lead on the 6th call. Also, by making a few more call attempts, sales representatives can easily attain an 80% growth rate in contact rate. 

If your job involves converting prospects into customers and assume you can accomplish a 70% growth in contact rates, 6 calls scheduled over a 15-day time period can get contact rates improved by 110%.

How Often to Make Cold Calls?

There is no strict formula to make a fantastic sales call. Below-mentioned is some of the best techniques that you may find useful to interact better with your clients:

  • Sales reps have no less than 10 minutes to persuade prospective customers via cold calling. 
  • Asking your leads about their problems and business goals can lead to closing a deal with the prospect on a positive note. 
  • Starting the call with ‘we provide’ more than 3 times in a call can decrease close rates by 22%. 
  • Intellectual sales reps use words, ‘certainly’ and ‘definitely’ 3 times more than average performers. 
  • Top-performing sales reps use collaborative words more instead of ‘you, ‘I’ and ‘me’. 
  • Starting a cold call with ‘how have you been’ has a success rate of 10.01%.

When to Make Cold Calls?

When it comes to calling your prospects, plan in advance so that you connect with your prospects at the right time. This way, you can effectively engage with them and this can improve your conversions.

  • Calling Prospects during their preferred time slots increases conversion by 49%
  • Cold Calling Data reveals that you can increase the likelihood of conversions by 400% if you connect with the prospects the minute they are tagged as a lead.
  • Cold calling research reveals that responding to your prospect inquiries within an hour is a huge deal. 
  • If you contact your lead on Wednesday, you are more likely to engage with them.


To pace your sales success, choosing the ideal time is crucial. Implement these cold-calling sales techniques for your business and see what suits your sales model. Right after a few sales amendments, you will come across so many prospects reaching out to you. 

However, making an impactful call has the right balance of how, what and, when to do it so you can reap the best results. So, apply these basic practices and customize them based upon the calls. 

Hopefully, you find the information mentioned above insightful to find the best time of day to cold call

In fact, there are many sales call software available to track your call schedules, call duration, type of call, and success rate. These insights help you find what time your prospects want to hear from you.

Happy prospecting! Be sure to ring your prospect at their convenience.

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