Why Call Tracking Metrics Are Key To Successful Selling

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Why Call Tracking Metrics Are Key To Successful Selling

Call metrics help to analyze call data and their tracking feature tracks the status of your calls. Advanced call KPIs provide you complete insights for areas of improvement which will improve your business performance. 

The Importance of Call Tracking Metrics

The right data will give you a peek into your agent’s work process, time management, performance, and how their performance is impacting your business. They’re also key to iterating performance and setting goals for KPIs. Call tracking metrics are key to your business’ success.

Knowing the average call length per lead helps you plan ahead, saves you time, and helps call agents send a personalized message and solve customer queries in a professional way. 

Not every call will be a legitimate one, so set a minimum call duration as a threshold a call must fulfill before it can be considered a serious lead. 

The exact duration would depend upon your unique sales process. It could be 30 seconds or a 1-minute call, as per your prospect’s questions or requirements. But if your calls are not answered quickly, or prospects are kept on hold, it’s time to hire some more call agents or add some more shifts.

How Call Tracking Metrics Impact the Sales Process

As per research from the Search Engine Journal, 65% of customers like to contact your business via phone only. Meeting customers through the right channel will help you improve your call center performance. Investing in a modern call tracking system allows you to track the metrics that provide valuable insights in real-time irrespective of your team’s location.

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SalesKen’s software is the industry leader for its high performance. You get complete 100% visibility into your existing sales processes. Schedule a demo with SalesKen to learn how you can access intelligent insights like the ones below:

  • How you use the hook verbiage during a call matters a lot. Top-performing sales reps know how to use and when to use them. 

Here are some features of SalesKen that make it stand out from the rest of the software available on the market:

  • Performance feedback on what is right and what needs to improve in the sales rep’s phone call conversations.
  • Complete access to every recording, transcript, and valuable insights; a deeper understanding of need and intent.
  • AI sales assistants help you customize your sales pitch so you can win more and more deals from every promising prospect.

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How To Use Call Metrics For Sales Purposes

Tracking and using call metrics for your sales process is an extensive step-by-step process. The below steps will help you track, monitor, and measure your calls faster.

  • Choose the key sales metrics that act as a key sales driver in your company.
  • Decide how often you are going to measure these sales metrics.
  • Choose the call tracking and monitoring system for real-time reporting and consistent calculations.
  • Use the best data visualization tools that provide a customizable and real-time dashboard that tracks metrics from the beginner stage to the last step of sales and customer service.
  • Once you analyze the data and insights, it’s time to execute the results to improve sales outcomes. For example, if the average revenue per account is low, decide what actions your business needs to take to improve it. So, find the issues and fix them to keep your sales processes more efficient.

The Best Metrics  To Use For Call Tracking?

Here is a little brief about the metrics that you must emphasize when using agile call tracking software:

  1. Call Volume
  2. Call Duration
  3. First-time Callers
  4. PPC Landing Page Performance
  • Call Volume: This metric gives you detailed insights into reports and call patterns. The larger sample size will help you understand your revenue and ROI more holistically. 
  • Call Duration: It is a general assumption that the longer the call, the higher the likelihood of it converting into a quality lead. Only a prospect who is interested would spend so much talking to you about your product or service. This metric will enable you to identify which landing pages, keywords, and ads would contribute to engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • First-time Callers: This is the most important metric as it tells you which prospects are reaching out to your business for the first time. Moreover, it gives you a fair idea about which marketing strategies are fetching you new calls. 
  • PPC Landing Page Performance: When prospects land on your landing page, they would either fill the form or call you directly. Without a call tracking system, you will only collect data about the filled-out PPC forms. 


Introducing a reliable call tracking system to your business will help you better analyze your sales progress and achieve your goals. SalesKen will have an outsize impact on your bottom line.

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