Conversation Intelligence: 6 Best Use Cases for Reshaping Sales

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Conversation Intelligence: 6 Use Cases for Reshaping Sales

Conversation intelligence (AI) entails a myriad of innovations ranging from automated chat workflows to two-way SMS to virtual assistants - this technology is evolving rapidly. 

With each passing day, an increasing number of sales organizations are leveraging the technology to assist their teams better, and therefore, sell better. 

According to Markets and Markets, the expected global conversation intelligence market is set to grow from USD 4.8 billion in 2020 to USD 13.9 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 21.9%.

So, how do you utilize the best of AI/ML in sales? 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation intelligence or conversation AI is a form of technology that combines the power of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning with traditional software such as chatbots, voice assistants, or interactive voice recognition software to assist customers. 

Conversational intelligence is the technology behind speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions to the customer. 

Though chatbots have gained immense popularity in the last decade, they also have all repute commonly for not thoroughly understanding the customer intent and providing bot-like answers. 

The best conversational intelligence software offers a solution that is indistinguishable to recognize and will replicate an actual sales rep, provides end-to-end support to sales teams to move the deal further in the funnel, and more. 

6 Ways Conversation Intelligence Software is Reshaping Sales 

Artificial intelligence can transform our lives and work. 50% of today’s activities could be automated by 2055.

Conversational intelligence is one of the ways sales organizations can entirely be transformed in the coming future. Here are six ways how the technology can reshape sales - 

#1 Sales Assistance for Coaching 

Sales reps spend about 8.8 hours a week searching for information about their prospects and 32% of their overall time trying to fill data in their CRM system.

Even if you are using a CRM system such as Salesforce, oftentimes, sales reps do not enter all the information in an organized way. As a sales manager, no data or inaccurate data insinuates that the information is inaccurate, leading to roadblocks in the pipeline and an inaccurate representation of the same.

Sometimes, this can also pose a major challenge for new turn-ins. 

Suppose a sales rep is handing over the deal to a new rep, they may not be fully aware of the context, and what has already been shared with the customer to move forward. 

Instead of building rapport and taking the deal forward, the new rep may have to spend hours together to be at pace with the old rep and learn about the prospect from scratch. 

This is where conversational intelligence can help. 

The technology automatically records every customer conversation, transcribes them into bite-sized chunks, summarizes key takeaways and automatically feeds into the CRM, so the sales rep is always updated. 

#2 Set Team Reviews, Best Practices, and Benchmarks


As your organization starts to grow on a positive trajectory, it is vital to have top-performing sales members in your team. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is born a top performer. Some team members learn on the go and some have to be coached from winning strategies. 

Grooming sales reps without having a benchmark is difficult for sales managers. 

Enabling conversational intelligence in your sales organization with the right tools eases the process and makes it seamless to conduct team reviews, 1:1s with team members, and even create a sales playbook with the best practices. 

Conversational intelligence allows your sales teams to recognize their shortcomings on sales conversations, discuss, brainstorm, and also review your team’s overall performance to point out what went wrong and what can be improved. 

Share peer learnings and best practices across the organization to replicate winning strategies. 

#3 Easy Onboarding of New Reps and Customers

Getting new salespersons at par with your organization and bringing them to speed is critical for every organization. 

Onboarding is a vital part of every organization. Establishing a hassle-free onboarding flow not only determines the efficiency of your product but also sets the path to your organization’s culture. 

To set up your organization for success, getting the onboarding process right is the answer. 

Conversational intelligence can assist your managers in not only setting up a smooth onboarding workflow but also establishing a great work culture. 

The technology records the best sales training ideas of your top-performing reps, creates a library of your onboarding process in a clean but bite-sized workflow for reps to understand, and replicates winning strategies. 

Without conversational intelligence, sales managers can struggle with inconsistent training, have loopholes in the onboarding, and battle with their processes, often not leading to success. 

#4 Eliminate Manual Note Taking Process 

Sales teams spend about 30% of their time understanding key takeaways from sales conversations, which involve mundane tasks like taking notes.

Automating note-taking with conversational intelligence can help the team actually focus better on the conversation and ask better qualifying questions as opposed to juggling a myriad of tasks manually. 

Conversational intelligence automates the entire process of note-taking and also, helps you organize the data into a dashboard around key triggers. 

With regular feedback, the technology improves itself to give you better suggestions, cues, potential risks, and answers to objections during a live sales call to help close the deal faster. 

Automation also ensures that reps can tag relevant sales managers to assess the situation, tracks vital information over time, and triggers the rep for the next steps. 

#5 Sales Call Analytics 


Another area where AI can be extremely useful is sales call analytics. 

Conversational intelligence can be used in a number of ways to obtain insights about sales effectiveness and call performance. 

Some of the most common areas where conversational intelligence can be helpful are - 

  1. Deal forecasting

 Evaluates signals to help you understand where the deal currently stands and how to go about it. 

  1. Account specific insights

Receive actionable insights and cues on deals and accounts, and how to answer specific objections, qualifiable questions, and more. 

  1. Stage-level insights

Recognize best practices with reference to previous sales calls within each stage of the sales lifecycle to push a deal faster in the pipeline. 

  1. Competitive advantage

 Track win rates, understand win vs loss rates against competitors, how your organization stands out from the crowd, and more. 

  1. Lead qualification score

Understand how the deal is progressing with lead qualification scores to assist the prospect accordingly and push the deal further. 

Sales call analytics with the help of conversational intelligence accelerates the sales journey by uncovering vital insights into the performance of the deal, thus shortening the sales cycle.

#6 Predictive Sales and Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has the capability to analyze historical data to make predictive forecasts about future sales results with the leverage of various AI predictive algorithms. 

This can be used to identify new prospects, find the ideal customer fit, observe buying signals from prospects, and even aid social listening. 

Conversational intelligence also provides the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell supporting products/features as recommendations to the customer to help with the sales engagement.

This type of automation can help validate a salesperson’s approach when fabricating a deal and deciding on the approach to move the deal based on the customer’s needs.

Who Benefits From Conversation Intelligence? 

So, how can you leverage these insights from conversational intelligence in your day-to-day sales process for sales team leaders and sales reps? 

Let’s find out. 

Sales team leaders and Managers 

For any sales organization, sales leaders must know how to manage and coach both high performers and bottom performers. 

The job, though, sometimes becomes challenging to coach middle-performers, which consists of the majority of the team. 

The end goal for all sales coaches and managers is to transform average performing reps into high-performers and promote team selling

But, analyzing hundreds of sales calls across the sales team is challenging and extremely time-consuming. 

A conversation intelligence platform for sales makes it possible. 

Conversational intelligence enables you to easily oversee top performers, reps who are struggling, and ones who need an extra push with the right style of sales coaching. The software also helps you to understand the talk tracks of top-performing salespersons. 


With Salesken’s Conversation Intelligence capabilities, you can get play-by-play visibility into every rep - customer interaction. Know how your reps are handling customer objections, what they are doin right, where they need help, and provide them with personalized feedback, With Salesken’s voice of customer analytics, know your prospects key needs and concerns, and proactively address them in  the pitch to win more deals.

Sales Reps 

Sales reps can greatly benefit from conversational intelligence. 

Right from being more focused on conversations by listening more to asking the right questions to avoid mundane tasks such as note-taking and feeding in data, this technology is highly beneficial. 


With Salesken’s In-call sales intelligence, reps can tackle customer objections like a pro. Reps can now know how top reps handle tricky situations, and share best practices across the team in real-time. With Salesken’s state of the art emotion detection engine, the reps can determine if the customer is responding positively to the pitch, and adjust the talking points accordingly. Not just that, they can know the purchase intent of the prospect in real-time, and target only those leads with high chances of conversion with personalized messages.

Never miss out on the opportunity to close deals because you were too consumed with mundane tasks. Instead, focus more on the prospect, and understand what went wrong and what went wrong. 

Interested in a Conversational Intelligence Platform that Can Actually Help?

If you are looking for a solution that helps with training, and sales coaching, improves reps’ productivity, and goes beyond just chatbots,  Salesken is the platform you are looking for. 

Salesken is the only platform in the market that can not only understand what is typed, but fully understand the customer’s intent such as emotional intelligence, implication, and pay-off to personalize the pitch. 

Win more deals and supercharge your revenue engine with Salesken with human-like intelligence and cater better to your customers. 

Book a demo with our expert to see how conversational intelligence works and activate your sales team to win deals faster. 

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