How can Conversational Intelligence accelerate the sales journey?

Vaibhav Verma

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Apr 26, 2021


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How can Conversational Intelligence accelerate the sales journey?

Unlike chatbots, Conversational Intelligence (CI) can do much more than process predefined conversations. It doesn’t look to replace human interactions but to improve them. In fact, CI is used by businesses, particularly in sales, to bring in more revenue by simply making customer interactions much better.

Here’s how CI can help your reps quickly move from ‘convince’ to ‘close’.
• Introduction stage

Most sales reps either get to the pitch too soon or ask too many questions during this stage. This immediately makes a prospect mistrust you or makes them feel like they are being interrogated.

“Is your company using a CRM software?”
“Which one?”
“Since when?”
“Are you satisfied with the results?”
“Are there any problems you wish it solved?”

Did you know it takes 5 calls or more to close almost 80% of sales? Spacing out your questions throughout the sales stages can lead to higher success rates.

Conversational Intelligence can analyze things prospects say (or could be feeling) and prompt you to respond to them accordingly. It can prompt you to ask questions at the right time, helping you guide prospects through the sales journey systematically.

• Lead qualification stage

67% of deals are lost due to inadequate lead qualification. That’s why it is important to identify the right leads early on to avoid chasing those that will never convert. But this isn’t easy when you don’t have enough information.

In this case, a Conversational Intelligence tool integrated with your CRM application can help you quickly filter and prioritize your leads, saving time and effort. Knowing more about your leads – their company size, industry challenges, budget, buying history, past interactions, etc. – can also help you close deals quickly with the mature ones and spend more time with those that need nurturing.

• Need Discovery stage

Most prospects want salespeople to stop being pushy and listen to their needs. Ditch the assumptions and ask targeted open-ended questions. But often, prospects aren’t entirely sure of what they need and expect you to help them find the solutions.
So, pay close attention to the details they reveal. The more you know about prospective customers, the better you can understand their pain points and aspirations. CI can help you ask the right questions and zone in on the problems your products/services can solve.

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• Solution mapping stage

94% of buyers research online before making a purchase. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to give them the information they already have. Instead, help them realize what they can achieve with the help of your product/service.

Based on the information you have about your prospects and product details; CI can help you customize your pitch in real-time. It can also display relevant use cases to convince prospects of the effectiveness of your product/service.

• Objection handling stage

“The product is too expensive.”
“Your competitors are offering better features.”

Most reps (about 35%) are too afraid of handing in such objections because they don’t see them as opportunities to allay customer apprehensions that could keep a deal from closing at a much later stage.
With CI by your side, you can tackle objections without missing a beat! By providing you with the right data, CI-powered Salesken can help you seem more knowledgeable and strongly establish the value of your products/services.

• Closing the call

Many reps make the mistake of closing calls without a clear ‘Call to Action’ or expecting every call to end with a purchase. To close deals faster, let everyone on the call know exactly what’s to be done next.
“Please ask Jane too to join our demo call on the 3rd. We’ll be happy to take questions then.”
“Should we connect next Friday at 2 pm to close the deal then?”
CI doesn’t just help you sail through every stage of the sales journey smoothly. It can help you close with a bang. Salesken uses CI to detect emotions and help reps uncover a prospect’s true intent, making it easier for you to close more deals and close them fast.

Can Conversational Intelligence help sales leaders too?

2 sales leaders

CI can provide you with post-call analytics that gives you deeper insights into your team’s performance. Salesken uses CI to detect meaning and emotions from conversations and maps them on its dynamic knowledge graph. This means you can listen to annotated calls and compare your team’s performance based on various metrics. Salesken can also help you identify tactics used by the top performers to set better KPIs.
Salesken’s real-time assistance can help your reps be more confident during sales calls, and you can use the insights from its post-call analytics to replicate tactics used by the top reps.
If you still aren’t convinced of Salesken’s awesomeness, click here to book a demo.

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