Customer – Sales Interactions – Shining a Light into the Black-Box


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Oct 1, 2020


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Customer – Sales Interactions – Shining a Light into the Black-Box

As Sales leaders, we all face a common challenge of trying to figure out exactly what’s happening in the last mile of our sales process, when the rubber hits the road. It’s pretty frustrating, but we all live with the reality of spending a majority of our time culling the red herrings from our sales pipelines.

Triaging pipelines to find which leads are likely to make it through to the finish line and which leads are living on a prayer takes all our time and patience – and it’s not just our time – reviews and training destroy productivity down the line, from team leads to frontline reps.


Between a team lead and reps alone, companies spend thousands of dollars on reviews. And it’s a bit like playing blackjack with your eyes closed. You pick a call to look at, and what you see depends a lot on the luck of the draw. We pay those $$$ for a reason – there’s just no other way to prevent reps going on a wild goose chase and waste precious time that could be focused elsewhere, or coach them on critical deals that’ll make or break the quarter.

And that’s just the way it’s always been – until now. With the power of AI, we finally can break free from guesswork and the drudgery of ploughing through call recordings and focus instead on insights and results. Let AI do the hard work of tracking and analyzing the calls spend time instead on coaching your reps for success, helping them shepherd viable leads to closure and weed out the fruitless time sinks.

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