G2's Spring 2021 Report - Conversation Intelligence - Salesken.ai

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G2's Spring 2021 Report - Conversation Intelligence - Salesken.ai

Salesken has just been ranked number 1 in the Relationship index report for the Conversation intelligence category in G2’s Spring 2021 report and we couldn’t be more excited.

We are also named as a high performer in the Conversation Intelligence category in the Peer to peer business solutions review platform’s GRID report for the 4th consecutive quarter. Additionally, we are recognized for Best support, Best relationship's and Easiest to do business with, which are won by just one vendor in the category and all this has happened less than 2 years since we have started.

G2 awards are based on carefully curated reviews from software users and buyers. This means that all these recognitions are a testament to fact that our “users love us”.

As an organization, Salesken puts the needs of its customers above everything and pays special attention to them. The constant support and feedback from our customers helped our offerings evolve with their business needs.

This recognition from G2 feels even more special for an organization like ours which runs on a customer-first principle, as they come directly from all our users. We are indeed honored and blessed that our users have chosen us in different categories like Conversation Intelligence, Sales Analytics, Sales Coaching, and Outbound call tracking

It doesn’t end there. We are also recognized as a High performer in Mid-Market, Enterprise, Asia regional, and Asia Pacific regional grid reports.

Salesken received a 5 out of 5 rating from 116 different user reviews on

In the Conversation intelligence relationship index, which is based on the scores for Ease of doing business with, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend, we stood #1 with a total score of 97% whereas the average score for the industry stood at 91%

Salesken.ai G2 awards for Spring 2021.


Here are some of the reviews from the users of Salesken:


In the ongoing year, our users can expect continued growth, as Salesken plans to build a sophisticated sales tech stack and expand further into newer geographies and industries. Our users have really found the way we put data into work using artificial intelligence, interesting and extremely useful.

Recently we have come up with a Good call Engine that Intelligently understands what is working in our customer’s winning calls and builds a winning call profile unique to their organization.

This has helped the Sales Managers and individual sales reps get complete visibility into their sales process and further refine it. We aim to come up with many such innovative customer-centric solutions and help them win more.

Want to know why our users love us and understand how we make the magic work at Salesken? Get in touch with us here:

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