G2's Summer 2021 Report - Conversation Intelligence Category

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G2's Summer 2021 Report - Conversation Intelligence - Salesken.ai

The G2 Summer Reports are out.  And Salesken has won it big, again. We have been ranked as G2 Momentum Leader (Summer 2021) for the first time.

We are ranked #1 in the Relationship Index for the Conversation Intelligence Category with a score of 9.98 out of 10, which is usually won by only one vendor in the category

Additionally, we have been ranked as a High Performer in the Conversation Intelligence Category for the 5th quarter in a row, Best Relationship, Easiest to do Business with and Best Support.


A big shout out to the entire Salesken team for pulling off this feat.

G2 rates products and vendors based on reviews from the user community, data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Our big wins in every category show that “Our Users Love Us” and we are overjoyed with the love and support of our customers.

G2 Momentum Leader and Relationship Index are unique as they are based purely on Customer Satisfaction. Momentum Grid is based on customer satisfaction with regards to the end-user product attributes and the Relationship Index is based on Ease of doing business with, quality of support and likelihood to recommend. In fact, the Relationship Index is given to only one vendor in each category. Salesken has won this for the second quarter in a row. This is a testament to our customer-first approach and the stellar work of the Customer Success and Support teams.


The amount of love, a young organization like ours trying to put a dent in the Sales Tech and Conversation Intelligence Space, receives from our users is amazing. In challenging times like these, all our clients had to take to Remote Working and Inside Sales (some for the very first time) en masse. Our clients range from multinational conglomerates to seed-funded startups, from across industries and geographies, with specific requirements and challenges. Our Customer Success and Support teams worked round the clock and continue to do so, to enable our customers to seamlessly transition to an AI-led future. It is because of them, our users love us.

See what our users have to say about us:




As we continue to expand to newer industries and geographies, we continue to take a customer-centric approach and build a tech stack that our users will love.  

Recently, we prototyped the Pitch Score feature where each conversation will be scored vis-a-vis successful conversations. This helps Managers and Reps to know their performance in each conversation and the probability of conversion. The initial users are raving about this feature and we’ll soon make it available for all our users. We aim to continue to come up with innovative solutions that our customers love and help them win more.

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