G2 Winter 2022 Report - Conversation Intelligence Category- SalesKen.ai

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G2 Winter 2022 Report - Conversation Intelligence Category- SalesKen.ai

Another G2 Quarterly Report. And another BIG WIN for Salesken. 

Salesken has swept every single category we have featured.

We have been recognized as a G2 Momentum Leader, with a Momentum Grid Score of 87.

We are ranked #1 in the Relationship Index for the Conversation Intelligence Category with a score of 9.83 out of 10, which only one vendor in each category wins.

Additionally, we have been ranked as a High Performer in the Conversation Intelligence Category (for the 7th quarter in a row!), Best Relationship, Easiest to do Business With and Best Support.  

What makes G2 Badges Special?

G2 rates products and vendors based on reviews from the user community, data aggregated from online sources and social networks. The fact that we have won in multiple categories is a testimony to the love and trust that users have in us. 

Here’s what our users have to say about SalesKen:

A BIG THANK YOU to all our users for their continuous love and support.

Salesken’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 97 is the Highest for Conversation Intelligence Products. 

The NPS measures the users’ satisfaction with the product and their “Likelihood to Recommend”. It is measured across multiple parameters, and Salesken has the highest ratings in every one of them. This is a significant achievement, considering that we are one of the youngest organisations in the Conversation Intelligence Category.

Avg. NPS for Conversation Intelligence Products is 77 (G2 Winter Reports 2022)

What makes users love Salesken?

Salesken’s core mission is to help you make every sale your best sale!

Unlike typical conversation intelligence products, Salesken is not just a diagnostic tool to pinpoint shortcomings in performance. Sure, sales leaders can track their team’s performance, get complete pipeline visibility and know if individuals, and the team, are on track to meet their revenue goals. But Salesken provides much more:

  1. Real-time assistance in the form of contextual battle cards to help reps close more deals. 
  2. A state-of-the-art emotion detection engine to determine if the prospect responds positively to the pitch, and allow the reps to adjust their talking points accordingly.
  3. The reps can now identify the leads with high purchase intent and engage with them with contextual messages. 
  4. Salesken’s Voice of Customer Analytics lets you know your customers’ top needs and concerns about your product. You can then incorporate it right in your pitch.
  5. Build an ideal customer profile based on actual conversations with the customers.

A Remote Solution For The New Normal

With the onset of the pandemic mandated restrictions, reps may not have access to office PCs. With Saleken’s mobile app, the Reps can now call the prospects, schedule follow-ups, send messages, create new leads, and more, right from their mobile devices. The reps can move around while attending the calls, and read the cues from the mobile itself. The high degree of flexibility, coupled with unparalleled capabilities, has made Salesken a pocket-sized sales companion to sales reps.

Here’s what Susratha Singh, Associate Director of Customer Success at Salesken, has to say about her experience with the users. 

“Reps were initially sceptical about Salesken. They worried it was a monitoring tool that might hinder their work. But as they saw how Salesken seamlessly integrated with their tech stack, the flexibility it offered, and how the real-time cues helped them close more deals, they have taken to Salesken big time. Even experienced sales professionals are amazed by the real-time capabilities and are asking for more cues to be added. I am least surprised with the high NPS. It is a reflection of what I see and hear on the ground. And as we add to our product offerings, I am confident that the user’s love will only increase”.

Want to see for yourself how Salesken can help improve conversions by 74%? 

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