Outbound Sales Strategy - 8 Secrets to Increase Sales

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Outbound Sales Strategy: 8 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Sales

Outbound sales strategy seems like an invalid old story in a world that excelled by technology and social media marketing. Who wants to attend to annoying calls from sales reps anyway?

Sales reps have a reputation for being pushy and annoying. Do outbound sales even work for anyone?

Contrary to popular belief, statistics say it brings in more value than inbound sales.

A study by Sales Insights Lab reveals that sales are primarily outbound(55%) than inbound (27%).

But this statistical validity does not change the fact that challenges in B2B sales are many. From cold-calling failures to rude refusals from prospects, outbound sales reps really have to stand tall against disappointments and rejections.

Let us learn more about sales challenges and figure out ways to address them successfully.

8 Secrets to Increase B2B sales strategy in 2023

You must have a fair idea by now about the challenges in B2B sales. Let us look at the 8 super tips that will help strengthen your sales strategy and close more deals effectively.

  1. Re-engage existing clients and ask for referrals
  2. Include live chat in your interactions with prospects
  3. Build an appealing impression by guest-starring on a podcast
  4. Reach out via tailor-made segment emails
  5. Use your CRM database to support your sales plan
  6. Reach out to influencers for promotions
  7. Cold Calling to the rescue
  8. Reach out on social media via cold messaging

1. Re-engage existing clients and ask for referrals

Your existing client base has a lot more potential for bringing you leads than you have considered. Once you have sold the product, your relationship is not over with your client. They might come back to you again if they are happy with your service and products, making it easy for you to pitch new products.

You can make the most of this opportunity by asking them for referrals.

2. Include live chat in your interactions with prospects

Contrary to cold calling, live chats are welcomed by people probably because it does not involve any form of aggressive pitching and pushy behavior.

Live chat is easy, quick, and convenient for consumers. Unlike e-mails, people don’t have to wait hours before getting a reply..

3. Build an appealing impression by guest-starring on a podcast

Everything in today's business world is about showing up and making an impression. People are more influenced by personal stories than robotic interpretations of product specifications.

Edison Research reports that 54% of podcast consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they have seen on podcasts.

Podcasts are a great platform for engaging with an audience and attracting them to your brand and products via storytelling. You just need to plan your content and deliver it convincingly to the audience and half of the marketing work is done.

4. Reach out via tailor-made segment emails

One of the essential marketing tools is an e-mail which is also reported to be the best channel for marketing. 74% of marketers think that targeted email marketing can increase customer engagement, yet only 39% of businesses send out personalized emails.

Segmentation is the process of dividing your email list of prospects into segments or sections based on locations, industry, company size, or any other similar features that help you target them via personalization. Once you start doing this, your conversion rates are sure to improve.

5. Use your CRM database to support your sales plan

Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database is a great tool to support your sales plan as it has valuable information about your customer base and can be easily used to track and document the development of your relationships.

Identify your top customers and those with minimal ROI. Try to focus on high-potential clients and tailor your sales plan to support their needs to increase engagement.  Make the best use of the insights you have and target your plan to give them personalized experiences.

6. Reach out to influencers for promotions

There is a reason some people are called influencers. They have a ready-made audience who look up to them and follow their choices. The influencer marketing trend is at its peak, showing positive results for companies.

Mediakix reports that in 2019, 17% of companies have spent more than half of their marketing budget on influencer marketing, and 80% of marketers find it effective.

One of the crucial decisions you have to make here is selecting the right influencer and platform. Use the platform that is most likely to be used by your targets. Never spend all your budget on one influencer, try multiple platforms and influencers before settling on the best pick.

7. Cold Calling to the rescue

Contrary to popular belief and ‘so-called’ experts opinion, call calling is still isn't dead. Yes, it is very much alive! 18% of high-quality leads are attracted via cold calling.

Cold calling may seem a little unwelcoming for sales reps because often, they are faced with rejections and disappointments. This is probably because they are not approaching the correct person or interacting correctly. 

57% of C-level executives, 51% of directors, and 47% of managers want to be connected via a phone call.

Make sure to research before you call. Know who you are calling, personalize your call, don't pitch too early, and practice your speech if required, but do it the correct way. Closing deals via cold calling needs a little patience. You might be rejected by several and some can ask you to call later. You have to make sure to do follow-ups.

93% of leads are converted after the 6th cold calling attempt, so be persistent in your efforts.

8. Reach out on social media via cold messaging

This is the correct time to use the power of social media. There is a wide pool of prospects on all social media platforms, you just have to know how to spot them. Here are some do’s and don’ts on reaching out to prospects on social media platforms


  • Try to search and connect with all your prospects on the platform.
  • Interact with their posts or stories.
  • Use your posts and stories to identify new leads and connect with them
  • Start with casual conversations, and maybe mention something you have noticed or liked about their post.
  • Follow up with prospects who have shown interest.


  • Never pitch in the first conversation
  • Don’t make it about yourself
  • Don’t seem desperate

Final Thoughts

Challenges in B2B sales are many, it only requires the right mindset and strategy to close a deal. Outbound or inbound, the sales function of your business is vital for its sustainability. You can win any deal successfully with the sales reps' skills and expertise, value-based training, and the correct mindset.

Consumers nowadays are keener on choosing companies who understand their needs and personalize their experience. If you can tap into their pain points and offer the correct solutions personally, that can help you see a lot more conversion rates. 

Good Luck!

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