8 Benefits of Sales Acceleration Tools


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Nov 8, 2021


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8 Benefits of Sales Acceleration Tools

According to research by Gartner, companies miss 10% of their annual sales opportunities due to poor data planning. Sales cycles are quite complex and many touchpoints between buyers and vendors make building personalised experiences harder.

Sales acceleration tools and processes can simplify the sales cycle, empower sales reps to close deals quickly through impactful conversation and help enterprises make their sales processes more efficient.

Sales acceleration refers to tools and strategies that help enhance the efficiency and speed of your sales processes. Leveraging innovative technology, buyers move through the sales pipeline more seamlessly. Such ‘sales enablement’ practices ensure that sales reps have the required access to resources they need to accomplish their goals, be it data analytics, marketing collateral, or coaching modules. All this makes sales processes accelerate smoothly.

8 Benefits of Sales Acceleration Tools to Achieve Sales Goals

Result-driven sales acceleration solutions provide valuable insights that both the marketing and sales teams need to build relevant interactions. They offer additional context to help accomplish immediate sales objectives.

Sales acceleration tools identify the latest information needed to decrease the sales funnel and expedite the sales.

Most importantly, sales acceleration aligns the existing information with business opportunities, segmenting buyers by the level of qualification to help sales and marketing teams up their productivity levels.

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Here are 8 benefits that enterprises can leverage by optimally using the sales acceleration system:

1. Improved Sales Productivity

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Sales reps’ productivity peaks when they are selling without the pressure of lead generation, sales prospecting, searching for marketing resources, etc. Their productivity directly impacts revenue as well. When sales acceleration tools enable sales reps to maintain higher productivity levels, they can more effectively contribute to the bottom line.

2. Leaner Lead Generation

Sales acceleration automates the time-consuming process of research and of vetting prospects, which happens prior to the initial communication with a prospective buyer. Automation lets sales reps focus on selling rather than on the preliminary legwork. Faster lead generation enables faster lead distribution and nurturing and, ultimately, quicker sales.

3. Actionable CRM Data Insights

If data is your goldmine, then CRM is your refinery. The latter fetch insights that require technical proficiency as well as time investment. Integrating the sales acceleration tools with your CRM aids your sales and marketing team to make effective use of data.

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Sales acceleration technology converts CRM insights into actionable takeaways. Over time, CRM optimisation gets you better results in the form of sales gamification so that you can see when content performance metrics rise and prospective buyers become more receptive to reaching out.

4. Sales Training by Experts

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Sales acceleration technology gives access to important learning resources to ensure education is imparted in the most ideal way. It is not good practice to skip the essential touchpoints and go too fast as it may hamper the customer experience, or reps may misread patterns that are key to maintaining positive interactions. By using sales enablement tools effectively, sales leaders can mentor their reps and help them enrich their skill sets.

5. Improved Employee Engagement

Sales gamification ranges from traditional motivational strategies like competitions to real digital games popular in the industry. Using such tactics, sales leaders can promote employee engagement and cultivate top performers. Engagement is directly or indirectly connected to productivity. A motivated employee stands a better chance of not just achieving their own quota but also supporting other team members.

6. Lead Scoring and In-Depth Research

Giving sales professionals a big list of leads can overwhelm them. This is where sales acceleration software can eliminate the tedious guesswork by finding the right prospects well in advance. In addition, predictive analytics helps prioritise leads better so that reps’ time doesn’t get wasted.

7. Rethinking the Sales Funnel And Alignment With Marketing

The way lead nurturing models are built tend to not motivate prospects to move to the next level; the middle-of-the-funnel leads rarely reach the bottom. After automation and acceleration systems have been fully integrated into regular processes, sales teams often gain new insights, like the top of their funnel being too big. Sales acceleration tools help teams reimagine their sales funnel.
Sales acceleration systems help reduce disparities and better align sales and marketing through a data-driven approach. This coordination is critical to converting leads.

8. Scaling with Automation

Scaling with Automation

Every sales acceleration system has a dash of automation that may cover anything from automating sales tracking to calling your sales representative to setting up birthday reminders of customers to follow up on previous interactions with prospects and leads. This makes the whole process of selling much easier.

How To Choose The Right Sales Acceleration Tool For B2B & B2C Sales

As a McKinsey and Company report once observed, “Growing enterprises are more effective as compared to slower ones at using digital technologies and ecosystems to support the sales teams”.

To identify which sales acceleration tool best blends with your existing sales and marketing funnels, you need to:

  • Figure out your business development blind spots
  • Get specific on how you can make effective use of data
  • Review your existing features to check the compatibility when integrating the sales acceleration tool
  • Research reviews from actual users to learn how they feel about the tool to determine fit.

Undoubtedly, sales acceleration has shown its business value to many SaaS and non-SaaS-based enterprises and has become a bona fide component of the sales and marketing toolkit.

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