Sales Coaching’s Bum Rap


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Jun 9, 2020


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Sales Coaching’s Bum Rap

It’s always surprised me that companies don’t invest more seriously in sales effectiveness. It’s like going to the gym I guess… one of those things everyone knows is good for them, but is sweaty, unpleasant and a whole lot of work.
Most folks just hope that “on the job training” will iron out the kinks. We mostly just manage the laggards out of the team and work the numbers. I guess there’s a certain logic to that, but those lost leads – the customers we didn’t nudge down the funnel – that’s a tone of money that we are just walking away from.


In most companies coaching is just driven by a rep’s luck in terms of who happens to be their manager. Get someone who isn’t a great mentor and coach, and the entire team suffers for it.

It’s hard, admittedly, to coach people for success, but there is simply no alternative for sales leaders serious about team performance – we can’t manage through appraisal and hope for the best.

We need to start thinking about how to empower reps differently to enable them to improve.

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