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What is a Sales Dialer, and What are the Benefits of Using a Sales Dialer?

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What is a Sales Dialer - Benefits of Using Sales Dialer

B2B Sales teams often face difficulties in accelerating the number of sales conversations. More conversations mean more sales opportunities. However, various administrative and manual activities hold them back from these opportunities. 

Suppose an organization hires some expert B2B sales reps to accelerate its sales process. However, they spend their valuable working hours dialing prospects, making cold calls, sending voicemails, call recording calls, data entry, and several other manual activities that can easily be automated. As a result, the sales reps have very little time to research the target market and craft a personalized sales pitch. 

So, what is the solution here? How can you remove the pressure of manual tasks so that the sales reps can concentrate on more valuable activities? 

A great solution is to invest in a B2B sales dialer to free-up sales reps’ time and help them engage in strategic activities. Read this guide to understand a B2B sales dialer and how it can benefit your sales operations. 

What is a B2B Sales Dialer? 

B2B Sales dialer is a sales engagement software to make quicker sales calls. Sales dialers reduce the amount of time-consuming administrative activities associated with a sales call and help the reps to interact with more prospects. 

Why do you Need a B2B Sales Dialer? 

Did you know that two-thirds of a sales rep's time goes into non-revenue generating activities? That’s exactly why a B2B sales dialer is a smart investment for sales professionals. 

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Here are a few reasons why investing in a sales dialer is the need of the hour: 

  • Sales dialers increase a sales team’s efficiency.
  • Sales dialers can be easily integrated with your CRM. Hence syncing all data (call recording, phone number, etc.) can be done quickly. 
  • Sales dialers come with attractive features like call cues that help you prioritize sales conversations and identify high-intent leads. 

Types of Sales Dialers 

B2B Sales dialers vary based on functions and features. There are three main B2B sales dialer types - Click-to-call dialer, List-based dialer, and Agent-based dialler. Let’s break down each of these sales dialers for you: 

Click-to-call dialer 

Click-to-call dialer plays a significant role in B2B sales. Suppose your sales team identifies a potential client that matches the user persona perfectly. So, what’s the next step? Ideally, sales reps will try to connect with the prospect for the discovery call. Instead of wasting time on manual dialing, a Click-to-call dialer helps you call the number from your laptop or any other device through a simple click. A click-to-call dialer can update each call recording, email, voicemail, etc., within the CRM. 

List-based dialer 

A List-based dialer is where B2B sales professionals can upload a long list of sales prospects to their CRM. Afterward, the sales reps can start calling prospects from the list one by one. The list-based dialer also allows the reps to tick off a phone number dialed already. B2B sales reps can use a List-based dialer to clear visibility into calls and ensure that they can plan the next phone calls accordingly. 

Agent-based dialer 

Sales calls are often delayed because gatekeepers and B2B sales reps have to wait for a long time before they can speak to the decision-makers. With Agent-based dialers, sales professionals can use robots or human agents to interact with the gatekeepers. As a result, sales reps can only interact with the key decision-makers directly and can shift their entire focus on personalizing the conversations with prospects. 

As soon as a B2B sales rep is ready to perform the sales call, the agent or robot will dial the call, communicate with the gatekeepers, and hand over the phone call to the rep when they reach a live person. 

Tips and Tricks to Improve B2B Sales Dialing 

Sales dialing should be a critical part of any organization’s B2B Sales process. Here are a few easy tips to improve B2B sales dialing: 

  • Make sure that the B2B sales Dialer is integrated within a CRM. This will help you consolidate all prospect data at a single platform without back-and-forth switching of tools. This further means that all your actions within the sales dialer will be updated automatically within the CRM. 
  • Humanize your phone calls. We know that it can be challenging as the sales reps have to interact with multiple prospects every day, and maintaining a unique approach every time can get difficult. However, the more personalized and targeted your sales pitch is, the higher the chances of conversion.  
  • Along with a sales dialer, every B2B sales rep should use other sales engagement technologies to improve the chances of conversion. This could mean sending more personalized cold emails, LinkedIn outreach messages, objection-free cold calls, etc. 

Top Benefits of Using B2B Sales Dialers 

The strategic use of B2B sales dialers can help enterprises to a large extent. Some of the critical benefits of B2B sales dialers are discussed below: 

1. A productivity booster for sales teams 

A sales dialer simplifies sales connections as it helps reps reach high-level B2B professionals faster. Hence, sales reps can focus on nurturing the leads instead. This can work as an instant productivity booster for the sales reps. It can easily cause a mindset shift for the reps as they no longer need to spend a long time on non-sales activities and focus on building a rapport with potential customers. 

2. Greater profitability opportunities 

Sales dialers can automate one of the most critical parts of sales calls - dialing. Hence, in the presence of a sales dialer, B2B sales managers require lesser resources to convert sales deals. This means a significant reduction in customer acquisition costs, which can later reflect in the overall sales revenue. Sales dialers help the reps fulfill their sales targets faster and free up their time to expand the funnel. This means higher room for profitability. 

3. No more call reluctance 

What if a sales rep prepares thoroughly for the first call, crafts the perfect pitch but never gets to deliver it to the right person. Why? Too many gatekeepers promise to convey your message but never do! 

This can demotivate even the most hardworking sales reps and develop a sense of call reluctance. Sales dialers can shift the reps from the self-questioning mode to the productivity mode. Sales dialers easily interact with gatekeepers and connect the reps directly with the central decision-makers. This can boost the self-confidence of reps and help them accelerate the entire process. 

4. Perform sales-enablement training seamlessly 

Consistent training is the cornerstone of successful sales. Training is particularly important for educating new reps about the B2B selling process, and its core concepts. Without a sales dialer in your sales process, sales managers will have to include an entire section on making sales calls, communicating with gatekeepers, and handling objections. A sales dialer can help the sales managers avoid all these factors and ensure that they spend more time explaining the core concepts of B2B sales to the reps. 

Salesken - Your go to platform to get the best out of your sales teams 

A sales dialer software can increase the efficiency of your sales team. A sales dialer ensures that a sales rep is spending the least time on repetitive tasks and automating all tedious activities to avoid the scope of error. However, selecting the right sales dialer can make a lot of difference. 

Salesken, an AI-enabled, cloud-based sales engagement platform can integrate with your existing dialer using a simple integration and also has an in-built sales dialer. It can help B2B organizations with a smart sales dialing solution that helps with: 

  • Skill-based call routing 
  • Predictive dialer 
  • Auto-generation of CSAT and NPS reports 
  • Real-time coaching 

And the list goes on. 

Book a demo today to explore further! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a sales dialer?

A sales dialer is a sales engagement platform that helps sales reps automate the dialing process to avoid tedious activities. It can save sales reps’ time spent on hours of manual dialing and ensure that customer interactions happen seamlessly.

How does a phone system differ from a dialer?

Sales dials can auto-dial phone numbers, while in a phone system, the user needs to dial a number manually. To put it simply, a dialer is the computerized version of a regular phone system.

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