Introducing the Salesken Mobile App

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Introducing the Salesken Mobile App

The COVID 19 crisis has dramatically changed the Sales profession. Face-To-Face sales meetings have become impossible and Inside Sales, which was around 40% of the sales volume in January 2020, has now become the dominant mode of selling. With this paradigm shift, organizations are adopting tools that will enable their sales teams to continue selling.

Our goal at Salesken is to use the Science of Sales to make every sales rep a top performer. We assist and analyze customer conversations and provide insights to help sales teams close more deals.  

Most popular Sales Enablement Tools require desktops or laptops, a high-speed internet connection and in some cases a desk phone. With sudden closure of offices, which looks to extend late into this year, many sales teams could not provision this infrastructure to their reps. The problem is compounded in developing countries like India where internet connections are slow, a new laptop often costs as high as 200% of a sales reps' salary - mobile phones have become the de-facto mode of communication and work. 

The challenges in developing our Mobile App

Even before the COVID 19 crisis struck, we had realized the need to develop a mobile application. Sales teams wanted the flexibility to interact with the customers without having to be tied down to their office desks. The lockdowns and disruption they caused, accelerated its demand. However, we too had to move a growing team to remote work on a week's notice. And launching an app, while all of us weren’t under the same roof, brought with it, a new set of challenges. Ideations, Designing, Testing, and other processes had to be done while all were working remotely.

Though challenging at the beginning, with time, by adhering to some remote collaboration techniques, we got better. Read here

The technical challenge was, we not only had to record and transcribe these mobile calls but also analyse the data generated in order to enable our cues in real time. With slow and unreliable internet connections, the audio quality was often poor. We had to redesign our ASR and Analytics Engine to enable real-time cueing. Adapting our software to these constraints has been a huge learning and a humbling experience.

The Salesken App

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We are proud to announce the launch of Salesken Mobile App. You can now call your prospects (through VoIP or mobile networks), schedule follow-ups and next stage activities, send messages, create new leads, and more, from your Android or iOS devices. Real-time cueing is also enabled to help reps close more deals and make every conversation count.

Having an app also helped our own sales team adapt to selling amidst the lockdown and pandemic!

Looking Ahead

In the next version, we will look to provide micro reports in real-time. This will show the sales reps what went right, and where they need to improve while interacting with the prospects. Also, we want to enable video calls on our mobile apps to ensure all customer interactions can be done over Salesken’s Mobile Application itself.

As organizations shift to remote sales, we are hopeful, that Salesken’s Mobile App will enable teams to adapt better. Salesken App is available on both Android Playstore and Apple App Store. Do check it out and give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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