Salesken Gets Featured On The NASDAQ Building, And We’re Expanding In The USA!

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Salesken Gets Featured On The NASDAQ Building, And We’re Expanding In The USA!

Start spreading the news! Salesken has been featured on the iconic NASDAQ building in Times Square, New York, this week!📈🗽

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably already know that Salesken is on a mission to augment human intelligence and bring science to sales. We are passionate about our vision to help you MAKE EVERY SALE YOUR BEST SALE. Now, we’re delighted to expand in North America and take this mission global! 

We recently raised $22 Million in our latest round of funding, led by M12 (Microsoft’s venture fund), and our existing investor Sequoia India also participated in this round. We are excited to use the funds to further develop and scale our category-creating in-call live sales intelligence platform. 

We aim to help sales representatives and teams achieve peak performance and help every organization maximize revenue, conversions, efficiency and transparency. Our platform improves performance and revenue per sales representative by providing actionable insights on gaps in their sales conversations and also bridging the gaps with real-time cues to the reps.

Before founding Salesken in 2020, our founders Surga Thilakan and Sreeraman Vaidyanathan spent over a decade training over 20,000 sales reps. They combined their deep domain expertise of sales coaching with cutting-edge engineering and data science to build a product that has seen rapid global adoption over the past two years. 

Here’s what Surga Thilakan, Salesken’s co-founder and CEO, has to say:

 “With the increase in remote selling across industries, digital tools have become a must-have in the sales tech stack. We created Salesken to make selling scientific and seamless. Salesken transforms teams, providing visibility and actionable insights for higher productivity from day zero. We see onboarding times reduce by 2-3 months through live assistance to sales reps. The quality of sales conversions improve, and the top-line improves by 20-25% within a few months of use. This impact has seen us grow by over 300% last year. We look forward to growing internationally and collaborating with the best talent to help us in our journey of building a world-class product.” 

If you’d like to learn more about us, please schedule a demo with us. 

We’re also hiring for a variety of roles globally, so do check out our Linkedin page for more information!

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