Salesken WINS Best Software Awards, 2023

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Salesken's Conversation AI Platform Wins Global Best Software Award 2023

The G2 Software Awards for 2023 are out.

And we are super excited that Salesken has been ranked #10 among Best Sales Products. 

This is very exciting as we have been ranked for the second year in a row among the Top 50 for the best sales products.

Additionally, we have been recognized by ICONIQ Growth (in collaboration with G2) as an Essential Tech Stack for Software Companies and the Fastest Growing Product in the GTM category for 2022.

Like all G2 Awards, this is entirely based on user reviews collected across online forums,  social media, and user communities. 

We thank our users and partners for their continuous love and support and take this opportunity to congratulate every member of the Salesken team for this incredible achievement.

What does this recognition mean?

For long, Conversational AI has been associated with chatbots, IVR, and voice assistants and was viewed as a nice-to-have tool, but CRMs, dialers, schedulers, and email automation tools were considered the staple of sales teams.

But, the pandemic made every organization shift to a digital-first environment, and the changes in buying behavior have brought home the need for organizations to personalize every buyer interaction.

And Salesken enables teams to do all this and more.

Salesken is a category-creating product that provides real-time in-call sales assistance to reps and helps them have winning sales conversations.

We leverage the latest technologies in conversational AI, and data science to understand customer sentiments, identify the winning behavior of top reps (rapport building techniques, ideal rebuttals to objections, best price negotiation techniques) - and share the best practices across the team in real-time.

Along with it, Salesken can identify the purchase intent of the prospects, and help predict revenue based on actual customer conversations. Sales leaders can now know if their teams are on track to meeting their revenue goals and take corrective actions to ensure no last-minute surprises. 

All this has made Salesken a must-have tool for teams across industries and use cases.

This is what Surga Thilakan, CEO of Salesken had to say about this recognition -

“Growing revenue consistently and predictably is hard work and a super tough job, especially in a tough economic climate, a constantly evolving market with new competitors, new products. Through our real-time assistance to front-line sellers, we are there at the first point of touch with your customers, promoting and building your brand, helping you consistently and predictably win more with delightful and impactful first sales conversations.”

The G2 recognitions are a testimony that conversational AI has become mainstream, and winning teams of 2023 and beyond will increasingly leverage AI to optimize their sales processes.

We at Salesken are proud to be leading this revolution.

We once again thank all our users for their continuous love and support. 

And we hope to continue to innovate around customer needs and create a product that users truly love!

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