Salesken WINS big in G2 Winter Reports, 2023

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Salesken WINS big in G2 Winter Reports, 2023

The G2 Winter Reports 2023 are out.

And Salesken continues its WINNING streak.

We have WON 24 badges across 9 different categories.

Additionally, we have been recognized as :

🏆  Momentum Leader for 10+ consecutive quarters

🏆 #1 in Usability Index Score of 9.77

🏆 Ranked in Top 10 for 6 categories

🏆 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 99 as against the industry average of 69

Additionally, we have been ranked #1 in the Relationship Index across 8 different product categories. 

This is a very special one indeed. Like all G2 Awards, the scores are based entirely on user reviews aggregated from online forums, social media, and communities.

The Relationship Index Score is calculated on the basis of:

  1. Customer’s Ease of Doing Business with Salesken
  2. Customer’s Satisfaction based on the Quality of Support Received
  3. Customer’s Likelihood to Recommend the Product

Being ranked #1 in the Relationship Index, across 8 different categories, is a testament to the LOVE & TRUST our users have for us.

Here’s what they have to say about Salesken:

24 badges across 9 different categories. What does it imply?

G2 categorizes products according to:

  1. Capabilities of the product
  2. How users are deploying the product across multiple teams and functions

Salesken has been included in 9 different categories - 

  1. Conversational Intelligence
  2. Speech Analytics
  3. Sales Coaching
  4. Outbound Call Tracking
  5. Inbound Call Tracking
  6. Sales Analytics
  7. Sales Performance Management
  8. Sales Enablement
  9. Sales Engagement

This is the highest for any product in the Conversational AI space.

This is an acknowledgment of the fact that Salesken has successfully Productized AI and that is finding resonance in the market.

Conversational AI has long been equated with chatbots, voice agents(Alexa/Siri) or at best to record, transcribe and derive basic insights on quantitative metrics (talk-time, number of calls dialed, talk-listen ratio, etc.)

But, Salesken’s AI engines can intelligently understand every customer-rep interaction across channels - calls, videos & emails - and provide insights across 14 different dimensions ( Empathy, Urgency Creation, Positive Energy, Need Identification, Decision maker, Price Negotiations, Lead Qualifications, and others)

With Salesken, it is now possible for sales leaders to  understand how top reps build rapport, handle objections, identify their best closing techniques, and share the WINNING practices across the team in REAL-TIME.

Salesken has, within a very short-time, emerged as the Go-To solution for sales teams, for multiple use cases.

From sales coaching, engagement, QA, enablement teams, and of course call analytics, Salesken’s AI technologies have helped teams gain the edge.

Salesken :  Productizing AI to Augment Sales Intelligence

Conversational AI has emerged as a major technology in the last 3 years and the inherent weaknesses in NLP algorithms has now been largely resolved. 

It is now possible for humans to have intelligent conversations with machines, and this has widespread applications across sales and customer service use cases.

What sets Salesken apart is the fact that our AI engines can understand nuanced conversations and understand the true intent of what is being spoken. This helps frontline sales teams understand how the lead is responding to the pitch, and tailor the messaging accordingly to improve outcomes.

Additionally, Salesken can identify the patterns of successful calls - best discovery questions, ideal rebuttals to objections, best closing techniques and others - and help share this learning across the team in REAL-TIME.

With Salesken, you not just identify, but fix the gaps with actionable insights.

These capabilities have made Salesken the preferred choice among the tech stack.

What Next?

Salesken is rapidly expanding across geographies and use cases. 

We now have one-click integrations across multiple products (CRMs, EMAIL, Dialers, Sales Engagement Platforms) to capture and analyze every customer-rep interaction and provide full visibility to organizations.

And of course, our AI capabilities are constantly expanding, and teams can now get insights on multiple parameters and guidance on the best course of action.

Watch this space for more.

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