The 5 Best Sales Books of the Last 5 Years!

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The 5 Best Sales Books of the Last 5 Years!

Sales is a multidisciplinary function. To be good at sales requires understanding of business, economics, behavioral sciences and technology (especially for those in tech sales).

The past decade has seen many books which have influenced the way managers and leaders approach their jobs. Here are 5 books from the last 5 years we thought were particularly useful for salespeople.


How do you judge someone whom your are interacting with for the first time? Do you blindly trust them? Is first impression always right? Macolm Gladwell illustrates with various instances - from Chamberlin's appeasment of Hitler to Bernie Madoffs' investment scandal - of how our biases influence our decisions. A must read for anyone who wants to get better at the art of decision making.

Why you should read it?

Learn how to objectively assess situations and make better decisions.


Who is a Leader? And what separates a good one from the bad? Jocko Willink, a retired US Navy Seals officer, shares how he handled a potentially career ending experience to emerge a Leader.Co-authored with Leif Babin, this book best illustrates what it takes to lead.

Why you should read it?

Know how leaders grow and behave under extreme pressure situations.


"Data is the new Oil" goes the cliche, but it isn't the availability , but how we use data that makes the difference! Tungus & Bein, draw examples from their own experiences and that of other industry-leaders to show how data can be harnessed to improve processes within and outside the organization. Read this to know how to navigate our data rich world.

Why should you read it?

Learn the utility of data and analytics in improving yourself at work.


Could negotiating with a kidnapper and negotiating a sales deal have anything in common? Apparently, a lot! Life is a series of negotiations - from buying a car to negotiating a salary - and Chriss Voss, from his experiences as the FBI's lead International kidnapping negotiator, shares techniques that helped him succeed. An international best seller, this is a must read for anyone looking to be successful in their professional and personal life.

Why you should read this book?

Fine tune your approach to deal negotiations and close more deals at higher values.


Why aren't you growing faster? What does it take to get to hyper growth? How do you sustain growth? Aaron Ross & Jason Lemkin, draw from the playbook of hyper growth companies and provide an effective template! This is an essential read for all those looking to create sustainable growth trajectories!

Why you should read this book?

Learn growth strategies from the best in the business.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we feel that these books have had a big influence on the way we approach sales. Do let us know if you think we have missed out on others. 

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