6 Tips For Scaling Your Sales Organization Effectively

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How to Scale a Sales Organization Effectively - 6 Tips to Scale

Your business is booming and the revenue numbers are soaring. Congratulations!
But, at the same time, you’re struggling to keep up with the demand.

Your sales team needs to scale up rapidly to convert every lead into your customer. However, it’s no walk in the park. Scaling a sales team too fast, hiring too quickly, or spending too much can cause your processes to break. Conversely, scaling too conservatively can be detrimental to leveraging a hot market.

Scaling your sales organisation quickly and efficiently is an art, and in this article, we’ll share the top 6 tips on how to do it. Read on to learn more!


#1 Create Processes and Systems and Stay Proactive

When it comes to sales, anyone can be a one-hit wonder by fluke. But scaling consistently is about creating processes, systems and structures. So, try and identify what’s worked or not worked in the past and what’s working now and create a plan.

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Sometimes, scaling too fast may mean your processes fall apart and stop working. Having a plan and staying proactive can help you get ahead of it and prevent problems before they occur. For instance, several tools provide you numbers concerning revenue forecasts, based on which you can hire early. This helps you prevent any dip in revenue because of a lack of human resources.
So, have a plan for the processes and systems in place, implement it, monitor your progress, and iterate accordingly.

#2 Hire Team Players

Scaling quickly means less room for error when it comes to hiring decisions. You have to hire quickly and correctly, or you’ll have to deal with attrition later.

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Apart from education and experience, you need to look for those who share your company values and will be a good fit. You also need diverse candidates with complementary skills, so they’ll learn from each other. It’s not about having a couple of rockstars on the team, but building a team of rockstars. And you can only do that if they’re team players who are open to sharing their wins and strategies, so the team as a whole can perform better.
You may also want to check out our blog post which talks about building successful sales teams: Building A Sales Team: 10 Steps to Build Successfully From Scratch

#3 Train Hard

Once you’ve hired the right candidates, you need to take responsibility for their training.

Regardless of your sales team’s scaling speed, it is your organization's responsibility to train them. Your personnel must have strong clarity on their roles, responsibilities and goals.
Equip each individual with the right knowledge about the product or service they are selling. They need to be aware of it in and out, to confidently convince their buyer

#4 No Micromanagement

When you’re growing your sales org quickly, you can’t control every single thing. Hopefully, your systems and processes mean at least some aspects of your organisation are on autopilot. You should still monitor your sales team, but with no micromanagement. Rather, your team should be self-managed and should be as low-maintenance as possible.

#5 Measure Success And Use Data Analytics To Scale Faster

Data in sales can transform your sales team for the better. Data analytics is the indispensable component of a successful sales team that can help you figure out new opportunities which otherwise won’t be identified.

Even when you have a small sales team, keeping a close tab on the performance of each individual is hard. As you scale, it becomes next to impossible to do so manually. There are so many visible and invisible, small and big variables that affect sales performance. Tracking data will give you performance breakdowns so you can understand each step, and what exactly needs to be fixed.

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Beyond the large goals themselves, focus on tracking the activities to achieve those goals too. This will break it down into smaller steps, take pressure off the reps and still present you with key metrics. For instance, there is a sales rep who brings a good number of leads every month. But, when you delve into the data, you figured out that these sales reps are closing the deals at a lower rate than other sales reps who get fewer leads but convert most of them.
Knowing real numbers, such as Conversion, sales cycle, sales velocity, turn around, and activity numbers, will help you identify top performers and replicate it better too. It’ll help you know if you’re on the right track, what needs to change, minimise waste and optimise your resources better. It takes subjectivity and bias out of the equation and helps you scale more smoothly.
Fortunately, in 2021, you need not have a bevy of data analysts, as there are AI tools like Salesken that do the job with utmost precision.

#6 Invest in Sales Technologies to Scale Up

Using smart sales tech tools can be a superpower that helps you scale up! As you scale your team, an advanced sales tech tool including many CRMs can automate any ongoing, manual, time-consuming tasks and facilitate effective handover of tasks to new sales reps. There are several options in the market which can do much more depending on your organization’s size and needs, and several offer demos and trials before you commit. Organisations need to carefully choose which tool can become a part of their sales technology stack.
You may find some of these in our blog post: 9 Ways To Increase Software Sales Using AI

Scaling your organisation can happen faster and easier with the right tools. SalesKen leverages the power of AI to augment sales intelligence. Our state-of-the-art real-time cueing can help reduce training time for sales reps, helping you build your team faster. Moreover, SalesKen’s post-call data analytics can help every sales rep become a top performer!
So what are you waiting for? Book your demo now!

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