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Win Rate Calculator

Reviewed by Abhinash J

Published: April 11, 2023

Win rate refers to the percentage of opportunities that result in a closed sale. It is calculated by dividing the number of deals won by the total number of deals pursued. A high win rate is seen as a positive indicator of a sales rep’s and team's effectiveness.

Closed Won Deals

Total number of deals closed successfully within a specific time period.

Lost Deals

Total number of deals lost within a specific time period.
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What is the Win Rate in Sales? 

A sales win rate calculates the sales team performance, and how effective they have been in generating revenue.

There are two types of sales win rates that you should know: 

  • Win rate based on the number of deals -  In this case, the win rate is estimated based on the number of sales deals closed out of the total number of sales opportunities pursued. This helps sales managers get an idea of whether they are targeting the right prospects for their sales initiatives. 
  • Win rate based on the quality of leads - The second type of sales win rate is identifying and filtering out unqualified leads. Under this scenario, the sales teams evaluate the potential customers who booked a demo or were approached by a sales pitch and track how many of these qualified prospects are finally making a purchase. 

How to calculate the Win Rate? 

Here’s how teams can calculate Win Rate: 

Win Rate = [ Closed Won deals / (Closed Won deals + Lost deals) ] * 100

For example, if your business had 20 closed deals out of 35 total opportunities, 

Hence, win rate = [ 20/ 35] * 100 = 57%

Sales Win Rate Formula

Why does Win Rate matter in Sales? 

Sales teams often implement different techniques and initiatives to close qualified leads. Calculating the sales win rate helps sales managers identify the techniques that work best, and optimize the ones that don’t.

Additionally, knowing the win rates can help sales reps evaluate whether they are targeting the right potential buyers. For instance, a high sales win rate means that there is a product-market fit, and you are chasing the appropriate leads. 

On the contrary, a lower sales win rate can refer to any of the below two scenarios: 

  • The sales team needs more skilled sales reps to close the deals faster.
  • The organization is not targeting ideal buyer persona and hence the reps are unable to close more deals.

5 Tips to Improve Sales Win Rates  

Here are a few tips to improve your sales win rates: 

1. Understand your target audience

Know your target audience, their pain points, and concerns, and tailor the pitch and messaging accordingly. This allows you to instantly connect with the prospect and improves the chances of conversion.

2. Qualify Leads

Have robust qualifying criteria (company size, demographics, tech stack, etc.) to ensure maximum success. This will allow you to focus your efforts on the most promising prospects, which will help you increase your win rates.

3. Leverage Technology

Automate tasks (email cadences, note taking, admin tasks) to ensure your reps spend more time selling. This can also improve employee morale, and improve retention.

4. Optimize your sales process: 

Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your process and make changes to streamline it. For instance, if you find that deals typically drop after the product demo, it implies that you need to deliver a demo that matches the prospect’s intent.

5. Coach

Develop an effective coaching program that can help the team understand the target buyer’s needs, and deliver a sales pitch that resonates best with the prospect. Learn how best reps handle tricky customers and implement it to improve your win rates.

Free Resource

Win Rate Calculator

Determine your company's win rate with this Excel/Google Sheet template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good sales win rate?

There is no specific number to answer this question. However, in the B2B sector, a win rate above 50% is considered good. 

Is win rate and conversion rate the same?

No, a win rate is the percentage of prospects that convert into full-time, paying customers. While a conversion rate is the percentage of prospects that move to the next stage of the sales funnel.

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