Salesken: Your sales team’s go to Gong alternative

Revenue intelligence helps sales managers get good visibility but is that the only solution that your sales team needs today? What if we tell you that Salesken’s conversation intelligence helps not just the Managers but also the Sales reps in real-time and provides better insights than Gong does? Want to know how?

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Does Gong have all that you need?

As a sales team leader, you need a revenue intelligence platform. But, what about the sales reps who are looking for a platform that can help them with real time in call sales assistance. Salesken is a unified solution which is packed with all the features that makes every sales rep a Top Performer.

With your reps don’t need to manually take notes. Salesken provides highly accurate transcripts of your sales call recordings and also provides call summaries reducing the overall time the reps spend on training

Here's what Salesken can do for your Sales Teams.

Assists sales reps in real time by providing them relevant prompts during a call in less than a second.

Records the meetings in line with privacy policies, offers transcripts and call summaries

Integrates with your favorite sales tools and allows you to identify deals at risk accurately.


Improvement in productivity of sales reps at organizations which use Salesken


Growth in the number of meetings set up by sales reps using Salesken after their discovery call


Increase in funnel conversions as a result of Salesken’s Revenue Intelligence


Reduction in the overall time spent on calls or meetings by the Sales teams

Want to Know Why Someone Has to Use Salesken ?

Visualize how your sales reps benefit with Salesken and decide for yourself

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Here’s what you’re missing

The Gong Problem

Gong doesn’t assist Sales reps in real time during their conversation with customers

Gong doesn’t provide the Sales reps and managers with Individual call summaries

Gong doesn’t list down the next best steps to close an ongoing deal after every activity

Gong supports transcription in English language only

Gong doesn’t offer dedicated support and onboarding. They come at additional cost

Gong doesn’t share insights at an individual level making it difficult to get a visibility into individual team members’ performance

The Salesken Advantage

Salesken assists Sales reps with real time cues/prompts during their ongoing conversations

Salesken offers individual calls summaries automatically reducing the time spent in review

Salesken recommends Sales reps the best practices to follow to improve win ratio

Salesken supports transcription and translation in all major languages across the globe

Salesken provides best in class support and onboarding that is available 24/7

Salesken provides actionable insights at an individual rep as well as team level enabling the managers to take a quick action

Salesken gave us tremendous flexibility that allowed us to scale our sales teams even when working remotely

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Growth in number of users


CAC reduction within 60 days


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5.0 rating out of 5
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Why should Salesken be a part of your sales tech stack?

Salesken is a powerful platform which is built by experts in sales for the sales teams across the globe. We bring the best of data science to sales making the life of sales reps and sales managers easier. Unlike Gong whose primary offering is revenue intelligence which benefits sales managers, Salesken offers many features  in addition to revenue intelligence which benefit both sales reps and sales managers.

At Salesken, we have always believed that sales reps seek for assistance during an ongoing conversation and the same translates into more conversions and more revenue for the organizations which employ them. What good is the assistance if it’s provided after the conversation is over. Salesken’s revolutionary real time assistance analyzes the live sales conversations and provides cues that help the reps steer the conversations confidently.

Salesken also provides a very accurate call summary of every individual call taking out the effort involved in manually sieving through the individual conversations. Also, we provide transcription and translation in all major languages across the globe. On the other hand Gong provides notes which is not editable and supports transcription in English language only.

Salesken offers dedicated support that’s available round the clock and there is a dedicated team which assists your organization with onboarding as well. Unlike with Gong, you won’t be required to pay a platform fee separately for onboarding and support. Also, we are the best rated conversation intelligence platform on G2. Our users love the support we provide and have rated us an absolute 5 on 5. Salesken is an ISO 27001, SOC2 certified and GDPR and CCPA compliant platform. We ensure that all the data from you and your users is totally safe and secure.

Salesken and Gong Side-by-Side Comparison

Real time sales assistance

Provides assistance to sales reps on an ongoing call/meeting

Cues appear on the reps’ mobile/PC screen navigating them through the conversation

Pitch intelligence

Extensive insight into every individual conversation

The actionable insights and best practices are shared at every individual call level

Sales intelligence at an individual rep level as well as at a team level

Take necessary actions and set goals for each rep separately

Extremely precise and accurate call summaries

Avoid going through long system generated notes and irrelevant information

Sales coaching

Customize training programs based on sales reps’ area of improvements

Create training programs automatically and monitor the progress

Efficiently collaborate with your team and train them effectively

Share snippets of meetings, playlists of good calls, comment and mention your reps

Revenue Intelligence

Integrate and sync all deal related activity from CRM

Get deeper insights into your pipeline by combining CRM data with revenue intelligence

Pipeline management and deal risk alerts

Manage your pipeline automatically and get notified whenever a deal is at risk

Pricing, security, support and multi language speech to text

Multiple features beyond revenue intelligence with in your budget

No additional costs above the license fee and flexibility in payment terms

Dedicated support

Dedicated customer support and onboarding at no hidden costs

Information security and privacy

ISO 27001 , SOC2 certified and GDPR and CCPA compliant

Speech to text - Transcripts and translation in multiple languages

Highly accurate transcripts and translations in languages beyond English

Gong limitations

Gong is primarily a revenue intelligence tool which is more beneficial for sales managers than reps

Gong cannot help sales teams in real time. Course correcting an ongoing sales conversation is not possible

Gong doesn’t share insights at an individual level making it difficult to get a visibility into individual team members’ performance

salesken advantages

Salesken’s real time sales assistance helps reps course correct and pitch like a top performer

The insights from Salesken are at an individual rep level as well. Identifying areas of improvement is easier

Salesken automatically recommends best practices from top performers. Managers can save efforts & time spent on coaching

Highly accurate speech to text conversion. Multi language capability in terms of translation and transcription

Dedicated support team that’s rated highly by your users and a very efficient onboarding team  with no hidden costs

Users Love Us

Salesken has been recognized as the industry leader in nine categories on G2, based on hundreds of customer reviews. Discover how Salesken empowers customers to achieve their goals and win more business by reading our G2 reviews.

G2 Medal for easiest to do business with, winter 2023
G2 Medal for momentum, winter 2023
G2 Medal for Leader, winter 2023
G2 Medal for best support, winter 2023
G2 Medal for best meets requirement, winter 2023
G2 Medal for easiest setup, winter 2023
G2 Medal for high performer in enterprise, winter 2023
G2 Medal for easiest to use, winter 2023
G2 Medal for best usability, winter 2023
G2 Medal for easiest admin, winter 2023
"Salesken's insights has helped improve my sales teams' performance drastically. We can get insights into every conversation, on not just the sales team performance, but also on customer's, their needs, objections and also the effective techniques to rebutt the objections."
Naren Shahani
Director, Sales & Business Development
"Salesken has automated our entire QA process We get 100% insights into every rep performance, and we now know exactly where each rep is struggling and are able to provide them with personalized feedback to the agents."
Kate Henry
Regional Director, Sales
"We wanted a call recording tool to caoch our reps, but we are now able to get insights into every customer interaction. We can now know how each rep is performing in every call, know their strength and weaknesses and can provide feedback to improve their performance."
Paul Candland
Director, Business Development

What the market has to say about us

See a side-by-side comparison of Gong vs. Salesken, based on user reviews on G2.

G2 Medal for high performer, winter 2023

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Call Analysis







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Lead Scoring


Real-Time Updates



Real-Time Updates


Quality of Support



Quality of Support


Ease of Use



Ease of Use


Modern Solutions for sales

Over 40+ integrations

Salesken integrates with all major CRMs, Telephony, video conference platforms, calendars and email platforms which help managers derive a deeper insight into their sales process

24x7 customer support

Salesken’s dedicated customer support which is available round the clock is highly rated by users and is one of the major reasons why our ‘users love us’ even more.

No hidden costs

We don’t levy any kind of additional hidden fares on the dedicated support, set up (integrations and onboarding)

Exceptional Care and Support Irrespective of time zone.

Streamline your migration process

Making the switch to Salesken is hassle-free thanks to our migration-free process, which takes the hard work out of your hands allowing you to sit back and relax while we take care of the work for you.

Unforgettable onboarding experience.

Let our dedicated team go above and beyond to help you with onboarding, by expertly setting up your Salesken account for a smooth and seamless experience.

Still not convinced or require further assistance?

We kindly request 15 minutes of your time to demonstrate the value in a  single live call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal company that should use Salesken?

Salesken provides play-by-play visibility into every customer-sales interaction. Any organisation that has sales as a function and makes calls to their customers over the phone or video will find Salesken to be a must-have tool. Salesken’s clients range from teams under 10 people to teams with over 5000 people.