Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy/Security Compliance

Is my data secure?

Salesken takes data security very seriously. Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure your data is secure.

Will my customers know that the call is getting recorded?

As a best practice, it is advisable to notify the customers that you will be recording the call. For inbound calls, you can use a pre-recorded message. For outbound calls, please confirm with the customer that you will be recording the call for training and quality check purposes.

Can anyone listen in on the calls my agents have with the customers?

No. Only authorised users within your organisation can listen to conversations with your customers.

Can I share the conversations with people outside?

No. Salesken allows sharing of call recordings only among authorised users within your organisation. You cannot share the call recordings outside the Salesken platform.

System Requirements

Is Salesken compatible with both desktop and mobile?

Salesken has both a desktop and a mobile app. Now, you can make calls, receive real-time assistance, schedule appointments and do a lot more from your mobile device. Click here to know more.

Are there specific system requirements for desktops?

Salesken works on any desktop or laptop. SalesKen can work even on a 32 Bit System and 2GB RAM.

Use Cases/Needs

We already use a chatbot. Why do we need another conversation intelligence tool?

A chatbot provides ready-made answers while Salesken assists your agents in real-time to close more deals. Read this blog to know how Salesken’s conversation intelligence capabilities can help your teams win more deals.

What is the ideal company that should use Salesken?

Salesken provides play-by-play visibility into every customer-sales interaction. Any organisation that has sales as a function and makes calls to their customers over the phone or video will find SalesKen to be a must-have tool. SalesKen’s clients range from teams under 10 people to teams with over 5000 people.

Is this a monitoring tool?

No. Salesken is not a monitoring tool; it’s a helping tool for sales professionals. Salesken analyses every conversation to provide insights on sales performance and helps managers provide targeted coaching. Salesken’s real-time assistance helps agents adopt successful sales behaviours and nudge them to success.

Is Salesken a tool only for SDRs and not Account Executives?

Salesken leverages conversation intelligence capabilities to provide insights and analytics on every sales deal. From performance feedback to automated quality audit reports and pipeline forecasts, SalesKen provides deep insights across the board.

Will my agents merely read the real-time cues?

Real-time assistance through cues will appear as short messages on the screen to nudge agents to adopt successful sales behaviours. Book a demo to see it in action.

My team exceeds the quota. Why do I need Salesken?

On average, 80% of revenue is brought in by 20% of the reps. With Salesken, you can share the best practices of the 20% reps with the remaining 80% and help them win more deals. Whether you’re a beginner or a top performer, Salesken can point out precisely what you did great and areas of improvement. Average performers can replicate the success of top performers and even top performers can further improve.

Can my Support Team use this as well?

Yes. Salesken helps receive both inbound and outbound calls and provides you with insights to help understand your customers’ concerns with your product, identify signs of churn and take corrective action.

General: Product

Is this a CRM?

A CRM is a database of your leads and customers. Salesken is a “conversation intelligence” tool that provides insights into every sales conversation. Click here to know how SalesKen can augment your sales teams.

We already use Telephony and or Call Recording Software.

Salesken does much, much more than just telephony and call recording. Salesken offers call summarisation - telephony, call recording, real-time cueing, note-taking and in-depth post-call analytics. All of Salesken’s features were built keeping in mind what would best maximise performance and revenue.

I don’t want to disrupt my teams’ process during the trial period.

Salesken integrates seamlessly with all major CRMs, video conferencing tools and telephony. We also have a browser click-to-call option that allows you to make and analyse calls without needing to integrate. Contact your Account Manager to know more.

Does Salesken help analyse video calls?

Yes. Salesken integrates with all major video conferencing tools. You can analyse your agents’ performance and provide real-time assistance to win more deals, even when on a video call. Book a demo to see for yourself.

How can we track customer utterances? Does one of my team members have to a and enter the signals to track?

Salesken uses the latest AI technology to analyse conversations. They will automatically tag, analyse and provide insights on every aspect of the sales conversation.


Can I share calls with my other team members?

Yes. Authorised users can share the call recordings or portions of the call within the organisation.

How long does it take for Salesken to analyse the calls?

Salesken analyses the calls in real-time. As soon as you end the call, you will get the call transcriptions, highlights of the major talking points and performance reports within seconds.

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