Salesken's Top Features

Conversation Intelligence

Real-Time Cueing

Salesken augments your sales rep’s intelligence through real-time cues or live prompts during the call. These powerful prompts help identify customer needs and customise your pitch accordingly.

They help build rapport, empathy and trust, ask winning probing questions, find winning hooks and reduce preventable losses.

Call Summarisation

Salesken instantly integrates with your favourite video conferencing and telephony platforms. It has the best-in-class call recording and note-taking features. Proprietary NLP algorithms instantly process your calls and transcribe them within minutes.

Additionally, you get automated performance feedback from your customer interactions on what went wrong during the conversation.

Post-Call Analytics

Salesken sophisticated post-call analytics to tell you exactly what went right and wrong on any call. Beyond information, you get highly detailed insights. The searchability feature helps you trace specific variables and helpful information.

This helps every rep improve their performance, and helps the team replicate the performance of its top performers.

CRM and QA Automation

Salesken helps automate several manual processes and repetitive tasks for your sales team. Streamlining these processes improves productivity and saves you time, effort and money.

Revenue Insights & Predictability

Salesken’s funnel prediction features help you forecast your sales revenue pipelines ahead of time, offering visibility so there are no negative surprises.

Revenue analytics helps reduce preventable losses and helps you determine where to focus your efforts.

Performance Intelligence

  • Salesken helps increase sales productivity by 88%.
  • Lead discovery helps you identify the most valuable leads and those who are most likely to convert.
  • Deal-level predictions help you reach a level of granular detail.
  • Salesken helps with goal-setting and maximising individual reps’ as well as the team’s performance.
  • It also helps with sales cadence enablement– creating a ‘deal room’ of sorts, a central point of collaboration that removes silos so information can be shared within the team for peer learning.

Clients discover winning tactics through pattern discovery as SalesKen helps in auto-discovering domain-specific tags and signals.

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