Insights from Analyzing Million Minutes of Sales Conversations

Sales professionals today face many challenges - from having to deal with new ways of selling, to making the most of a funnel which is contracting.

How do you continue winning in a remote selling environment? How do you fine-tune your pitch to respond to a global crisis? And how do you make the most out of the conversations you have?

Answers to this and some other questions are compiled into Salesken's Science of Sales Report. These insights have been pulled from our platform which analyzes and assists over 1 million minutes of sales conversations using AI.

Science of Sales

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It’s reported that 20% of top reps can bring in up to 80% of revenue. In your attempts to clone their behavior – do you know what your star performers do differently?

And that’s just a start to get you the much-needed control over your sales team’s performance.

They come prepared and listen with intent.

They focus on building trust and long-term relationships.

Their research helps them say the right things to the right people. they don’t need a script.

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