Salesken supercharges sales
and revenue, scientifically.

Real-Time Cueing

Salesken augments your sales rep’s intelligence through real-time cues or live prompts during the call.

Call Summarisation

Salesken instantly integrates with your favourite video conferencing and telephony platforms.

Post-Call Analytics

Salesken sophisticated post-call analytics to tell you exactly what went right and wrong on any call.

Revenue Insights & Predictability

Salesken’s funnel prediction features help you forecast your sales revenue pipelines ahead of time.

Performance Intelligence

Salesken helps increase sales productivity by 88%.

CRM & QA Automation

Salesken helps automate several manual processes and repetitive tasks for your sales team.



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Increase in monthly sales growth by


Conversation time reduced by


More Closes

300,000 +

Calls Captured

1 Million


3 Million +

Call Minutes

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