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Wouldn't it be amazing if every person on the team could be a top performer, and every manager could foster peak performance?

With Salesken, there's a way!

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Sales Representatives & SDRs

Salesken is every sales
professional’s best friend.

Selling is a hard, lonely journey. Sales rep deals with hundreds of calls a day, all by themselves. They must fight constant objections and rejection with clarity, nuance and positive energy to make the sale, no matter how fatigued or stressed they may feel.

Salesken is every sales rep’s best friend in the long, lonely journey of sales. On the bleakest day, your empathetic, upbeat buddy, Salesken, is there to cheer you on!

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During the call, Salesken’s real-time cueing, powered by AI, guides sales reps to make the best next move and say the right thing at the right time. It helps reps easily discover customer needs, offer personalised and empathetic pitches with winning hooks, refute objections, share complex product knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, and build the best dialogue and relationship possible.

It helps reps...

Easily discover customer needs

Refute objections

Build the best dialogue and relationship possible

Offer personalised and empathetic pitches with winning hooks

Share complex product knowledge in an easy-to-understand way

With the finest cumulative intelligence at your fingertips, you always have the perfect sales script, can course-correct any mistakes in real-time and close the sale most efficiently.

Whether you’re a beginner or a top performer, Salesken can point out precisely what you did great and areas of improvement, so you gain confidence in your strengths. It creates community, so your team too can celebrate and emulate you.

Sales Managers, Account Executives, QA teams

Salesken is the preferred coach of elite sales teams who like to win, repeatedly.

Managers want to elevate team performance but struggle with tens or hundreds of reps and can’t humanly keep track of every single conversation and performance. Salesken’s sophisticated call recording and post-call data analytics helps revisit any conversation play-for-play to learn what went right and wrong. It also analyses highly specific areas like empathy, objection-handling, etc. Crucial information is shared with everyone and not siloed with only a few.

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SalesKen also helps account executives put together the best possible demo and QA teams improve productivity in a scientific, data-driven way. This way, the whole sales team can learn from each other’s strengths, and anyone can replicate the strategies and outcomes of top performers and beyond.

SalesKen is the coach that mentors your team to success. Just like the coach is there to help, not replace, the player, SalesKen’s artificial intelligence is there to augment sales intelligence, not replace it.

No matter what happens on any call, SalesKen removes the mystery, increases certainty and confidence so you can calmly and confidently make a game-plan for the next dialogue, the next call and more!

VPs & CXOs

Salesken brings science to sales to catalyse your organisation’s performance.

Salesken is the catalyst that transforms sales and organisations. Our leading, innovative AI software brings science to sales, which reduces chaos and uncertainty, increases clarity and certainty. Salesken helps you close more deals and increase revenue...faster, easier and better than before.

SalesKen augments human intelligence and potential. Our AI-driven approach gives you greater control, clarifying previously untraceable variables, like customer persona, urgency and type of need, market conditions and more.

Together with real-time cueing, it helps sales reps perform their roles optimally. Post-call analytics and deep data-driven insights help identify mistakes so they're not repeated, and keep preventable losses at bay. SalesKen supercharges average performers into top performers, reduces training and onboarding time and keeps attrition at bay.

The seemingly overnight success sales teams will experience is backed by years of research! SalesKen was created by technologists and training professionals bringing the very best of AI and Data Science to sales.

SalesKen’s mission is to help build sales teams where every salesperson is a top achiever and every sale is your best sale.

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