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Want to supercharge your sales journeys? Gain 100% visibility into every customer interaction and win more using Salesken’s AI-enabled call recording software. Make every sales call count with Salesken’s online call recording and analytics for better coaching and impactful A/B testing to accelerate growth and win more deals.

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6 Reasons Why you Should use Call Recording Software

We asked our customers why they love Salesken for call recording. Here’s what they had to say -

Reason #1: Coaching Made Easy for Individual Reps

One of the most significant advantages of call recording is improved training for reps. Salesken’s AI-enabled tailored coaching is what draws sales managers! Use Salesken’s call recording software to identify opportunities and improvement areas from sales reps’ calls. Move away from a job well done, to actually recognizing patterns and helping your reps improve with Salesken.

Reason #2: Sales Managers Swear By it!

As a sales manager, you have a lot to do. With Salesken’s call recording software, you can ease your burden on a daily basis and let Salesken help you with note-taking during calls, review their performances, hand out tips to improve, and allow your reps to learn from the top performers. Who wants the best manager award?

Reason #3: Greater Visibility with Quick Call Reviews

Salesken’s call recording software captures all customer-facing conversations, right from phone calls, to in-person meetings, emails, and even web conferences. This helps you understand the honest review of your team’s performance in just a few clicks. Become a virtual eye to always stay in the clear about your reps’ performances and verify their stances with Salesken.

Reason #4: Always Stay Ahead of the Curve with Market Trends

Salesken’s AI-enabled call recording software turns customer conversations into a reserve of actionable insights. Salesken extracts actionable insights to analyze customer conversations, identify deeper market trends and keep an eye on your competitors to always stay ahead of the curve.

Reason #5: Share Vital Information Easily

Salesken’s call recording makes it easy for sales managers to share vital information with anyone across the organization. Say goodbye to clunky roadmaps, time-consuming meetings, and bloated spreadsheets. Hello to a streamlined, flexible way of sharing sales information in just a few clicks.

Reason #6: Quicker Sales Team Onboarding

Unlike training via mock calls, Salesken’s call recordings of real customer conversations facilitate quicker on-job sales training and onboarding. Leave behind call shadowing and help your reps retain knowledge better with actual conversations. Create custom scripts to prep your team for key conversations. Listen, follow, and talk back with Salesken.

Why Use Salesken for Call Recording?

Salesken’s call recording software understands every need you may have as a sales manager. Managing a sales team isn’t a small feat - you need several supporting systems to transform your sales engine into a revenue-making beast. Salesken makes it possible. In a single platform.
Whatever your needs are, Salesken addresses them backed with data and science.

Salesken transcribes your sales calls and breaks it into actionable insights. Redirect important information through Salesken’s central sales intelligence platform and integrate it with your favorite tools to supercharge your sales engine.

Salesken’s AI-enabled platform is always a step ahead of the curve - this means that you can rely on us right from the prospecting stage to the post-purchase stage without much hassle, and all in one single platform. Pretty amazing, right?

Salesken isn’t just rated as the #1 call recording software for no reason. Our reviews and customers are testaments to that.

Here’s What Salesken’s Call Recording Software Looks Like in Action

Take Control of Sales Conversations with Real-Time PROMPTS

Assist sales reps in real-time by analyzing conversations and providing relevant prompts and nudges to help them hyper-personalize the conversation and drive better outcomes.

Discover What Separates the Best from the Rest with Call Analytics

Leverage call analytics to assist sales reps to up skill themselves by listening to the best sales call recordings from top sellers from your team.

Manoeuvre Sales Conversations by Analyzing Customers’ Sentiments

Steer sales conversations by analyzing customers’ sentiments and tones to discover their propensity to buy your product.

Track Every Conversation with our Robust Dashboard

Track sales conversations with data-driven insights and share every winning conversation and the ones that didn’t work with your team to deliver successful insights.

Discover Market Trends

Make use of call recordings to monitor competitors' names to understand how they can impact your deals and remain a pioneer in the market.

Coach your Sales Reps with Call Recordings

Discover areas of improvement for sales reps and coach them to stardom with call recordings, improve the onboarding quality, and meet quotas faster every month!

How Does Salesken’s Call Recording Software System Work?

Step 1

Salesken accesses your sales team’s calendar and picks up your meeting schedule

Step 2

Salesken automatically records audio and video of sales conversations, or get recordings from your VOIP/phone provider for analysis.

Step 3

Call recordings stored in Salesken to be listened to later on.

Step 4

Salesken analyzes and transcribes your calls and identifies key topics. This means that you can always focus on the conversation and not worry about taking notes

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More Than Just a Call Recording Software

Salesken is the world’s leading call recording solution for businesses across geographies.

Unlike other call recording software, Salesken does so much more than just record sales calls. It is also a revenue intelligence platform
that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain actionable and data-driven insights to give an overview of the
performance of your sales team, your deals, and your market share.

Salesken’s cutting-edge AI technology supercharges sales performance, revenue, and growth.
Call intelligence software is a new way of operating based on customer reality instead of opinions.


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went right with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is call recording software?

Call recording software integrates with all telephony systems and web conferencing tools to record, transcribe and analyze customer-facing calls with artificial intelligence. It gives reps a complete record of their past conversations with buyers and shows managers which activities are happening across their team; the insights it provides can be used by teams to close more deals.

How does call recording software work?

Call recording is software that uses AI and machine learning and taps into phone lines and records conversations. The digital file is stored for playback or to generate a transcription. Your business needs will determine which call recording solution works best for you.

What is the purpose of call recording?

Call recording is the process of collecting audio (and sometimes screen activity) connected to phone calls. A company can use this information to drive better customer experiences and intelligent business decisions.

Which type of calls does Salesken record?

Salesken records customer interactions across channels. Be it calls, video or emails, Salesken provides insights for all touch points.

Does Salesken integrate with my tools?

Salesken integrates with all your favorite CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools. Click here to get the full list of integrations