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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Call Tracking Software

In this age of digitalization, it is essential for companies and start-ups to find new technologies to help them grow faster and quicker. Sales Management Software can streamline and optimize your workflow to interact with your clients and customers. Here are 6 key reasons to try Salesken:

Reason #1: Monitor marketing campaigns

Salesken’s call tracking software allows you to track which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls. This information can help you determine which campaigns are most effective so that your team can adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

Reason #2: Personalize Your Sales Coaching

Analyze every customer-rep interaction, know what your reps are doing right, where they are struggling, and provide personalized feedback to improve training outcomes. Know the best discovery questions, ideal rebuttals to objections, best rapport building techniques, and share the winning strategies across the team.

Reason #3: Improve customer engagement

With Salesken’s Real-Time Assistance, nudge your reps to ask the right discovery questions, identify the customer’s needs better, and ensure that the reps are empathetic on the call. Share the winning strategies of your top reps across the team as and when the call occurs, i.e., real-time & improve sales outcomes.

Reason #4: Build Data-Based Ideal Customer Profiles

Salesken’s call tracking software provides analysis on every call. Know your ideal buyer persona, their top needs, concerns, key decision makers, and identify the leads with high purchase intent, and nurture them with personalized messages.

Reason #5: Call from Anywhere, Anytime

The Salesken App is available on mobile devices as well and you can now call your prospects, schedule follow-up meetings, plan next-stage activities, and send messages and do more from both your Android & iOS devices.

Reason #6: Call log maintenance

Get a complete log of all your customer interactions, accurate transcriptions and call summaries to know the key points discussed in each conversation. Share the intelligence across the team to ensure consistent messaging that improves customer trust and loyalty.

Why Use Salesken’s Call Tracking Software?

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, a call tracking software can be a valuable tool for understanding which
marketing channels are driving phone calls, and ultimately, sales. 

The Salesken platform automates the process of handling calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, and bookkeeping among other things.
Using Salesken, you can track calls, send emails, manage leads, and make use of cloud-based communication systems.
The system allows organizations to automate and fine-tune their marketing activities and collect essential call data.
Additionally, it provides marketing analytics and optimizes conversion rates and ROI. 

The Salesken platform can help businesses track and analyze phone calls. By tracking calls, businesses can see which marketing
campaigns are driving phone calls, what keywords are being used to find the business, and most importantly, how
prospects interact with the business. It can also help businesses track sales calls and customer
service calls and analyze call data to improve call center operations.

Supercharge Your Sales Teams With Salesken

Salesken analyzes every single customer interaction to provide actionable insights and can help optimize every aspect of your sales process.

Monitor the Digital Footprint

With Salesken, you can track each visitor across multiple sessions as well as marketing variables such as source, channel, campaign, and keyword.

Lead Attribution and Reporting

Using lead attribution analysis, you can identify which marketing channels are bringing qualified leads to your company at each stage. Future marketing efforts will be less effective unless you know which marketing funnel generates the most returns, and this offers a great way to analyze the leads.

Detailed Summaries

With Salesken’s software, you can generate detailed analytical reports that help you better understand your sales data and ROI. This data provides you with a unique and increased level of insight into your critical call tracking solution. It is easier to understand, analyze, and interpret statistics that are visually appealing.

Daily Reports

It takes time to keep track of everything that happens within your project, but with Salesken’s call tracking software, you can automatically receive daily reports via email. You can track your team's consistency as well as the entire sales flow, which allows you to customize the plans according to the needs of your team, while keeping the overall objectives in mind.

Call Forwarding

Through Salesken's call forwarding tool, every call is routed to the correct individual, promoting the company's punctuality, availability, and professionalism.

How does Salesken’s Phone Call Tracking Software Work?

Have you ever wondered how call tracking software works?

Step 1

Cloud-based call monitoring software allows marketers to link clients' digital travels to phone calls by collecting data online via unique, trackable phone numbers.

Step 2

A website tag allows for Salesken’s call monitoring and analytics. The tag is a piece of code that is installed on a website and replaces regular, static phone numbers with dynamic numbers that are unique to each site visitor.

Step 3

When a customer dials a Salesken-provided phone number, the call is routed through the Salesken platform to a call center, a local agent, or any other destination.

Step 4

Salesken can then aggregate the digital data and link the callers' previous activity to the phone call. This occurs almost instantly, with no interruption to the caller's experience.

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Things to Consider When Purchasing A Call Tracking Software

A Call Tracking Software is designed to help businesses streamline and improve their operations. But with
so many options on the market, how do you know which one is right for your business?


Salesken offers subscription-based, monthly, annual, and user-based pricing, making it incredibly appealing to customers.

Support system

Salesken is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don't have to worry about the support—it’s unparalleled.

Work environment

Its platform is simple to use and can be readily integrated with other sales tools.


Salesken respects the privacy of their clients and will never share or exploit any sensitive information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can call tracking improve the productivity of my reps?

A better way to determine whether productivity is increasing is to track phone conversations. It is achieved by analyzing the insight provided by call data, which makes it easier for an analyst to analyze the performance of a team.

Why do companies need a call tracking software?

Businesses require successful marketing campaigns to develop their business and increase their customer base. Investing in ineffective marketing initiatives will only waste time and resources. They must measure their campaigns to find out what works and what doesn't. But how can they determine which marketing plan is the most effective for them? Using call tracking software, businesses can easily collect this information by analyzing various marketing efforts. This allows them to maximize their ROI.

What is a call tracking software?

Call monitoring software enables marketers to collect data from phone calls with clients that may be used to prove which marketing campaign or approach prompted the call and what the outcome of the call was.

What call metrics should sales teams track?

There are a few call metrics that sales teams should track. The first is the number of calls made per day. This will help to ensure that the sales team is making enough calls to reach their goals. The second metric is the number of appointments set per day. This metric will help to ensure that the sales team is productive and making appointments that will turn into sales. The third metric is the number of sales made per day. This metric will help in ensuring that the sales team meets its goals.