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Better Track Your Campaign ROI Using Salesken’s Inbound Call Tracking Software

Analyze which campaigns are generating calls, do real-time optimization of campaign strategies, and get detailed insights into customer calls to drive more revenue and grow your business. Identify marketing campaigns that are bringing in more leads and bridge the gap between you and your customers’ needs.

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6 Reasons why you should use Revenue Operations software

With inbound call tracking, you can identify which ads, web pages, and campaigns drive your business the most phone calls. You can even analyze your calls and determine the calls leading to conversions

Reason #1:

Personalize Caller Experience

After spending dollars on your marketing campaigns, you don’t want to provide a poor call experience to your callers. It will impact your conversion rates and impact your marketing efforts. However, with inbound call tracking software, you can retrieve real-time insights about a caller. Get information on their previous engagement history and the ad campaigns that drove the call, and provide them with a personalized call experience.
Reason #2:

Get Insight on Your Marketing ROI

Determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and remove the guesswork altogether. Invest in channels that bring in leads and help your business save money and scale. With inbound call tracking software, you can allocate different phone numbers for your marketing channels and track which advertisements send the most inbound leads. Get insights into how your ad spending is impacting potential prospects.
Reason #3:

Reporting and Forecasting

Inbound call tracking software allows you to assign specific numbers to each marketing platform, also known as dynamic number insertion (DNI). It enables more granular tracking that makes reporting on the source of leads easy. Businesses can track who visited their site and at what time. This information helps forecast the effectiveness of future campaigns, allowing sales teams to identify prospects with high value, ultimately leading to higher engagement and sales.
Reason #4:

Enhanced Accuracy of Call Tracking

It’s crucial for the marketing and sales team to accurately track the source of leads and collect information about them. The best call tracking software accurately tracks the source where calls originate from, analyzes the calls, and gives insights that help marketing and sales teams make data-driven marketing decisions and better qualify their leads.
Reason #5:

Optimize on Peak Call Hours

Another reason to use inbound call tracking software is that it gives you information on when most of the calls are made to your company. Gathering this data will help you determine which days and hours are most critical for your business. This will help you allocate your staff and manage their work hours efficiently. This is crucial as it will ensure that no calls get missed and that you have enough staff members on duty to attend to all the inbound calls.
Reason #6:

 Improve Agent Performances

With its ability to record calls, inbound call tracking software helps you track your call agents’ performances. You can monitor calls and identify which reps drive the most deals and increase sales conversion. You can even use the high-performing calls as training material and develop your low-performing reps’ communication skills.

Why Use Salesken for Inbound Call Tracking?

Any business that relies on inbound calls to acquire leads should use a call tracking software. It allows you to understand the performance of your marketing campaigns and further improvise them to drive better leads.

Using Salesken inbound call tracking software, you can unify all your customer data into one place and create a rich caller profile. In other words, it helps you track and sort information about your callers. You can further attribute each phone call to specific marketing channels, such as paid ads, SEO, social media, website, and other online and offline channels.

Here’s What Salesken’s Sales Analytics Software Looks Like in Action

Boost Your Sales Reps' Performance

Salesken’s inbound call tracking software can identify the source of the caller and provide a caller profile in real-time. This helps them to provide a personalized call experience to their callers, boosting their confidence and improving their overall performance. When integrated with the Salesken conversation intelligence tool, it can also provide real-time cues to sales reps while on the phone calls.

Help Improve ROI and Reduce Cost-per-lead

Salesken’s inbound call tracking software helps you identify the source that brings in the most leads. You can track the most responsive channels and ads and accordingly allocate funds to channels and ads, leading to better conversion. Now get a clear picture of your campaign performance rather than just relying on your agent’s gut feelings. Make decisions based on real reports and improve your ROI while reducing cost per lead.

Ensure Accuracy and Enhance Engagement

Salesken’s inbound call tracking software accurately captures data for each unique consumer. These data are in various forms, including customer journey data like tracking their website browsing behavior, call data that includes the length of the call, call area code, third-party demographic data, and conversational analytics. This information is stored in a caller profile that gives you an overview of your customers' requirements.

Better Call Routing to Improve Customer Experience

A customer is likely to drop the call if they aren’t satisfied with the agent’s answers or are kept waiting to connect to the right agent to speak to. The use of Salesken’s inbound call tracking software can forward the call to the right agent based on the pre-defined rules and criteria. This ensures that all leads get to speak to the right person, leading to higher satisfaction and chances of conversions.

Find High-Value Leads for Better Conversion

Using Salesken’s inbound call tracking software, you get better insights on all your phone calls. You can identify which segment of customers is responding to your campaigns. Collect information on your potential customers’ demographics and better segment and personalize your advertisements for the targeted audience. This will result in the generation of highly qualified leads, which ultimately increases the chance of conversions.

How Does Salesken’s Inbound Call Tracking System Work?

Leverage the power of cutting-edge business intelligence technology and get actionable insights into your marketing and ad campaigns. We aim to help marketing and sales teams generate leads and achieve peak performance by maximizing efficiency and transparency.


Salesken's inbound call tracking software generates unique numbers for each campaign or channel for easy tracking. You can use it as a CTA in your ads.


Users call on your virtual numbers included in various offline and online channels. The software then automatically routes the call to the right rep based on your call flows created in the dashboard.


The software then analyzes calls and generates insights into your campaign performance – which channels brought the most leads, which calls lead to high conversion, and more.

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Features of Salesken Call Tracking Software

Intelligent Call Routing for Improved Operational Efficiency

Salesken’s inbound call tracking capabilities help the caller connect with the right caller on their first attempt itself. Our intelligent call routing ensures that the call is queued and directed to a specific agent or a team based on pre-established rules and criteria. Businesses can save time and money and ensure efficiency in handling the influx of inbound calls.

CRM Integration for a Rich Caller Profile

Our Salesken’s inbound call tracking solution easily integrates with any third-party CRM platform, whereby all details collected on your callers can be easily stored and filtered using various factors, including demographics, preferences, channels, and more. It helps you display a rich caller profile on a single dashboard as soon as you receive a call, allowing your agents to personalize their calls and increase the chance of conversions.

Personalize Your Sales Pitch

With Salesken’s call tracking software, sales reps can quickly adapt to the caller’s preferences and needs with the help of real-time cues. These cues are based on what’s being said in the phone conversations and identifying the caller’s tone and mood while they speak. It helps reps better modify their pitch to cater to your lead’s needs.

Gain Full Data Analytics Into Your Campaign Performance

Salesken keeps track of calls from all channels – both online and offline campaigns – to help understand which platform is helping with lead generation. It gives you a clear visibility into your marketing campaign and ad performances – number of calls generated, number of leads converted, etc. It eliminates the need for any guesswork and provides insights to further improve your campaign ROI.

Keyword Tracking for SEO Goals

The best inbound call tracking solution provides keyword-level call tracking that helps identify which search term led people to call your business. Salesken ensures that keyword-level call tracking is at your fingertips so that you can further improve your marketing and sales campaign. Now optimize your PPC ad campaigns and make every dollar you spend on ads count.

Call Monitoring for Quality Automation

Salesken monitors all inbound calls and immediately brings attention to the interactions that need review and agents that need coaching. It removes the need for manually scoring a fraction of customer interactions and automatically scores all of them. It analyzes the entire experience to ensure that you don’t miss out on any important information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does call tracking software work?

An inbound call tracking software helps you identify which channel brings the most leads. It assigns a unique number to each campaign, and when a user calls, it is able to trace the source. Based on the pre-established rules and criteria, the best tracking solution routes the call to the right agent or team, ensuring that callers connect to the right person. In essence, it provides meaningful insights into your campaign performance so that you can get the highest ROI for your dollar spending.

What information can I collect from using call tracking?

Call tracking solution collects a lot of data on your campaign performance. It offers insights into various metrics, including which web page the call came from, what keywords led to the call, which ads had the most clicks, and more. Using Salesken, you can also personalize your caller experience. It provides real-time cues based on your caller profile and what’s being said in the conversation. 

Furthermore, Salesken collects individual caller data – the time and duration of the call, the location of the caller, and others. It analyzes each call to qualify leads and find out why they converted or did not.

Is there a way to record calls?

Yes, Salesken call tracking solution comes with call recording. In fact, it does more than simply transcribe the call. Its Signal Detection Capabilities help identify the keywords/phrases – Objections, Objection handling, or Lead Qualifying questions – during each call. You can use these insights to identify your top performer and share their best practices of how they handle calls with your other team members for training purposes.

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