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Salesken’s revenue operations platform collects and analyzes customer data across multiple touchpoints to make efficient revenue forecasts for your business and enables revenue growth. Get exciting insights into your sales pipeline and customers’ journey to close more powerful deals.

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6 Reasons why you should use Revenue Operations software

Here’s why our customers vouch for Salesken’s RevOps software, and you should too!

Reason #1:

100% Accurate revenue forecasting

Salesken’s powerful revenue operations software captures sales data from multiple channels. It analyzes each data to identify the status of the sales deal and its likelihood to get converted. Salesken’s powerful AI-based solution creates accurate revenue predictions with zero room for assumptions.
Reason #2:

Evaluate Intent to Buy of a prospect

Salesken’s revenue operations platform can evaluate the purchase intent of the prospects throughout the customer lifecycle. It can analyze users’ intent across different touchpoints and differentiate a valuable lead from a not-so-valuable lead based on their buying tendencies. As a result, sales reps can build a strong pipeline with easily convertible leads.
Reason #3:

360-degree sales pipeline visibility

The most essential responsibility of SDRs is to move the leads across different stages of the pipeline. If they don’t have proper visibility over the pipeline, it is difficult to validate their sales approach. Salesken’s revenue operations software ensures 100% sales pipeline visibility to help the reps understand where they stand.
Reason #4:

Insights into each sales deal

You win some, and you lose some! Sales professionals cannot close each prospect, but with revenue operations software, they can analyze each sales deal, even the lost ones. This can help the SDRs get clear insights into each deal to understand what went wrong and how they can improve their negotiation skills. You can also get real-time, AI-powered recommendations based on each rep’s sales approach.
Reason #5:

Make data-backed decisions.  

In modern B2B sales, there is no room for assumptions. Each sales decision you make should be 100% data-backed, and Salesken’s revenue operations platform helps with that. It helps you develop actionable insights into pipeline health to identify winning trends. SDRs can leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions that bring results.
Reason #6:

Manage sales pipeline efficiently

Managing the sales pipeline throughout the sales journey until a deal is converted is a big deal! Most of the time, the sales reps don’t have any clue where the bottleneck is and how they can fix it to speed up the conversion. Salesken’s revenue operations software identifies each bottleneck within your pipeline and notifies the reps quickly, along with recommendations on strategies to prevent those.

Why use Salesken’s Revenue Operations Software?

Salesken helps you track down all the gridlocks in your sales pipeline and ensures a consistent flow of revenue. Salesken’s revenue operations platform should be a must in your tech stack if you plan to scale your sales revenue with AI-powered insights and targeted coaching for the SDRs. 

This sales tool can analyze sales calls, emails, and video chats with real-time intelligence and paint a clear picture of what’s happening in your sales pipeline. It can update your customer data and track all customer interactions seamlessly.

Here’s how Salesken’s Revenue Operations Software looks in action

Salesken’s super-fast revenue operations software can derive intuitive insights from sales interactions to identify new revenue generation opportunities.

Analyze customer relationships

Gain complete visibility over your sales team’s activities and develop a closer look over who they are interacting with. Salesken’s revenue operations software can provide you with a granular overview of customer engagement, prospect interactions, etc., to build a stellar GTM strategy.

Identify sales pipeline barriers and opportunities

Develop visibility over your sales pipeline to identify the barriers and convert them into opportunities with real-time insights. With Salesken’s revenue intelligence software, you can get a real-time picture of what is wrong in the pipeline and get effective tips to fill those gaps.

Automate CRM updates

Salesken helps the reps to automate their CRM updates and improve data quality depending on the interactions between sales professionals and prospects. Sales teams can now get all prospect contacts within a single platform and identify which accounts will be suitable for which prospects.

One-click interactive sales analytics

Salesken’s revenue operations software lets you manage your sales, marketing, and customer success dashboards within a single platform. It can provide a real-time, granular overview of your sales funnel to identify the appropriate trends and strategies that work for the reps. As a result, the SDRs have sufficient room for improvement.

Boost reps’ productivity

Make the most of Salesken’s revenue intelligence software to help the reps close more deals with personalized tips and insights. Help the reps identify skill gaps and fill these gaps with real-time training.

How does Salesken’s Revenue Operations Software work?

Follow these four simple, quick steps to automate your revenue operations system with Salesken.

Log in to Salesken

Sign-up and Log in to Salesken’s revenue operations software.

Integrate calls with CRM

Integrate call recordings with your existing CRM to get AI-powered insights.

Develop visibility

Develop real-time pipeline visibility to identify risks and opportunities.

Forecast revenue

Forecast your sales revenue and make powerful lead conversion strategies.

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Your sales team’s continuous source of support

Apart from offering automated pipeline insights, Salesken’s revenue operations software provides 24/7 assistance to your sales team and motivates them to do better.


Integrate with 100+ tools, including CRMs, video conferencing tools, and dialers.


Salesken is 100% secure to use and assures zero data branches.


Salesken is compliant with all the required legislation.


With Salesken’s, there are no privacy threats. You can use this tool as per your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is revenue operations software?

A revenue operations software helps sales professionals to achieve the following:

  • Accurate sales forecasting 
  • Access to high-quality sales data 
  • Identify and fix the risks associated with sales deals
Why do you need a sales revenue operations software?

Sales revenue operations software helps you develop 100% visibility into your sales pipeline and lets you find skill gaps, blockers, and possible solutions to close more sales deals.