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Want to improve your selling activities and streamline the sales process? Salesken helps understand your buyer’s top needs, motivations and product features that best resonate with them, and helps build experiences that improve conversions.

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6 Reasons why you should use a Sales Acceleration Platform

Sales acceleration platforms stock the sales pipeline with insights and up-to-date details regarding prospects & customers, high-quality leads, target audience, and timely marketplace information. It gives sales professionals the data they need to hit their quotas and grow revenue faster.

Reason #1: Tracking Deals

Sales acceleration platforms such as Salesken allows you to track the entire sales process, from lead generation to closing. Get insights on every stage of the pipeline, identify the leads that are likely to convert, and the ones that need nurturing, and nurture them with contextual messages.

Reason #2: Improve Productivity

With Salesken, automate mundane administrative tasks and spend more time selling. From CRM entries, note-taking, and QA, Salesken does all this in real-time, so you can focus on building relationships with customers, and closing more deals.

Reason #3: Faster Closings

With Salesken, get insights on every deal. Get instant transcription and call summaries, know the key talking points on every conversation, understand the top needs and concerns of the prospects, and ensure personalization at every stage to maximize engagement and improve conversions.

Reason #4: Reduce Onboarding Time

Stop providing a one-size-fits-all training program. Get visibility into every call, know what your reps are doing right, where they are struggling, and share the winning sales strategies of your top reps, across the team, in real time to improve conversions.

Reason #5: Boost Revenue

Automatically score leads based on their interaction with the reps, identify the leads with high purchase intent and nurture them with personalized messages to ensure maximum conversions. Identify the key upselling and cross-selling opportunities and ensure maximum revenue.

Reason #6: Identify Bottlenecks

Leverage Salesken to optimize your sales process and shorten your sales cycle. Know the key talking points in every call, identify the customer’s requirements and concerns, provide appropriate and helpful messaging to improve engagement with the customer, at every stage of the pipeline.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Acceleration?

Sales Acceleration tools such as Salesken provides you with play-by-play visibility across every stage of the pipeline, thorough analysis into top buyer’s personas, their needs, concerns, motivations to purchase, key decision makers, and create personalized buying experiences that help you stand out from your competitors. Identify key bottlenecks across your sales process and take corrective measures to optimize them, and shorten your sales cycle and improve your revenue.

Here’s what Salesken’s Sales Acceleration Platform looks like in action

Salesken helps sales reps stay organized and efficient and can give managers complete visibility into the performance of their team

Call Summarization

You can easily connect Salesken with your favorite video conferencing and telephony tools. Proprietary NLP algorithms instantly process your calls and transcribe them in real-time. Get call summaries to assess and absorb the key talking points, the pain points for the prospects, objections, key-decision makers and ensure consistent, personalized messaging across every stage of the pipeline.

Post-Call Analytics

Salesken's post-call analytics tells you exactly what went right or wrong during any conversation. Not just basic information— it provides useful detailed insights. The search feature helps you spot specific variables and useful information that can be converted into actionable points, thus helping the sales reps replicate the performance of top performers.

Revenue Insights and Predictability

Salesken helps automate most of the repetitive and rudimentary tasks and uplifts the sales team to focus on the more important task— connecting and building relationships with prospects. Streamlining the processes helps to improve productivity and saves time, effort, and money.

CRM and QA Automation

Salesken helps automate most of the repetitive and rudimentary tasks and uplifts the sales team to focus on the more important task— connecting with prospects. Streamlining the processes helps to improve productivity and saves time, effort, and money.

How does Salesken’s Sales Acceleration software work?

Ready to take the next step towards accelerated productivity with Salesken? Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Integrate with all your CRMs, phone dialers, video conferencing, and email tools.

Step 2

Capture every customer interaction instantly and transcribe them while receiving bite-sized call summaries.

Step 3

Automatically score calls across 14 different dimensions and identify key coachable moments.

Step 4

Provide personalized feedback and share winning strategies in real time to improve sales outcomes.

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Now that you know why Salesken is the right sales acceleration platform for you, here are some additional perks of using Salesken for every kind of businesses.


Salesken offers one-step integration with all the leading tools that you’ll need to fasten and streamline your sales pipeline.


Security is our top priority. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure our customer data is protected and in safe hands.


Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified.


Only authorized users within your organization can access your data and no-one else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales acceleration software?

Sales acceleration software help sales teams fasten the sales cycle by automating administrative tasks and streamlining the sales processes. The tools are built with the goals of boosting sales velocity and helping sales reps improve their performance.

How can it help improve my team productivity?

A sales acceleration software allows your sales team to eradicate repetitive tasks or waste time interacting with unqualified leads who don’t intend to buy. Reducing their workload leads to more satisfied employees who are better prepared to meet the needs of their clients.

What are the benefits of using sales acceleartion software?

Here are the benefits of using sales acceleration software-It helps to make better use of resources.
1. Boosts revenue
2. Fuels business growth with automation
3. Helps to track sales more effectively
4. Increases productivity
5. Speeds up the process of turning prospects into clients
6. Frees up time for sales professionals to focus more on customer support