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Get real-time cues or live prompts during the call, create automated sales reports and elevate your pitch call quality using Salesken's sales analytics software. Drive revenue, improve customer experience and enhance overall efficiency through AI-generated insights across all sales calls.

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Supercharge your sales deals and reduce churn rate using Salesken's AI-driven sales analytics software

Here's why your business needs a sales analytics tool.

Reason #1: Understanding Customer Needs & Objections

Sales analytics software helps you gain insights into your customer’s needs and purchase trends in the market by creating granular sales reports. By segmenting your audiences, it can help identify the commonalities among individuals that aid in improving your sales calls. The actionable insights allow sales teams to identify customers' concerns, quickly customize their sales calls, and improve the overall conversion rates. Stay ahead of your competitors by following the market trends.

Reason #2: Identify New Sales Opportunities

Dig deep into your data, analyze each call, and identify vital trends in sales with a sales analytics software. This will enable you to sell faster and more efficiently while accurately identifying high-value prospects. Sales reps can transform this analysis into something useful that will guide them in identifying new sales opportunities and closing more deals than ever before.

Reason #3: Build a More Profitable Business

By analyzing your sales, you can identify your most profitable products and the ones that aren’t performing good. Not only that, but you can also identify your most profitable customers and potential sales. All this information can help you drive your business forward and build a sales strategy that will help increase your revenue. Besides, a sales analytics software gives you a better understanding of your current cash flow position and what it will look like in the future.

Reason #4: Gain Real-time Insights Into Your Sales Calls

Market trends are constantly evolving; thus, data can become obsolete in just a few days. Real-time data analysis, along with data visualization, help you take instant actions based on current trends and your prospects' behavior. Besides, data visualization curates your data in easier to understand format, highlighting the trends and outliers. Remove the noise from data, identify your highest priorities, and take your business ahead of your competitors.

Visualization curates your data in easier to understand format, highlighting the trends and outliers. Remove the noise from data, identify your highest priorities, and take your business ahead of your competitors with a sales analytics software.

Reason #5: Create More Upselling Opportunities

Customers today expect personalized calls and offers driven by their interests and preferences, and recent interactions. Sales reps should be able to make relevant offers to the most potential prospects at the right time via the appropriate channels. With real-time cues, sales reps can adapt faster to the customers' preferences, orchestrate new offers based on customer behavior, and assist them further in their buying journey.

Reason #6: Share Reports and Dashboards

For companies to succeed today, the entire organization and departments must work in collaboration. Having a sales analytics software where everyone shares the same dashboard allows them to keep track of different activities happening within the organization and check whether they are aligned with the common goals. Moreover, it makes it easy for sales reps to create and share reports and stay up to date with all data and files.

What are Sales Analytics?

Sales analytics refers to the process of gathering, modeling, and understanding sales performance data to gauge the overall sales performance of sales teams. Sales leaders use these insights to form business strategies and accurately forecast sales and future revenue. 

The Sales Analytics software simplifies the data in easy-to-understand visuals such as graphs, charts, and more. It helps you understand your department's performance, different sales trends, and opportunities.

Types of Sales Analytics
Typically, sales analytics is divided into four categories:

Predictive analytics
It involves gauging present and past sales data to predict future patterns and market trends. It helps your sales team forecast your sales revenue for a period so that you can take the needed course of action to achieve your goals.
Diagnostic analytics:
As the name suggests, it helps examine and determine why something occurs. For instance, it can help identify the roadblocks being faced by your sales team that are stopping them from achieving their targets.
Descriptive analytics
Descriptive analytics study your historical sales data and make comparisons to better understand what's happening currently.
Prescriptive analytics
It takes predictive analytics one step further by recommending the best course of action to help your sales team reach their goals.

Features of Salesken's Sales Analytics Software

From call insights and real-time cues to closing more deals

Personalize Your Sales Pitch

Real-time cues with Salesken's sales analytics software help you identify what's going on in the conversation and quickly adapt to the callers' preferences and needs. These cues are with respect to general small talk or a specific feature depending on what's being said in the conversation. It helps you discover customers' needs better instead of simply jumping into your pitch without paying any heed to your lead's requirements.

Call Monitoring for Quality Automation

Salesken monitors 100% of customer interactions for quality assurance and automatically brings attention to the necessary calls. It eliminates the process of random call sampling for quality checks and instead picks up the main signals to track both what the rep and the customer are saying so that you don't miss out on any important information.

Post-Call Analytics to Improve Performance

Salesken's sales analytics software records all calls and runs an analysis in just a few seconds. It generates insights that help boost your sales teams to scale their performance and improve efficiency. Besides, Salesken takes the load off you and enables call quality assurance monitoring in half the time, thus enhancing your agent's overall call-to-quality analyst ratio.

Visualize Data at Your Fingertips

Salesken's business intelligence platform helps you organize and visualize your data in an easy-to-understand format. It connects all the data sources you want to analyze and allows you to access your sales journey with pre-built visualization or create your own reports. Having a basic understanding of what data to analyze and which visualization to use will further improve your reporting and enhance your business operations.

A 360-Degree Visibility into Your Sales Pipeline

Salesken captures customer interactions from all channels—calls, video conferences, emails, text messages, and others. It gives you a clear visibility into your pipeline—win-lose rate, pending deals, follow-up calls, sales reps' performance rate, etc. It eliminates the need for any guesswork and provides assistance at every stage of the funnel.

Improve Onboarding Speed

Onboarding new sales reps can be a time-consuming process if not done right. However, using Salesken's Sales Analytics tools ensures that your new reps spend less time ramping up and more in landing new deals. It helps train new reps by quickly highlighting the best sales calls to listen to and preparing them with customized sales pitches for better results.

Seamless Integrations with Your CRM

In order for in-depth analysis, Salesken's Sales Analytics software has to pull out data from all data recording systems. To give you access to a full-fledged business intelligence tool, the platform can automatically sync all your data from various CRMs and provide a detailed analysis of all your sales team’s performance.

Why You Should Consider Using Salesken’s Sales Analytics Software

Boost Your Sales Reps' Confidence

Salesken's Sales Analytics software listens to 100s of conversations along with other relevant materials, such as FAQs and Sales Playbook, to provide real-time cues to sales reps while on the sales calls. This sales analytics tool not only boosts their confidence but also helps improve their overall performance. The tool can easily detect the tone of the caller, suggesting their feelings which could be classified as emotional, generic, or others (depending on the situation), and provide cues based on the conversation.

Make Decisions Based on Facts

Salesken's Sales Analytics tool gives out the ‘intent to buy’ score that helps you and your sales team determine which deal has the highest possibility of being won/secured. The platform analyzes thousands of conversations and provides scores based on signals raised, questions asked, and other criteria. Now get a clear picture of your pipeline rather than just relying on your sales reps' gut feeling, which is important undoubtedly, but is not always accurate. Make decisions based on AI-powered, accurate forecasts and improve the performance of your sales department.

Improve Sales Performance through Constant Coaching

Spend less time auditing the calls of every sales rep and more time improving performance with a solution built specifically around your needs. With a sales analytics tool like Salesken, you get complete visibility into your sales reps' performance. Identify the best sales calls, deliveries, conversations, and closures, and bookmark them for your sales team to listen to them. It also brings special attention to spot critical issues and allows sales managers to coach and hold reps accountable for follow-through.

Equip Your Team with Modern Tools

Provide your sales reps with essential, easy-to-use tools that allow them to quickly visualize their activities, including the number of calls made, the number of deals closed, follow up calls, etc. Salesken's Sales Analytics tool will automatically send out reminders for follow up calls, help prioritize products and leads based on the score, leverage real-time reports with a visual dashboard and do so much more.

Track Sales Activity in Real-Time

Salesken's Sales Analytics tool collects data from various sources and makes it available on a single platform. It automatically generates reports weekly, monthly, or yearly as required and helps your sales leaders and executives get a clear understanding of sales performance and make strategic decisions to further improve the performance. Now easily manage and reward reps' performances with insightful reporting tools.

Get Unified Business Insights

Accumulate data from all sources, including phone calls, emails, text, live chat, and other applications, and blend them into a single dashboard with distinct sales analytics tools. Using Salesken's Sales Analytics platform, you can easily define metrics per your business's unique needs. Seamlessly analyze these data from various functions and access end-to-end business insights, thus transforming the growth and revenue models.

How Can Salesken's Analytics Data Help
Your Business

The best Sales Analytics software helps both sales managers and reps in identifying opportunities and increase revenue.

For Sales Reps

Quickly identify your hot leads and customize the sales pitch on the call itself. Our real-time cues during the call help determine customer needs better, thus increasing the chance of a conversion.

For Sales Managers

Our interactive and intuitive dashboard allows sales managers to visualize numbers easily and customize their selling plans. Besides, the accuracy of data helps you gain confidence from their investors and other stakeholders.

For the Organization

In general, onboarding new sales reps takes two to five months. While it's essential to properly train a new agent about your product and audiences, the long ramp time means they are spending less time on landing clients. Our analytics tool helps shorten this onboarding process by curating the best learning materials, resulting in a better retention rate, faster quota attainment, and accelerated revenue generation.

Common Challenges Faced During a Sales Analytics Exercise

To ensure maximum efficiency from a sales analytics tool, it's crucial to understand what impacts the result. Here are a few common challenges that are typically faced during sales data analysis.

Accuracy of Data
Manual data collection and entry in an organization carry the risk of duplication and/or omission, even when you have data-minded staff manning the keyboards. When data is duplicated, it leads to extra work and inaccurate predictions about your customers' needs and revenue numbers. So instead, rely on a sales analytics solution that gathers its own data from multiple platforms, organizes and maintains it, and even runs a proper analysis that gives out accurate forecasts and insights for decision making.
Lack of Understanding
Another common challenge in sales analytics management is the lack of understanding of how to use the data at hand. The sales department might have a complete record of all the necessary data, such as call recordings, call scripts and other important and crucial data. However, they may not be able to grasp the exact value of each piece of data and how they can leverage it to drive the growth of their business. Having an effective dashboard reporting system can provide an at-a-glance overview of how your business is operating. It can simplify the sales data into appealing visuals that can be easily comprehended.
Lack of Historical Data
Simply having a CRM, you do not get access to historical insight valuable to your sales team. It renders the whole process of data analysis worthless. A traditional CRM can only provide an isolated and limited snapshot of sales and customer data. In this fast-paced world where market trends change fast, you need a more robust analytical solution. Implementing an end-to-end sales analytical solution will also provide insights into your buyer's journey, current market situations, and accurate data.
Unpredictable Market Trends
Market trends constantly evolve, and today’s customers demand great satisfaction and expect value for convenience. Getting ahead of your customer's needs is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors and gaining your customers' loyalty. Staying updated on changing customer behavior can be difficult, let alone predicting the future. Thus, leveraging tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning can help with predictive analysis and provide real-time insights into your customers' behaviors.
Lack of Transparency
One major issue in sales performance data analytics is that only a third of sales leaders seem to trust the analytics generated from their business operations. The reason could be the lack of a proper data-sourcing process and analysis. It's crucial to align people, processes, and tools to ensure data transparency within the organizations. As a sales leader, you must also create a data-driven mindset for your teams.

How Do Salesken's Sales Analytics Software Work?

Leverage the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology and get actionable insights into sales performances. We aim to help sales professionals and teams achieve peak performance and help every organization maximize efficiency, transparency, and revenue.

Step 1

Salesken's sales analytics software captures 100% of conversations across various channels, including past call records, emails, chats, and other integrated media.

Step 2

The software then runs a predictive analysis that helps understand customers' needs, identifies opportunities to improve sales pitches, enhances customer experience, and enables effortless closure of deals.

Step 3

Salesken's algorithm also searches for different market trends and identifies patterns for predicting customer behavior for better sales decisions.

Step 4

Once the analysis is done, it provides easy data visualization that can drive actionable insights across multiple business functions and unlock greater opportunities.

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Doing Your Research?

5 Factors to Look for in a Sales Analytics Tool

Multiple Device Accessibility

96% of B2B sales teams have partially or fully moved to remote selling. It's vital for employees to be able to access reports from anywhere in the world in real time. You should be able to view the performance of the whole sales department on your smartphone or desktop via an interactive online dashboard to make decisions on the go.

Automated Sales Reporting

Manually generating resorts can keep businesses from truly utilizing their full potential. Not only can it be time-consuming, but the data can also be rendered obsolete in just a few days. A good sales analytics solution automates the process of generating reports with your most relevant data as and when required. You don't need to wait hours to run an analysis and have it automatically delivered to your email at the pre-defined timeline. Besides, you can ensure that your reports are password-protected in case of confidential information.

Professional Sales Dashboards

Having a clean sales dashboard is essential when it comes to reporting to clients, investors, and management. It provides a macro perspective of your business performance and can easily convey insights in a clear and understandable manner. It stays updated with company date information without having to work on it manually.

Unified Platform

A sales data analytics software gathers data from across all the channels and acts as a unified platform whereby all the data are sorted and organized. It then analyzes the combined, relevant data to provide actionable insights, including prospect-to-conversion rate, pipeline visibility, deals won and lost, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a call recording software. Why do we need Salesken?

The basic functionality of good call recording software includes recording calls and keeping them organized in a database. Most of them might even help with transcribing the call. However, it's not feasible for sales calls to listen to thousands of calls for quality assurance and coaching purposes.

Salesken's Signal Detection Capabilities help identify the keywords/phrases during each call. It could be Objections, Objection handling, or Lead Qualifying questions. You can use these insights to identify your top performer and share their best practices of how they handle objections with your other team members for learning purpose.

Besides, Salesken sends out real-time cues while on the call itself. These conversation snippets are based on the unique call profile and positively influence your prospects' minds. It comes up with the best responses to your prospect's queries and assists your reps in customizing their sales pitch in real-time.

And once the call is over, Salesken analyzes the call and gives out a pitch score. A pitch score is given by exploring all the signals that were raised and how the rep addressed them. Then, it compares it with the successful call and gives out a score on a scale of 1-100. It helps identify whether your rep performed well or not and the areas that need improvement for their next conversation.

How does Salesken’s real-time assistance feature work?

Salesken's Call Engine is intelligently built that runs in the background and listens to live conversations. It has four engines—Generic, Emotion, FAQs & Playbook, and Historic. Each of them pops up depending on how it is set or based on the conversation that is happening in real time. These conversation snippets positively influence your prospects' minds, give out the best responses to objections, and assist your reps in real time in closing more deals.

What type of reports can Salesken provide us with?

Salesken provides end-to-end actionable insights into all your sales activities. It can generate a vast number of reports based on the metrics you want to track, including the number of sales calls made, the number of deals won/lost, revenue forecast, the performance of each sales rep, and much more, customized to each variable. It can generate reports in real time and provide insights into easy-to-understand visuals so that the concerned person can easily grasp the meaning of it and make strategic decisions for the growth of the business.