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Achieve industry-best sales performance through Salesken’s AI-backed mentoring and tailored coaching. Scale your sales management to drive exponential results with Salesken to develop themselves backed with efficient data-backed coaching based on actual conversation insights. Watch them transform into sales rockstars in no time!

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6 Reasons why you should try sales coaching software

Top sales leaders use sales coaching software to bring their teams up to speed - it’s backed with science, reasoning, and data. Salesken’s sales coaching software combs every customer conversation to bring you data-backed insights to coach your sales reps into superstars.

Reason #1: Transform Sales Reps into Sales Champions

Unlike sales training that only focuses on the general developments of your sales reps, Salesken’s sales coaching software arms sales managers with accurate and personalized recommendations based on data to target specific sales skills for each member of your team.
Sales managers can access all recommendations via Salesken’s intelligence dashboard, including personalized coaching tips to work with each member of your team with a focused plan to transform them into sales champions.

Reason #2: Accelerate the Ramp-Up Time of New Hires in Real-Time

Coaching and onboarding new hires is a top priority for sales managers. Salesken’s sales coaching software leverages AI and real-time assistance to train and onboard your reps and slash their ramp-up time from weeks to days. Say goodbye to disjointed, one-size-fits-all coaching tactics with pre-captured sales conversations, self-guided training modules, and mock activities to accelerate the onboarding process of new hires.

Reason #3: Track the Progress of Sales Coaching

If your sales reps aren’t applying their learnings to real-world problems, regardless of having the best sales coaching software in place, as a sales team, none of you are benefiting from it. Salesken’s AI-enabled sales coaching software helps you track every sales rep’s progress in a single place, and in real-time, acting as a single source of truth to learn which reps are performing well and which aren’t. Set goals and trackers for each rep and avoid shadowing coaches for every product demo and enhance productivity throughout the team.

Reason #4: Best Practices at the Team’s Fingertips

Sales coaches, sales managers, and higher-up trainers might be training for decades, but your sales reps are the ones who are on the ground day-to-day with skills and experience that are vital for your team’s improvement. Salesken captures and analyzes your best sales reps’ conversations and picks on coachable moments with personalized alerts and helps you replicate the same across your team to build a high-winning team!

Reason #5: Streamlined Sales Training

Successful sales is a mixture of the entire team’s knowledge and expertise to help everyone succeed. Say goodbye to the days of flipping through excel training manuals and trying hard to remember a particular tip or trick. With Salesken’s sales coaching software, save more time, effort, and money with AI-enabled recommendations for each rep and streamline sales training across your organization.

Reason #6: Sales Managers Love Salesken!

Salesken’s sales coaching software is easy to use, integrates with your favorite tech stack to help your team stay ahead of the curve, and gives you personalized recommendations in real time to crush sales quotas every single time. Salesken helps sales teams get more productive by automating administrative tasks, providing 360-degree visibility into your pipeline, and separating the best from the rest with coachable moments.

Why Use Salesken’s Sales Coaching Software?

It's time for a new way to coach sales reps.

Salesken walks you through your sales team's performance in real-time, making it easier for you to decide where the coaching opportunities lie for critical sales behaviors and deal-closing skills—even as the landscape shifts, or reps turnover. There’s no one way to sell—not even when it comes to the most important thing: closing a sale. But there are also lots of little things that can make a big difference in that process: like being ready when the client asks questions, having trust in your product or service, and knowing how to find the right words. Those are skills you can learn, but it
can be hard to remember them when you’re busy with other critical sales activities.

That’s where Salesken comes in. We believe that everyone should be able to close more deals by doing less work—and we’re committed to helping you develop the skills you need so that you can do just that.

Transform your Salespeople into Top Performers

Training and onboarding your sales reps might seem like an easy task, but it’s more than just that. Salesken’s sales coaching software allows you to share, track, and analyze the progress.

Understand Training Gaps and Identify Coachable Moments

Do not waste time searching for feedback and coaching moments for your sales rep - it’s daunting and not always right! Salesken’s AI-enabled coaching software provides data-driven insights and recommendations for each rep across 14 dimensions and identifies key coachable moments.

Measure the Impact of Training Effectiveness

Track how your team performs and responds to sales coaching with real metrics and see which rep is performing well and who isn’t with Salesken. Find areas of improvement for the team with scorecards for each rep that gets automatically surfaced with Salesken.

Share Training Best Practices

Reduce ramp time from weeks to days through a library of well-curated sales conversations for virtual shadowing. Salesken captures and records real-time conversations and picks up winning behaviors, creates best practices, and shares them across the team.

Gamify the Learning Journey

We understand how daunting it might be to motivate your sales reps to bring their A-game every day and close a great number of deals. Create a leaderboard to track the progress of sales reps and gamify the learning experience to streamline and realign learning goals.

How does Salesken’s Sales Coaching Software Work?

Follow these three simple steps to watch the magic unfold -

Capture Sales conversations

Salesken captures and records every sales conversation right from the first touchpoint to delivering the right coaching recommendations.

Track your Coaching Progress

Salesken keeps track of every single coachable path you take as a sales manager and see how it’s being implemented across your teams and where to focus next

Curate Personalized Recommendations

Salesken’s AI-powered software captures every interaction to separate winning behaviors and replicate them to create success across your team.

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More than Just a Sales Coaching Software

Unlike other sales coaching software, Salesken does so much more than just coach your team. Salesken is a champion in delivering the right recommendations, automating mundane tasks, and helping you close more deals.


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went right with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales coaching software?

Sales coaching software is leveraged by the best sales managers and leaders across the globe. Salesken equips them with recommendations to analyze sales calls, refine techniques, share best practices, and gamify the learning experience.

What are the benefits of sales coaching?

1. Helps learning and retention
2. Improves sales team’s skills and behaviors
3. Makes for better and more consistent results
4. Fully utilizes resources and sales tools
5. Cross-functional collaboration
6. Become a product expert
7. Rebut customer objections skilfully 
8. Close more deals

Does Salesken integrate with my CRM?

Salesken integrates with all your favorite CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools. Click here to get the full list of integrations

What kind of insights does Salesken deliver?

Salesken helps coaches not only identify winning behaviors but replicate them across the team. By analyzing customer interactions, you’ll routinely uncover insights into what wins more deals. This includes trending topics, and competitor mentions (to name a few). Salesken is particularly good at helping leadership teams understand where deals go off the rails and why.