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6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Sales Engagement Platform

Sales engagement is the interaction between the company’s sales team and its customers & prospects. A sales engagement platform offers a set of tools that improves the outcomes of these interactions.

Reason #1: Boost Revenue

Automatically score leads based on their interaction with the reps, identify the leads with high purchase intent and nurture them with customized messaging that works towards problem resolution to ensure maximum conversions. Identify the key upselling and cross-selling opportunities to take in the maximum revenue.

Reason #2: One Click View of the Customer’s Profile

Get visibility into every customer interaction across channels (calls, video, and emails). Get instant transcripts, call summaries and key talking points in each conversation to analyze and store for future learning. Identify the key bottlenecks in every stage of the pipeline and adopt data-backed strategies to optimize your sales processes.

Reason #3: Easier Pipeline Management

Get an accurate view of your pipeline. Identify the deals that are likely to convert, the ones that are at risk and know if your teams are on track to achieving their revenue goals. Take data-backed corrective actions to ensure that there are no last-minute surprises.

Reason #4: Greater Sales Productivity

Stop wasting time on dead end leads. With Salesken, identify leads with high purchase intent, know their top needs, concerns and key decision makers involved and nurture them with contextual messages to ensure no high-intent lead slips through. With Salesken, identify leads with high purchase intent, know their priorities, concerns and the key decision makers involved in the process and nurture them with solutions that speak to them.

Reason #5: Maximize Customer Engagement

Salesken’s proprietary algorithms helps identify the right discovery questions, best rapport-building techniques, ideal rebuttal to objections, and share the winning practices across the team in real time to improve conversions.

Reason #6: Personalize Your Customer Interactions

With Salesken’s Customer Intelligence capabilities, build your Ideal Customer Profiles [ICP] based on actual customer conversations. Know their top needs, concerns, features that they truly care about, and build customer experiences that resonate the best with your customers.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Engagement?

Salesken turns your data into an arsenal that you can maximize to your advantage. All your conversations with your customers are unique and packed with powerful details about them, their interests, needs, and problem resolutions. Salesken’s engagement platform captures your team’s customer-facing conversations across multiple channels like phone, social media, or web conferences and analyzes them with AI. This, in turn, helps you build a winning sales strategy based on successful conversations.

Here’s what Salesken’s Sales Engagement Platform looks like in action

Now that you know how beneficial a sales engagement platform can be for your business, here’s why
Salesken is the ideal choice in this sphere.

Create Your Own Winning Playbook

Curate and share your top performer’s best practices with all your sellers to drive higher quota attainment, close more deals, and thereby, improve revenue.

Identify At-Risk Deals

All deals are important for your business, but some deals may need more attention than others. Salesken’s engagement platform helps you spot the deals that need more attention in order for sales teams to close them effectively.

Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks with Triggers

Save the time of your reps by automating repetitive tasks using Salesken. Salesken allows you to set up triggers that auto-update your prospect’s info and journey based on their behavior within a sequence so that your reps can focus on what matters the most— getting more customers.

Sell More with the Right Data

Drill down and dig in with Salesken’s easy-to-understand,
real-time insights. Monitor every interaction your team is having with prospects. Analyze all the calls and nurture your team to get better results.

Real-time Assistance

Improve your sales rep’s intelligence with real-time assistance or live prompts during the calls. These real-time prompts will help you build rapport, empathy and trust, by allowing you to ask winning probing questions, finding winning hooks and reduce preventable issues.

How does Salesken’s Sales Engagement Platform Work?

Ready to take the next step start by recording calls with Salesken? Here’s how it works

Step 1

Connect with your favorite dialers to start recording and analyzing conversations.

Step 2

Connect with your CRM to access all won deals.

Step 3

Each call gets transcribed into text automatically.

Step 4

All calls are analyzed across 14 dimensions to provide insights into every customer interaction.

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Now that you know why Salesken is the right sales acceleration platform for you, here are some additional perks of using Salesken for every kind of business.


Salesken offers one-step integration with all the leading tools that you’ll need to fasten and streamline your sales pipeline.


Security is our top priority. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure our customer data is protected and in safe hands.


Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified.


Only authorized users within your organization can access your data and no-one else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales engagement platform?

A sales engagement software is a digital tool that helps organisations to take more control of how they interact with their prospects and customers.

What are the benefits of using a sales engagement platform?

1. It helps you organise the sales process better.
2. It helps you close deals faster.
3. You can reach potential customers faster than your competitors using sales engagement software.
4. It allows you to pinpoint areas that need more attention.
5. It helps to create a custom plan with clear steps to closing deals.

Why every company need sales engagement platform?

Here’s why every company needs a sales engagement platform-It helps to create a better communication process between the sales reps and customers.

1. It helps reps to work more efficiently.
2. It boosts productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks.
3. It helps reps to sell smarter.
4. It streamlines the process and helps get better results.