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Reduce Friction In Your Sales Process and Increase Efficiency Using Salesken’s Sales Operation Software

Leverage Salesken’s sales operation software and help your sales team perform better, achieve targets, and lead a seamless sales procedure. Now manage everything from lead management to sales training, forecasting, and data reporting – from a single dashboard.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Sales Operations Software

Assist your sales operation team in handling all the administrative tasks efficiently, thus enabling your sales manager to focus on training and coaching their salespeople to concentrate on revenue-driving activities.

Reason #1:

Determine the Effectiveness of a Product

Sales operation software accurately collects data, including both internal performance data and external market conditions, and analyzes them to determine the effectiveness of a product or a sales procedure. It helps your sales manager identify whether the product or service is a success or whether they need to implement a new sales framework.
Reason #2:

Assist in Sales Forecasting

With the help of sales operation software, you can understand your past and current data along with market trends and accurately forecast future sales. Sales forecasting is essential as it helps you identify potential risks ahead of time and help fix them so that reps can achieve their goals and improve their overall performance. Besides, it gives a clear understanding of the company's future revenue and financial strength.
Reason #3:

Automate Your Call Quality Monitoring Process

Call quality monitoring process has traditionally been a manual process in the majority of the organizations. It has proven to be ineffective as it involves Sales managers listening and analyzing sales conversations during their productive work hours. An operations software in sales automatically records and scores these conversations across different playbook dimensions and selling best practices so that the managers can take necessary action saving their valuable time spent on manual QA.
Reason #4:

Establish a Clear Line of Communication

Another benefit of having a sales operation management platform is that it establishes a single line of communication. Sales reps can update their sales performance, and the entire team members stay updated about the latest sales activity. In other words, it keeps the team aligned by providing a single platform for all communication within the organization.
Reason #5:

Aids In Providing Sales Training

Sales operation software collects all data, analyzes them, and helps provide training materials for the reps. Besides, it stores all information on a single platform, ensuring a smooth experience for your new recruits. With the help of the solution, you can develop an intelligent sales training program and maintain a strong team.
Reason #6:

Helps With Lead Management

Sales operation software takes care of administrative tasks like lead generation, scheduling appointments, sending reminders for follow-up calls, and more. This allows your reps to focus on selling. Further, it assists in qualifying marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to sales qualified leads (SQLs) based on the ways the leads communicate and track their other activities.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Software?

A sales department needs an operation management platform to handle all technical tasks, develop sales strategies, and improve overall work efficiency. It does the heavy lifting of administrative functions by streamlining them and automating mundane, repetitive tasks. From lead qualification to closing deals followed by customer interaction and support, Salesken’s sales operation software takes care of all.

What’s more, Salesken’s sales operation software records all sales communication to bring data-based insights to help your SDRs coach into a top performer. Sales managers get access to data-driven insights that allow them to forecast demands accurately and create kickass strategies to achieve the organizational goals. All in all, Salesken allows your team to focus more on revenue-driving activities, and sales managers can focus largely on providing training and coaching to their teams.

Here’s What Salesken’s Sales Operation Software Looks Like in Action

Get Sales Activities visibility in Real-time

Salesken’s sales operation software gives you a holistic view of your sales activities in real-time. It records all consumer interactions across all channels, including calls, messages, emails, and more, throughout its entire customer lifecycle. It autologs every interaction into your sales CRM and ensures complete data accuracy. It acts as a centralized database platform, gathering, storing, and organizing all data for analysis.

Realize a Greater ROI On Your Software Spend

Salesken’s sales operation platform is designed to assist your team and increase their work efficiency. By streamlining and automating various sales operational tasks, it ensures that reps are able to focus more on important tasks at hand. Besides, it sends out automatic reminders to salespeople for follow-up calls and other activities like drawing contracts, which ensures the fast closing of deals. It results in generating a high ROI, justifying your investment in purchasing software.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

Salesken’s advanced operations software provides your reps real-time cues while talking to the customer. These cues are generated based on the conversation that they are having and quickly adapt to the caller’s needs. It helps your reps better understand your customers and personalize their pitch to create a real impact. It vastly affects how consumers perceive your product or service and increases their chance of conversions.

Better Qualify Your Leads

Using Salesken’s sales operation software, you can better qualify your leads based on the description of your buyer persona. It tracks every behavioral activity of your leads on your websites and analyzes all their interactions to better qualify your leads. It can even prioritize your leads by scoring them, allowing reps to focus on sales qualified leads while they continue to nurture the marketing qualified leads. This results in increased conversions and more revenue for your business.

Analyze Customer Interactions to Improve Performance

Salesken’s sales operation tool records all interactions and runs an analysis in just a few seconds to generate insights. These sales insights help you identify your top and low performers and better coach them further to improve performance and efficiency. It also monitors 100% of sales calls for quality assurance and brings immediate attention to the necessary calls.

How Does Salesken’s Sales Operation Software System Work?

Leverage the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and get actionable insights into sales activities. We aim to help sales teams achieve their peak performance and help every organization maximize efficiency, transparency, and revenue.


Salesken's sales operation software captures 100% of customer interactions across various channels, including past call records, emails, chats, and other integrated media.


It creates a database of all your sales activities and streamlines administrative tasks like data collection, tracking sales performance, generating reports, etc.


Salesken's software then runs an algorithm to analyze and generate insights useful for better sales decisions.

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Features of Salesken Sales Operation Software

Improve New Sales Reps Onboarding Speed

Onboarding new reps can be a time-consuming process. Besides, you risk a lot of money if the onboarding is not done right. However, using Salesken’s sales operation software, you can train your new reps by sharing all related documents and guides on a single platform. Further, it highlights the best sales calls to listen to and can prepare them for their pitch. It speeds up their ramping time, allowing them to start landing new deals in time.

Seamless Integrations With Your CRM

Salesken’s sales operation software acts as a full business intelligence tool by seamlessly integrating with a sales CRM and any other applications. The platform automatically syncs all your data from various integrated platforms and provides a detailed analysis of all your sales activities happening within your organization. It also helps create a rich caller profile so that you can personalize your customer calling experience in real-time.

Real-time Reporting for Improved Performance

The sales market is changing rapidly, and you can’t afford a few days of old sales data to make a decision. Salesken’s sales operation software generates reports in real-time while also identifying current trends and customer demands to provide in-depth sales insights. Use these insights to make better sales decisions and improve your team performance, thus easily scaling up your organization.

Visualize Sales Data At Your Fingertips

Our sales operation software comes equipped with business intelligence tools that help organize your data into a visually appealing format. It analyzes all your data from various sources and helps visualize your customer journey with pre-built visualization reports. You can even select the data you want to analyze, customize your visualization, and further enhance your reporting and sales business operations.

Lead Scoring Insights for Better Conversions

Salesken’s sales operation software solution offers customer intelligence tools that analyze your customer conversations in real-time to detect any objections, objection handlings, or lead qualifying questions. It gives you clear insights into your customer mood by detecting their tone and emotions to better handle your customer queries and push your leads further down the sales pipeline. It also helps identify which leads have the more chance of conversion by qualifying them based on certain predefined questions and criteria.

Multiple Device Accessibility

Most sales teams have moved to a hybrid work model that allows them to work from the office or remotely as they desire. Our cloud-based sales operation software syncs all activities and files in real-time across all devices, ensuring that your team stays updated at all times. Besides, sales managers can view the performance of the whole sales department on any device, from anywhere. It creates an interactive online dashboard to help make decisions on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are operations in sales?

The operations in sales are about helping the sales team to sell more efficiently and effectively by reducing friction in your sales framework and providing strategic decisions. Sales managers can leverage sales operation software to collect data and create a smooth sales experience for their team to improve their overall productivity.

What metrics can Salesken sales software measure?

Salesken helps you develop clear metrics to measure the performance and effectiveness of your overall sales activities. These KPIs may vary from business to business, but they can be broadly classified into two categories: performance and efficiency.

Common performance key metrics include: 

Win and Loss Rate: It measures the number of deals won and lost compared to the total number of deals won and lost in the previous period. 

Deal Size: This measure the average value of deal size that sellers can manage at a time

Sales Quota Achievement Rate: It refers to the percentage of reps who have hit their quota during a set time period

Common efficiency key metrics include:

Lead Response Time: It measures the time leads generally take to positively respond or take a certain action 

Length of Sales Cycle: The average time taken by reps to close a deal

Pipeline Efficiency: How effectively your leads are moving through the pipeline and measure your reps' efforts

What are the different types of sales operation tools?

A sales operation tool consists of various functionalities, including custom relationship management, sales pipeline management, sales forecasting tool, sales coaching solution, business intelligence services, and communication tools.

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