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Get better visibility of your sales pipeline, manage leads, improve sales productivity, and optimize sales performance with Salesken. Salesken monitors all sales activities and get an up-to-date view of the sales performance of your organization, enabling the entire sales team to adopt winning behaviors and adapt to specific and generic insights that are provided continually.

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5 Reasons To Use Sales Performance Management Tools

Sales performance management (SPM) tools helps you plan, track and optimize your organization’s sales performance with data-driven decision making.

Reason #1: Improve your sales team’s productivity

Sales performance management is a great way to ensure that you have the right resources working on your accounts, as well as tracking the individual performance of employees. This will help identify gaps in skill sets and focus on areas that need more attention.

Reason #2: Get sharper visibility into the sales pipeline

Sales performance management allows you to get a clear picture of how well each department is performing with its clients. By using this information to make strategic decisions about future growth plans or resource allocation, you can map opportunities for improvement in other areas within your organization.

Reason #3: Reduce Risks

It's important for businesses to be able to identify potential problems before they become major issues for customers or internal stakeholders—this requires being able to see everything happening at once so that you can take action quickly when needed.

Reason #4: Manage Leads Effectively

Lead management is a crucial component in sales performance management. If you have multiple lead sources, you can seamlessly add those into a single dashboard, track them, and create sales strategies accordingly.

Reason #5: Upskill reps & assign sales territories

When you’re assigning a territory to a sales rep, it’s essential that the rep’s skills match with the local factors of the territory.  With intelligence from sales performance management software, you can match the rep’s capacity to the target territories. It helps improve the rep’s performance and generate more sales.

Why use Salesken’s Sales Performance Management Software?

Salesken’s Sales Performance Management Software places huge emphasis on analytics, gamification, customer visibility, and lead management.
It offers a 360-degree scientific and data-forward understanding of your customers. The leadership can develop accurate
sales strategies based on customer insights and generate profitable results.

Not only that, but sales reps can also make more informed sales calls and convert more leads with the help of this all-encompassing tool. Several quizzes and contests keep the sales team dynamic, motivated, and improve productivity. If you are looking to measure, analyze and
improve your company’s sales performance, Salesken’s Sales Performance Management software is the tool for you.

Salesken’s Unique Features

Sales performance management requires real-time access to accurate data and the agility to optimize sales strategies quickly according to market conditions. You can effectively achieve that with Salesken’s Sales Performance Management Software. Paired with fast implementation and easy usability, your organization will quickly adapt to Salesken’s SPM, and it will add significant value to your sales performance, while
building momentum and maintaining fruitful relationships with customers.

In-depth Sales Analytics

Go beyond regular CRM reports and gain accurate sales insights from multiple credible sources such as the sales pipeline, CRM tools, social media platforms, and various others.

Advanced Dashboard

Measure your sales performance, and track the latest sales trends from a single dashboard.


Motivate your sales reps through interactive, engaging, and rewarding quizzes and contests, encouraging them to achieve targets through gamification.

360-degree Customer Visibility

Get all customer details under a single database through Salesken’s SPM. Keep a detailed record of contacts, predict buying behavior and create accurate sales strategies with the tool data.

Lead Management

Gather leads from multiple sources, and manage them in a single database with a few simple clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sales Performance Management?

Sales performance management (SPM) is an analytical function that automates the sales processes of an organization. It improves operational efficiency by optimizing and streamlining the sales processes.SPM capabilities include sales planning, gamification, incentive management, quota management, territory management, and advanced analytics.

Why does every company need sales performance management software?

Sales performance management (SPM) software helps businesses measure and understand their sales performance.

With SPM software, your business leadership will be able to pull relevant sales data from different sources and assemble it into a comprehensive dashboard that will help them in informed decision-making.For any company that is planning to expand its business, getting SPM software is highly profitable. It can help businesses:

1. Optimize sales pipeline
2. Improve productivity
3. Motivate sales reps and manage incentives
4. Manage leads effectively, and many other things.