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Agile sales teams need a modern sales playbook software to communicate and implement different stages across the B2B sales lifecycle. The competition is fierce, and you need the right kind of playbook and game plan to think futuristically and stay ahead of the curve. Good conversations are the currency of this growing digital world and we at Salesken help you exactly with that.

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Why should you care about a
sales playbook software?

Why spend hours on sales training when you can use a ready-made, automated, yet entirely personalized sales framework—one that works for your organization and adapts itself to your dynamic position? Salesken’s sales playbook software does all that and much more.

Reason #1: A tried and tested formula for lead optimization and conversion

Salesken’s sales playbook software lets you capture and document winning sales processes and strategies in a single place. This means everyone in the sales team can access and implement it—it learns from what works and what doesn’t, offering suggestions in real-time as well as later for easy accessibility.

Reason #2: Plug & Play— it’s that unbelievably easy

Salesken provides data-backed insights and actionable strategies to help you identify training gaps from real sales conversations. Identify, analyze, and track coaching gaps to improve training and talking tracks of your sales reps and focus on sales enablement efforts to boost their performance and drive more revenue.

Reason #3: Say “Yes” to personalized selling

Even the best sales enablement programs can die quickly if no one is watching how sales use what’s been provided to them. It’s critical that sales management enforces the use of best practices, content, and tools in the sales organization. Salesken’s sales enablement software lets you track if the content and assets provided are being used correctly or not.

Reason #4: Improve team communication

A sales team can only work as a “TEAM” if they are empowered to collaborate and share resources. Salesken’s open interface ensures that this sales playbook software enables systematic and regular communication among the team—reps, managers, and decision-making authorities, while bringing to the table sales excellence and productivity.

Reason #5: Manage sales content effortlessly

Manage all sales content in one place and access resources, templates, materials whenever the team seeks them. A sales playbook software is a library of all sales content assets. With Salesken’s personalized, indexed, and optimized database, you can store these assets in any format, starting with PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and other formats that are resourceful to the team.

Reason #6: Enjoy shorter sales cycles

B2B sales cycles can be long, demanding, and arduous. At the core of Salesken’s sales playbook software is understanding of the impact of human emotions on the sales lifecycle, and it empowers to provide sales teams with clear strategies, compiled in one easily accessible place. The reps can use these strategies using their astute human judgment to convert prospects quickly and effectively.

Why use Salesken’s sales playbook software?

Salesken is on a mission to help businesses implement a scientific, data-backed sales strategy, treating sales as a science, one that can be
decoded and rationalized. It uses robust AI technology to boost sales reps’ productivity and equip them with the right resources at the
right time to assist them in not only achieving their sales performance peak, but also reward winning behaviors.

With years of research and having held conversations with several thousand sales reps, we understood that the struggle often lies in
developing personalized sales strategies for prospects. The result? Missing valuable deals.

Salesken’s sales playbook software is a dedicated platform that helps sales teams consolidate all sales strategies, tactics, tools, templates, frameworks, and other resources that can be used to close complex deals. Real-world problems require real-world solutions
that are effective, scalable, and adaptable. Sales teams can use these resources to approach a deal and
add a touch of personalization to convert high-intent leads.

See Salesken’s Sales Playbook Software in Action

Salesken’s cutting-edge sales playbook software is flexible, fully integrated, automated, and quickly accessible by all team members. The software adapts to any team of any size and structure, while constantly imparting data-backed training, and learning alongside the sales team who use it. It picks up on the style and emotion of the conversation and amplifies and corrects the reps who use the playbook’s prompts in real-time so that the call is more effective and especially tailored to the prospect. It makes the prospect feel seen and valued, resulting in a stronger conversion.

self-training with ready-to-use templates

Salesken’s sales playbook software stores all sales materials such as prospect-rep conversations, email templates, web conference recordings, and any other enablement asset that can come in handy for reps. Sales teams can easily use these assets to move past repetitive tasks that contribute to their fatigue self-train themselves for real-life scenarios that reduce their pressure and require more than conducted training sessions.

access content with a single click

Your sales team is always in need of an extensive knowledge base that includes different materials and resources. Salesken’s sales playbook software can easily make that happen. It helps you manage and track all sales content in a single repository, readily available with just a simple click.

ONE-CLICK CRM integration

Salesken’s sales playbook software can be easily integrated with your internal CRM tools, empowering your internal team in experiencing a seamless and agile workflow. Exchange content assets will be easier than ever with Salesken.

Speed up your sales process

Each sales team is responsible for interacting with and nurturing different types of buyer persona. Evidently, they need to apply different sales processes to close these prospective buyers. A sales playbook software lets you go through different sales processes to tailor the apt process for your business, and Salesken’s sales playbook offers a deep-dive and personalized guide on navigating customer-specific sales strategies that offer essential and effective information to convert sales effectively.

Actionable content reporting and analytics

Salesken’s sales playbook software tracks different metrics related to sales content. It empowers your sales team by offering resourceful insights regarding which content assets are working the best and which ones require an upgrade or modifications. Sales reps can base their engagement strategies based on these insights.

How Does Salesken’s Sales
Playbook Platform Work?

Step 1

Create an account on Salesken’s integrated platform.

Step 2

Import your content assets to build the playbook within minutes.

Step 3

Invite all the sales team members.

Step 4

Start utilizing and collaborating with useful content assets.

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Top Features

Here are the features that sales teams absolutely love!

In-built editor

Use the easy and intuitive in-built content editor to manage all sales content assets.

Review and ratings

Guide new sales reps with feedback and ratings to help them improve their sales approach and strategies.

24/7 accessibility

Sales teams can access the content assets anytime and from anywhere, according to their needs.


Get 360-degree visibility into your content performance and make informed decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I identify the best responses to customer objections and ideal ways to build rapport?

It is difficult to identify one particular way to handle customer rejections. However, if you have a sales playbook software in place that records all previous customer objections and negotiation strategies, it is possible to build a rapport with customers strategically.

Is Salesken a call recording software?

Yes, Salesken also offers call recording as part of its integrated software. However, it comes with several other features and solutions including the following:

1. Speech-to-text software
2. Sales intelligence software
3. Sales call tracking software
4. Sales playbook software
5. Sales forecasting software
6. Sales coaching software