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6 Reasons You Need A Sales Productivity Software

A sales productivity software helps utilize a company's resources efficiently to achieve better sales productivity and effectiveness.

Reason #1: Track Your Sales Team’s Performance Smoothly

The performance of your sales reps is something that is not just skill-based but also assessed, tracked, and infused with best practices. Salesken’s sales productivity software helps you track performance of your sales reps through the signal analysis feature. The comparison report compares each rep’s performance against top performers. It assists sales leadership to provide personalized training to their team to improve their individual and collective performances.

Reason #2: Automate & Assist Sales Reps To Perform Their Best

Automating trivial activities helps your sales reps boost their performance by giving them more time to spend on customers, understanding their needs, and delivering the best with every interaction. Salesken’s productivity software has an extra feature of real-time cueing and speech-to-text call summary that helps sales reps have engaging and impactful conversations with their customers and understand them.

Reason #3: Deliver Value with Customer Intelligence

Identifying prospects and their needs helps you offer valuable solutions to your customers. Salesken’s sales productivity software helps you obtain interesting and relevant insights to build an ideal customer profile and create better marketing campaigns—campaigns that are not only strategically sound, but those that work. The software, with its intelligence-driven algorithm records all the customers' daily calls and analyzes the conversations to give you insights from the customer's voice, such as tone, intent, and need assessment.

Reason #4: Total Visibility to Target The Right Prospects

By understanding the customers’ goals better, filtering out non-productive calls from high purchase intent leads is easier, leading to higher conversions. Salesken’s productivity software helps you build a product roadmap through its lead scoring feature. This innovative feature lets you understand the intensity of the purchase intent of a particular lead and focus on leads with high buying intent.

Reason #5: Make Effective Use of Resources

When you have a list of prospects with a high buying intent, you can plan your marketing campaigns accordingly and concentrate your resources on deals with a high conversion rate. With its lead scoring function, Salesken's sales productivity tool can assist you identify where you should concentrate your efforts in order to maximize productivity.

Reason #6: Improve Revenue with Accurate Decisions

Sales productivity software helps you close the deals quickly and efficiently using insights customized to every lead and situation. It helps your team in differentiating high-value opportunities, internal budgeting, while enabling in exceeding sales goals that ultimately improve the revenue. Salesken’s productivity tool features real-time assistance, quality audit report, signal analysis, comparison report, and pipeline forecast help you and your team make the right decisions at the right time.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Productivity?

Salesken is a conversation intelligence platform that helps you improve your sales team's performance and productivity. It records your sales reps and client conversations, transcribes and analyzes them while providing your team with real-time prompts to your sales reps to convert more deals.

With Salesken’s Sales Enablement solution you can increase conversion by a whopping 70%. Salesken allows sales managers to analyze every call with its post-call analytics feature that categorizes and graphs out the calls—what went right, and what didn’t. Insights collected through
Salesken can be used in training the reps, improving their call performance and tapping missed opportunities to improve revenue.

5 Ways Our Sales Productivity Solutions Help The Sales Team

Our AI-powered sales productivity solution increases your sales productivity by 88% when used
efficiently. Here are the ways it can help your sales team:

Real-time assistance for sales reps

Salesken’s app allows your sales reps to call your prospects and receive real-time prompts to make the conversation more productive and layer the narrative with details customized to every prospect. The sentiment analysis function in Salesken’s Sales Productive tool enables your sales rep to understand the emotions of prospects and respond appropriately and channel the conversation towards a positive outcome. The prompts typically fall into one of two categories: Questions that a salesperson might ask a prospect to help the discussion flow, or information about the emotions and tone of the lead. At the end of each call, your sales reps will also receive a brief summary so they can determine what went well and suggested areas of improvement. If they did a commendable job, their reports can be translated into points of training for other team members.

Improve Your Agents’ Performance

With the help of Salesken's call recording and post-call analytics feature, you can examine each and every call that your agents place and get post-call insights. By using these statistics, you can determine the particular strengths and growth areas of your agents and guide them as necessary. Salesken cuts down the necessity for sampling or call eavesdropping while still providing transparent data. Not only does Salesken track performance, but it also offers comparison reports between an agent and top performers, enabling automated peer-to-peer learning, and self-improvement guidelines. This feature helps you onboard new reps, provide personalized coaching and arrange P2P learning sessions, turning your sales team into a powerhouse of talent.This feature helps you onboard new reps, provide personalized coaching and arrange P2P learning sessions.

Create Unique Winning Call Profiles

With the post-call analytics feature, you get a clear picture of your winning calls—helping you figure out call patterns, winning probing inquiries, creating opportunities for rapport-building strategies, and highest connect on features. With this analysis, you can create a unique ‘winning call’ profile. As leadership, you can identify specific snippets from a conversation between the sales rep and the customer and persuade prospects with conversations that are relatable and tailored to them. These can be discussed with your sales reps to improve their performance, and help you convert more leads with ease.

Understand your customers better

Identifying the prospects (also called sales prospecting) is one of the key steps of the sales lifecycle. Prospecting often aims to understand potential clients and their demands in order to turn them into paying customers. Salesken’s proprietary AI engine can match not just words, but also meanings and intelligently infer the path the conversation is leaning towards, enabling increased conversion rates, not only with numbers, but qualitative improvement.

Never Miss Another Opportunity for a Conversation

Salesken provides you with complete visibility of your sales process. By accessing all call recordings, transcripts, and information regarding how your sales force interacts with prospects over the phone or through other platforms, you have autonomous control over the conversations and can effortlessly navigate their inherent fluidity. This enables you to comprehend consumer requirements, intensity of buying intent, and
other crucial information, which are difficulties sales reps face with these conversations.

Whether as management or as a rep, if have a good understanding of purchase intent, it makes it imperative to shortlist prospects with a
high level of purchase intent and clinch the deal by nurturing them further. It also aids in precise revenue forecasting.

How Does Salesken’s Sales Productivity Tool Work?

Salesken’s Sales Productivity tool is easy to use and integrate. It helps your sales personnel improve their performance and increases productivity by inherently reducing idle and downtime. By creating a playbook and providing a system, reps are more
confident in their skills and earnestly strive for self-improvement.

Here is how our sales productivity software functions:

Step 1

Integrate with all your CRMs, phone dialers, video conferencing, and email tools.

Step 2

Capture every customer interaction instantly and transcribe them while receiving bite-sized call summaries.

Step 3

Automatically score calls across 14 different dimensions and identify key coachable moments.

Step 4

Provide personalized feedback and share winning strategies in real-time to improve sales outcomes.

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Salesken’s Features

Here are the features that make Salesken's Sales Productivity Software the best in the market.


Salesken offers one-step integration with all the leading tools that you’ll need to fasten and streamline your sales pipeline.


Security is our top priority. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure our customer data is protected and in safe hands.


Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified.


Only authorized users within your organization can access your data and no-one else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales productivity software?

A sales productivity software is a tool that assists sales managers and leaders to optimize, streamline, and accelerate sales processes. It helps sales agents improve performance.

How can it help improve my team's performance?

Salesken is a conversation intelligence tool that records and analyzes your sales reps' calls with customers in real-time and provides prompts and signals to guide conversation towards success. It helps your sales agent close more deals  effectively and efficiently.

Besides this, the post-call analysis feature helps sales managers and leadership get insights about each call on lead scores, buying signals and performance. This way you can empower your sales team by providing proper feedback and specialized training.