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Track every single detail in your pipeline with Salesken’s #1 Sales Tracking Software. Stop missing out on winnable deals by tracking every interaction, identify the winning strategies and optimize your entire sales process.

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6 Reasons why you should use sales tracking software

Wondering what Salesken’s sales tracking software can do for your team? We have the answers right here:

Reason #1: Complete Visibility into Deals

Salesken’s sales tracking software captures and tracks every single interaction right from the first touchpoint (calls, emails, and web) for every deal. Never stay in the dark again with Salesken’s sales tracking software to view your pipeline.

Reason #2: Personalized Coaching for Peers

Assist your sales reps to reach stardom with Salesken’s sales tracking software and help them reach their full potential. Identify training gaps and access personalized recommendations that can be tagged to the respective sales rep to help them maximize their reach.

Reason #3: Track Sales Activities in One Place

Salesken empowers sales teams with suggestions for improvement and activities to take the next step. By capturing and tracking sales data and past conversations, sales activities, and sales-related insights, Salesken can help your team improve efficiency and overall success rates.

Reason #4: Automate Sales Workflows

Never let a deal fall through the cracks again. Salesken automates and personalizes your outreach to ensure you stay top of mind. Easily trigger administrative tasks, notifications, and project assignments automatically using workflows - so you can focus on what you do best - selling. See the results for yourself!

Reason #5: Feedback that Actually Makes Sense

Salesken gives you the insights you need to understand what buyers really want. Get unfiltered feedback from the market, see what messaging is hitting (or missing) the mark, and help reps tailor their pitch to match what customers want. Make data-driven decisions to improve your sales strategy and close more deals.

Reason #6: Sell on the Go

The Salesken mobile app makes it easy to give your leads the attention they need wherever you are. Available on iOS or Android, the mobile app keeps your team on top of things whether they’re in the office or not. With Salesken, you can keep track of your leads and their status, get notified when a new lead is added and follow up with leads.

Why Use Salesken’s Sales Tracking Software?

Salesken is a sales tracking software that helps you keep up with ever-changing buyer preferences. With complete visibility into your
pipeline, you can focus on the deals that matter the most. Salesken also captures your team’s customer-facing conversations,
which are then analyzed by artificial intelligence.

Salesken is here to help your team improve and always stay ahead of the curve. Our sales tracking software combes through every touchpoint, so you know where exactly you stand in the pipeline and how to keep the revenue needle moving in the right direction.

With our sales tracking software, you’ll have complete visibility into every deal in your pipeline and know exactly where to focus. Track, analyze, and deliver actionable insights directly to your team without searching for historical insights and save a ton of time and effort to
drastically speed up the overall progress and never miss a deal!

Here’s What Salesken's Sales Tracking Software Looks like in Action

There’s a reason top sales leaders prefer using science-backed technology over ad-hoc methods to level up their teams. See why
Salesken’s sales tracking software is the best choice for your business

Understand How All your Reps are Performing in One Place

Sales managers cannot be everywhere, every single time. Salesken’s sales tracking software provides real-time data and updates on how every rep is performing on our robust dashboard. Track which rep is performing well, and push the ones that need the assistance and help them overcome obstacles without any hassle.

Track Every Deal in your Pipeline

Ever wondered how and why your top performers close more deals than others? With Salesken’s sales tracking software, track every deal that enters your pipeline with insights retrieved from data to help you understand how each deal is progressing. Get easy, understandable insights and action items to help you make the right decisions.

Never Let Go of Winnable Deals Again

Salesken delivers actionable insights and pinpoints the exact action needed to take to help never miss a winnable deal again. Our sales tracking software indicates and recommends the actions needed to focus on high-priority deals, prioritize deals that have high tendencies to convert, and more.

Real-Time Insights to Always Be in the Know

Our sales tracking software provides you with up-to-date insights on key stats such as earned revenue, won and lost opportunities, identify real-time coaching gaps, the average time taken to close a deal, and more. With easy access to this information, forecast every sales with accuracy and not based on assumptions.

How does Salesken’s Sales Tracking
Software Work?

Follow these three simple steps to watch the magic unfold

Step 1

Salesken captures and analyzes every deal touchpoint, including phone, web conferencing, and email.

Step 2

Salesken breaks down stats and triggers events for each deal so that you can quickly see where your attention is most needed.

Step 3

Salesken's sales tracking software provides data-backed recommendations to help you guide your team and close more deals.

Step 4

Salesken stores the details from every deal and lets your team tap into key insights to help improve future performance.

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More than Just a Sales Tracking Software

Unlike other sales tracking software, Salesken does so much more than just coach your team. Salesken is a champion in delivering the right recommendations, automating mundane tasks, and helping you close more deals.


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went right with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales tracking software?

Sales tracking software helps sales managers manage, track, and guide every step of the sales process with real-time data and insights. Salesken’s sales tracking software provides set process workflows so sales reps know exactly where they stand, and relevant recommendations to bring them to speed. In other words, sales tracking software tracks the entire sales process from start to finish and allows businesses to pinpoint areas of success within their current sales process and identify any room for improvement.

Which metrics can sales tracking software track?

Some of the most valuable metrics a sales tracking software can track are -
1. Total revenue
2. Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA)
3. Percentage of revenue from new vs. existing customers
4. Win rate
5. Year-over-year growth
6. LifeTime Value (LTV)
7. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
8. Quota attainment
9. Market penetration
10. Pipeline coverage

Why should every business track sales metrics?

Sales activity metrics can show you where your team or individual representatives' strengths and weaknesses lie, what tools work best for them, and which areas they can improve on. These are the sales activity metrics that are worth tracking: Phone calls, emails, and website visitors.

Sales performance metrics help you determine whether your sales teams are hitting their set targets. They enable you to track progress towards set goals, tweak your sales process to accelerate sales growth, award performing reps, and replace underperforming reps to boost performance.

Does Salesken integrate with my CRM?

Salesken integrates with all your favorite CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools. Click here to get the full list of integrations