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Salesken’s sales training and onboarding software automates the training process of sales reps, onboards new reps within minutes, and ensures that the sales reps can engage in real-time conversations to collaborate smoothly.

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6 Reasons why you should use a Sales Training and Onboarding software

Automating the sales onboarding, and training processes are much needed to save time and cost. With Salesken’s Sales Training and Onboarding software, you can do both!

Reason #1:

Build a collaborative learning culture

Sales training tools can create a collaborative culture where all sales reps can share and document their knowledge and learnings. It can provide a platform for the reps to discuss their experiences with a prospect, their tactics to handle objections, the pitch decks they use in discovery calls, and so on. Sales training software is a single platform that helps the reps with upskilling.
Reason #2:

Save the high training costs

A sales training platform automates sales training. It can help sales managers to create, manage and deliver training materials and content seamlessly without any manual intervention. As a result, organizations can save a significant amount of their money earlier spent on course instructions, buying expensive online courses and traditional classroom training.
Reason #3:

Identify and fix skill gaps in real-time

A sales training software tracks the performance of the sales reps regularly. It can quickly monitor how the reps perform during sales calls and identify skill gaps. Accordingly, it suggests to the sales reps their areas of improvement and helps them with appropriate materials and courses to boost efficiency.
Reason #4:

Reduce ramp-up time like a pro

New sales representatives often struggle to identify the proper resources and materials to learn the sales process of an organization. As a result, they may remain less productive for a long time. Sales training software reduces this ramp-up time by providing the new reps with ready-made templates, decks, previous call recordings, and other required resources.
Reason #5:

Boost ROI

Setting practical goals is important. We know that the new sales reps won’t be able to hit their sales quotas from the very first day. However, a sales training tool can provide them with all the handholding required to grasp the internal practices in the initial days. The sooner they understand sales best practices, the better your chances to boost revenue.
Reason #6:

Centralized knowledge management for your sales team

Many organizations still don’t believe in the concept of centralized knowledge management. They still store essential materials and sales intelligence in silos. The sales training software can break these data silos with a cloud-based system. It can centralize an organization’s knowledge management to ensure easy access for everyone.

Why use Salesken for Sales Training and Onboarding?

Salesken helps you track your team's real-time performance, helping you quickly identify and address the skills gaps. It also lets the sales managers evaluate the lead-conversion skills of different reps so that they can make decisions accordingly.

With Salesken’s sales training software by your side, you won’t have to worry about - whether or not the reps are prepared to handle objections. Salesken’s sales onboarding tool prepares the reps to negotiate their way through a sales call and bag powerful sales deals.

From asking the right set of questions to sending the right cold emails, Salesken’s sales training tool helps the reps to understand the prospects’ emotions correctly and take appropriate actions to boost conversion.

Here’s how Salesken’s Sales Training and Onboarding Software looks in action

Salesken’s AI-powered sales training and onboarding tool can build intuitive sales training programs, test the reps’ performance and encourage knowledge sharing among the reps.

Identify your best-performing sales reps

Training your sales reps can be a difficult task if you are not using the right strategies. Also, it can be challenging for the sales managers to keep track of the performance of each rep. Salesken’s sales training software comes with built-in analytics and reporting capabilities. It can create granular reports of the training programs to identify the best-performing reps. This can be helpful for their decision-making process.

Simplify sales onboarding process

Salesken’s sales onboarding software helps the sales reps get familiar with the organization’s processes and understand the products they sell. It can create a centralized knowledge management system where the new sales reps can easily find all the tutorials and resources they need to enhance their selling skills.

Build a common repository for your sales team

Salesken’s sales training and onboarding software creates a common cloud-based repository to collect, manage, collaborate and document all sales materials in one place. Sales managers can store various materials like call recordings, agreements, questions, contracts, etc., in the same place to access essential resources whenever they need them.

Develop an engaging sales training system

Salesken’s sales training software ensures that the sales reps stay productive throughout the training process. It can motivate the reps with automated scorecards, leaderboards, etc., to track their progress. It ensures that the reps make the most of their training and hit their goals.

How do Salesken’s Sales Training and Onboarding Software work?

Follow these four simple, quick steps to automate your sales training system with Salesken.

Log in to Salesken

Sign-up and Log in to Salesken’s onboarding and sales training software.

Record sales conversations

Record and capture sales conversations across every touchpoint.

Track your progress

Use an intuitive dashboard to monitor and track the progress of each rep.

Offer targeted coaching

Salesken helps each rep with targeted recommendations to improve their sales process.

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Your sales team’s continuous source of support

Apart from offering automated coaching, Salesken’s sales training software provides 24/7 assured assistance to your sales team and motivates them to do better.


Integrate with 100+ tools, including CRMs, video conferencing tools, and dialers.


Salesken is 100% secure to use and assures zero data branches.


Salesken is compliant with all the required legislation.


With Salesken, there are no privacy threats. You can use this tool as per your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales training software?

A sales training software provides personalized coaching, ready-made call scripts, and other sales content to the reps to improve their sales skills. 

Why do you need a sales training software?

Sales training software helps sales reps with real-time strategies and personalized approaches to close more deals. It can create customized modules for each rep to fill their skill gap and improve sales revenue.