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Supercharge Your Sales With Real-Time AI Assistance

Empower sales teams on your terms by leveraging your tech stack. Enhance every phase of the sales process for faster closures, increased revenue, and greater efficiency.

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Unlocking the Benefits:
How Real-Time Cues Can Help You

15% increase

Sales Revenue

28% increase

Win Rates

21% shorter

Sales Cycle

30% increase

Sales Pipeline Velocity

Crush Your Sales Quota Every Time With Our Key Features!

Reactive - During the call

Reactive sales involve responding to the prospect's needs during a call.

Winning Framework

Get instant results and boost your sales with our proven playbook.

Real-Time Guidance

Deliver real-time AI cues to reps during conversations instantly.

Proactive - Post the call

Proactive sales require a planned approach to engage with prospects, often using predefined sales techniques.

Call Summary and Insights

Our AI captures full call transcripts, tracks actions, objections, and emotions.

Revenue Intelligence

Optimizes sales by prioritizing high-potential accounts with AI.

Leverage Salesken To Build a Winning Sales Team!

Build a Winning Sales Playbook

Rank every call vis-a’-vis successful calls. Know the features that resonate best with your customers, their top needs, concerns, and best rebuttals to objections and build a winning playbook unique to your organization.

Real-Time Cues When Reps Need Them

79% of what sales reps learn is forgotten within 30 days of a training event. Salesken AI can assist your sales reps in answering customer objections on every call and scale your sales process with ease.

Probability-adjusted Pipeline

Know if your team is on track to meeting their revenue goals and course-correct using real-time data. Identify accounts and leads that are likely to purchase and the ones that need nurturing, and target them with personalized messages to improve conversions.

Know Your Customer

Analyze every customer interaction with your brand, identify their true needs, concerns, and motivations to purchase and proactively address them in your communication to create personalized buying experiences.

Enhancing Sales Performance with Salesken's Features

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Built for the way you sell

Empower your business by uniting all your important conversations on one simple platform.

Closure Calls

Close Sales Effectively

Get insights into customer preferences, and identify how top reps handle objections, negotiate prices, and share the winning behavior in real-time to improve performance.

Stay on top of customer needs for successful sales outcomes.

Assist your reps to handle objections like a pro.

Improve customer engagement for better sales results.

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Maximize Your Revenue

 Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities with Salesken and personalize your conversations to improve LTV

Integrate with your favorite CRM tools for better tracking.

Improve upselling techniques with real-time coaching.

Tailor your pitch according to customer needs.

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Video Demo Calls

Unlock the Power of Your Conversations

Identify features that resonate best with the prospects, the best techniques to build rapport, ideal rebuttals to objections, and create winning demos with Salesken.

One-click integration with your favorite sales tools

Highly precise transcriptions and call summaries powered by Salesken's AI

Course-correct in real-time with Salesken’s real-time assistance

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End To End Selling

Streamline Your Sales Cycle

Guide your sales representatives from prospecting to closing deals with Salesken's powerful conversation intelligence platform for faster sales cycles.

Target leads with higher purchase intent.

Personalized the selling techniques to improve engagement.

Close more deals with real-time assistance.

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Discovery Calls

Craft Personalized Solutions

Ask the right questions to identify customer needs, and correctly map the features-to-need to improve conversions.

Build rapport like top performers.

Identify key pain points and needs of the prospects.

Pitch relevant solutions to the right prospects.

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Inbound Enquiries

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Show empathy and handle objections effectively with Salesken's real-time assistance to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Identify customer needs in real-time.

Handle objections like a pro with Salesken's real-time assistance.

Replicate top performers' behavior for successful outcomes.

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Outbound Cold Calling

Boost Your Sales Performance

Get 100% visibility of your team’s performance, and nudge your sales team to adopt successful sales strategies with Salesken's real-time coaching.

Get unparalleled insights into every sales conversation.

Get Voice of Customer Analytics to understand customer needs.

Personalize your pitch to win more deals.

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Integrations and Security

Empower your sales team on your terms by integrating multiple security layers with your current tech stack.

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One-Click Integrations

Supports 70+ CRMs (e.g., Salesforce)

Supports 100+ Dialers (e.g., RingDNA)

Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook

Your Sales and Your Privacy

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

ISO 27001 and SoC2 certified

Regular audits to ensure unparalleled security

A Use-Case for Every Industry

Salesken.ai provides AI-powered sales technology to enhance customer engagement and increase deal win rates for every industry. Leverage our platform to optimize your sales process from discovery calls to deal closes.


Effortlessly sell perfect insurance plans & hassle-free claims with the best AI-powered sales assistant

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Stay ahead of your SaaS competitors by providing smooth buyers' journey with the ultimate AI-driven sales solution.

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Boost customer experience with our AI sales assistant, powering top-notch logistics solutions & services.

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Provide personalized banking services and offer exceptional customer service with state-of-the-art sales solution.

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Edu Tech

Engage prospects with our ed-tech ecosystem and adapt your pitch on-the-fly with our sales assistant.

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Deliver healthcare services with a reliable & personalized experience to the patients with our AI-powered sales assistant.

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Enhance Your Conversations with Real Time Sales AI

Talk to us, and we'll show you how we can effortlessly scale your sales process and generate more revenue.

So simple, you will see value in 15 minutes!

We’ve got your back - every step of the way

Our sales advisory and business research team equips you with one-on-one insights from experienced advisors, informed by an unmatched combination of expert-led strategies, to help you close your quota every quarter (edited)

24x7 customer support

Get a dedicated support team available 24/7 across time-zones to ensure a smooth user experience.

No hidden cost

Transparent pricing with no additional costs for integrations and other add-on services.

Dedicated BA team

Help at every step of the way - from onboarding to use metrics - to ensure maximum ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we customize Salesken to fit our specific sales needs and processes?

Salesken is a highly customizable tool that can be set up for every sales team’s needs. You can customize your QA criteria, lead scoring criteria, and share conversation snippets,  and build customized reports to help you get complete visibility of your team’s performance.

What kind of training and support is provided for our team to effectively use Salesken?

Salesken is a simple and easy-to-use tool that seamlessly integrates with your current tech stack. We have a dedicated team of Business Analysts who will enable you to set up the system to help maximize your ROIs. Our 24/7 customer support team ensures you can effortlessly connect with your prospects from anywhere, anytime.

How will Salesken improve our sales process and positively impact our bottom line?

Salesken captures and analyzes every customer-rep interaction across channels(calls, emails & videos) and provides actionable insights to help you improve your team’s performance. You can dissect the winning behaviours of your top reps, know how they are identifying customer needs, building rapport, and handling objections, and build a winning playbook unique to your organization. Also, you can share this winning behavior of your top reps across the team in real-time to help them have engaging conversations and win more deals.

Can Salesken integrate with our existing sales stacks, such as our CRM and communication platforms?

Yes, Salesken provides one-click integration with all major CRMs, dialers, and sales engagement software like Salesloft, Zoom, and others. You can now monitor and analyze all your customer interactions in a single tool. Click here to view the complete list of tools Salesken integrates with.