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Sales Operations

Help Sales Ops teams make accurate predictions

Empower your sales ops team with the perfect Revenue intelligence platform that helps them with precise deal intelligence and pipeline forecasts

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Unlocking the Benefits:
How Real-Time Cues Can Help You

25% reduction

in ramp-time

15% reduction

in sales cycle

13% increase

in win rate/rep

120% increase

in rep productivity

Salesken Features That Make Your Sales Operations Efficient

Real-time Sales Assistance

Empower your team with real-time in-call assistance

Real Time Coaching

Know where reps struggle & assist them in real-time.

Pitch Score

Benchmark every call to your best calls

Post Call Intelligence

Improve everyday with accurate insights & feedback

One-Click View

Get an aggregate view of all buyer interactions

Accurate Forecasting

Identify deal risks and prioritise time efficiently

Leverage Salesken To Optimize Your Sales Operations

Replicate the behavior of your top performers

Assist your sales team with the data that’s required to achieve their targets and sell with confidence. Identify the right coaching moments and data-backed best next steps to empower your sales reps

Reduce ramp-time with real-time assistance

Onboard your new sales hires faster, in under 60 days. Share call snippets from winning calls of your top performing reps, insights from voice of customer and provide them with real-time prompts during ongoing conversations

Integrated Performance Review

Automate your QA and get a detailed view of each rep’s performance. Identify the gaps in their performance and get actionable insights on the next steps to be taken to sell better.

Simplify pipeline analysis & revenue forecasting

With Salesken’s revenue intelligence, analyze customer behavior and interaction across all channels, and score them based on their intent to purchase. Stop wasting time on dead end leads, and focus on winnable deals to improve revenues.

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Built for the way you sell

Empower your business by uniting all your important conversations on one simple platform.

Video Demo Calls

Optimize Your Virtual Conversations

Maximize the effectiveness of your video conferences with Salesken's real-time insights and coaching, designed for sales operations teams.

Integrate Salesken with your favorite sales tools for seamless workflows

Get highly precise transcriptions and call summaries powered by Salesken's AI

Course-correct in real-time for successful outcomes

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Maximize Your Revenue from Existing Customers

Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities with Salesken's real-time insights and assist them in real-time to win more deals.

Improve upselling techniques with real-time coaching

Integrate with your favorite CRM tools for better tracking

Tailor your pitch according to customer needs and preferences

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Inbound Enquiries

Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Enhance your team's ability to effectively handle customer inquiries and objections with Salesken's real-time assistance.

Identify customer needs and preferences in real-time

Handle objections with confidence using Salesken's real-time assistance

Personalize the messaging to improve customer engagement

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Outbound Cold Calling

Optimize Your Cold Calling Strategies

Increase your team's cold calling effectiveness with Salesken's real-time insights and automation tools designed for sales ops teams.

Get real-time insights into every sales conversation

Automate follow-up tasks to improve sales productivity

Execute winning cold-calling strategies with Salesken's real-time assistance

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Closure Calls

Close Sales More Effectively

Know your customer’s preferences, identify the best negotiation techniques, and rebuttals to objections, and assist your team in real-time to adopt these winning strategies.

Provide your team with the best objection-handling techniques

Stay on top of customer needs for successful sales outcomes

Improve customer engagement for better results

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End To End Selling

Streamline Your Sales Processes

Optimize your sales processes from prospecting to closing deals with Salesken's advanced analytics, one-click dialler, and CRM integration designed for sales operations teams.

Get deep insights into sales performance with Salesken's analytics dashboard

Automate your sales processes for greater efficiency

Identify bottlenecks in your sales funnel and optimize them with data-backed strategies

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Discovery Calls

Personalize Your Solutions for Every Prospect

Equip your team with the right tools to ask the right questions, identify customer needs, and map features to their needs to create a personalized buying experience.

Build rapport with prospects like top performers

Sell the right solutions to the right prospects

Identify key pain points and needs of the customers

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Integrations and Security

Empower your sales team on your terms by integrating multiple security layers with your current tech stack.

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One-Click Integrations

Supports 70+ CRMs (e.g., Salesforce)

Supports 100+ Dialers (e.g., RingDNA)

Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook

Your Sales and Your Privacy

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

ISO 27001 and SoC2 certified

Regular audits to ensure unparalleled security

A Use-Case for Every Industry

Salesken.ai provides AI-powered sales technology to enhance customer engagement and increase deal win rates for every industry. Leverage our platform to optimize your sales process from discovery calls to deal closes.


Effortlessly sell perfect insurance plans & hassle-free claims with the best AI-powered sales assistant

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Stay ahead of your SaaS competitors by providing smooth buyers' journey with the ultimate AI-driven sales solution.

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Boost customer experience with our AI sales assistant, powering top-notch logistics solutions & services.

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Provide personalized banking services and offer exceptional customer service with state-of-the-art sales solution.

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Edu Tech

Engage prospects with our ed-tech ecosystem and adapt your pitch on-the-fly with our sales assistant.

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Deliver healthcare services with a reliable & personalized experience to the patients with our AI-powered sales assistant.

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Enhance Your Conversations with Real Time Sales AI

Talk to us, and we'll show you how we can effortlessly scale your sales process and generate more revenue.

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We’ve got your back - every step of the way

Our sales advisory and business research team equips you with one-on-one insights from experienced advisors, informed by an unmatched combination of expert-led strategies, to help you close your quota every quarter (edited)

24x7 customer support

Get a dedicated support team available 24/7 across time-zones to ensure a smooth user experience.

No hidden cost

Transparent pricing with no additional costs for integrations and other add-on services.

Dedicated BA team

Help at every step of the way - from onboarding to use metrics - to ensure maximum ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of security measures are in place to protect our customer data?

Salesken takes data security very seriously. We are GDPR-CCPA compliant, ISO 9001/2000 certified organization, and provide end-to-end encryption of all data. We follow industry-standard security practices and conduct frequent third-party audits to ensure all our databases are fully secure.

Can Salesken track and analyze customer interactions to provide insights for our sales

Yes, Salesken's AI-powered sales assistant automatically logs all sales calls across channels (calls, email & video) and provides detailed analytics on each interaction. Sales leaders can then leverage these insights to identify coaching opportunities for the reps, understand their customers better and build winning playbooks unique to the organization.

How will Salesken integrate with our existing sales operations and systems?

Salesken provides seamless integration with a wide range of CRMs & dialers, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Talkdesk, RingCentral, and Zoho CRM. We also offer APIs for custom integration with other systems.