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Create Champion
Sales Reps

Instrument every sales conversation into a win and coach every sales rep into a champion with Salesken’s conversational AI platform.

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How it works?

Integrate with your favorite tools.

Connect your CRM, dialer, and video conferencing tools with Salesken.

Identify gaps in sales conversations.

Analyze every conversation and provide personalized feedback to improve outcomes.

Assist in REAL TIME.

Share winning practices of your top reps in real-time to make every rep a rockstar.

Create a WINNING Sales Playbook

Analyze every customer interaction across 14 different dimensions, understand how top reps win more
and share the winning strategies across the team in real-time.

Pitch Intelligence

Get 100% visibility into every customer conversation. Identify the best discovery questions, ideal responses to customer objections, and build a winning call profile unique to your organization.

Increase in Sales Team Productivity
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Customer Intelligence

Understand your top customer personas, their motivations to purchase, needs, objections and proactively address them in the pitch to reduce preventable losses.

Lower CAC Within 60 Days
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Revenue Intelligence

Know if your team is on track to meet their revenue goals, understand why deals fall through, and adopt suitable data-backed strategies to ensure that your team meet it's targets every single time.

Improvement in Funnel Conversion
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Making it count


increase in revenue


reduction in ramp time


visibility into all calls


reduction in lead costs

The Undisputed Leader in Conversation Intelligence.

Consistently ranked as a leader by


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Supercharge Your Sales Team
With Salesken.

Analyze every customer conversation, identify gaps in the pitch and provide real-time assistance to ensure no lead slips through.

Sales Reps

Know if the customer is responding positively to the pitch, and get real-time assistance to adjust your talking points accordingly to improve closures.

Sales leadership

Automatically score the calls, and identify gaps in the rep’s pitch. Provide personalized coaching and close the performance gap between your top reps and the rest.

Sales Operations

Know how top reps WIN more deals, identify the best rapport-building techniques, the ideal responses to objections and share best practices across the team in real-time.

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One-Click integration with all your favourite tools!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data secure?

Salesken takes data security very seriously. Salesken is GDPR-CCPA compliant and ISO 9001/2000 certified. We conduct multiple audits regularly to ensure your data is secure.

Will my customers know that the call is getting recorded?

As a best practice, it is advisable to notify the customers that you will be recording the call. For inbound calls, you can use a pre-recorded message. For outbound calls, please confirm with the customer that you will be recording the call for training and quality check purposes.

We already use a chatbot. Why do we need another conversation intelligence tool?

A chatbot provides ready-made answers while Salesken assists your agents in real-time to close more deals.

Can anyone listen in on the calls my agents have with the customers?

No. Only authorised users within your organisation can listen to conversations with your customers.

Can I share the conversations with people outside?

No. Salesken allows sharing of call recordings only among authorised users within your organisation. You cannot share the call recordings outside the Salesken platform.

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See how Salesken can provide unparalleled insights into every customer interaction