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AI Sales Assistant

Intelligent Cueing In Real-Time

Improve your sales conversations
  • Boost conversions with real-time prompts
  • Simplified objection handling just in time
  • Help reps handle complex technical products
  • React to customer sentiment with real time conversational intelligence
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Keep Track Of Your Team's Performance

Elevate your sales teams performance
  • Use conversation analytics to reduce variability
  • Course correct with coaching
  • Flag misselling practices
  • Reduce ramp up time
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Never Miss a Play with AI Sales Analytics

Get your hands on in depth sales analytics
  • Summaries, transcripts and recordings, all in one place
  • Save time with automatic transcribing and reviewing of calls
  • Instantly recall key takeaways through sharp summaries
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an AI Sales assistant provide conversation intelligence?

An AI sales assistant helps your sales reps engage with customers effectively and instantly, based on the best available data intelligence available across your company. Conversation intelligence, on the other hand refers to analytics derived from these customer interactions that help you understand the quality of engagement and any gaps that need addressing to maximize the probability of a successful deal closure.

Why should I invest in an AI sales assistant or conversation intelligence?

AI Sales assistants can help you reduce errors in the way reps engage with opportunities and help improve sales performance standards across your team.Conversation Intelligence provides sales and business leaders with the visibility they need to make better decisions on the state of their revenue pipeline as well understand the key levers to drive performance improvement across the sales team.

Does Salesken integrate with my CRM?

Salesken integrates out of the box with all major CRMsFor large enterprises, a custom integration can be built on request.

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