11 Essential Ways to Build Your Sales Enablement Strategy

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11 Expert Tips to Build a Winning Sales Enablement Strategy

In order to succeed, you need to plan and create a strategy aligning your activities with your goal. Various aspects impact the growth and success of your business. But the most important one is how you market your products and services for sales to prospects.

Sales is the most crucial factor determining the sustainability of your business. That is why most companies invest heavily in their sales team to ensure profit generation. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Sales depend on many factors, one of the most important ones being the persuasive quality of your sales team. 

Businesses worldwide adopt sales enablement strategies to make sales effectively. We are here to explain it to you comprehensively, along with some solid tips to strengthen your sales enablement strategy.

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What is sales enablement? 

As the term correctly suggests, sales enablement is a process of enabling your sales team to make sales effectively. In a broader sense, it refers to the process of equipping your sales team with the right resources like training, guidance, and content so that they can engage effectively with buyers and close more deals.

With competition rising to the neck, businesses need to invest in their sales team to see more conversions and profit. Sales enablement is a crucial strategy determining the growth of your business. Buyers have a thousand options before them. Where would they choose you if you don’t try to win them?

A successful sales enablement depends on the type of resources you provide to your team. Gone are the days when sales reps visited door-to-door to market products. With the new and digital way of marketing, the approach of the sales reps has also changed over the years.

Modern sales and marketing are limited to one-time selling and building meaningful relationships with consumers. It is about building your brand and credibility. With the right kinds of sales enablement strategies, you will engage buyers positively and see more conversions. We will tell you how if you keep on reading.

11 Essential Tips and practices to Build your Sales Enablement Strategy

Like all successful things, sales enablement efforts need proper planning and strategies to see the light of achievement. And we are here with 12 tried and tested tips to make your sales enablement strategy powerful. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Define clear goals
  2. Hire the right talent
  3. Assign roles to your team members
  4. Support your team with the right technology
  5. Train your team the correct way
  6. Learn from your competitors
  7. Monitor your team's performance
  8. Find alignment between your sales and marketing team
  9. Organize your sales content
  10. Make use of your team's talent and knowledge
  11. Don't settle easily

1. Define clear goals

The first step for any plan is to set defined goals. Without a clear goal, you and your team will probably be lost several times, delaying your achievement.

You can start by creating a blueprint in consultation with your team members. It is important to consider the ideas and knowledge of your team while formulating a plan. You never know what creative inputs they have. 

You can start by: 

  • Learning and analyzing the market trends gives you an idea about your competitors and consumers.
  • Develop content to target your prospects.
  • Train and equip your sales enablement team with the right knowledge and content.
  • Set the timeframe for completing targets.
  • Strengthen communication between your sales and marketing teams.
  • Including technology wherever necessary.

2. Hire the right talent 

Your sales enablement team is the most vital factor influencing conversion rates and profits. The sales of your product and services will depend on how well your team utilizes your content and resources to engage and attract prospects. 

Engaging and persuading prospects sure requires effort and techniques. But you cannot ignore the importance of natural talent being an essential contributor to your team's selling efforts.

Some people are born with the talent for soft and persuasive skills. So while recruiting people for your sales team, make sure they display the following skills: 

  • Strong communication skills
  • Empathetic (to relate with your consumers)
  • Proactive and reactive, to be able to handle different situations with wise judgment.

3. Assign roles to your team members

After recruiting the right talents, you must have your team ready. Now it is time to assign them their roles. Not every two individuals will display the same set of skills and talent. As an enabler to have to identify who is good at doing which task and assign them roles accordingly. 

Your marketing and sales team are the two crucial departments that bring in sales and exposure building. They need to support and complement each other’s work. Their roles and duties must be aligned to achieve the same goals.

4. Support your team with the right technology

Technology is an undeniable tool responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of businesses. It has a reputation for making complicated things easy. 

You cannot imagine your marketing and sales effort growing without the help of technology. Technology has proven its significance, whether it is for content creation, online marketing, or communication between departments. 

Therefore be sure to use the right technology in terms of software and platforms to facilitate your business functions to run effectively. 

A great sales enablement tool that will always come in handy for your sales team is Salesken. It helps sales reps with: 

  • Quick lead scoring and identifying the valuable leads
  • Real-time sales coaching for your sales reps 
  • Automated sales playbook creation with zero effort 

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5. Train your team the correct way

All your team’s talent and the right use of technology will go to waste if you do not provide them with the proper resources and training. Sales enablement is all about enabling and equipping your team with the right content, information, and resources to close more deals. So this is the most crucial factory of the sales enablement process.

The sales team needs to understand and identify your goals to make the best use of resources. You have to prepare them to make them handle all kinds of situations efficiently.

6. Learn from your competitors

To survive in today’s business world, you have to make sales and keep a check on your competitors. Your competitors are your biggest learning resource. Keep a tab on their activities and strategies to devise and formulate your plan and techniques. Find out what the leading companies are doing and what strategies they adopt to incorporate them into your plan better.

7. Monitor your team’s performance

For every plan to succeed, you have to evaluate it periodically to see if it is going in the right direction. The same goes for your business plan and strategies. You have to keep a check on your team’s activities and their progress to determine the effectiveness of your strategies so that if you find any loopholes, you can fix them and devise new ways.

You can also conduct assignments and tests to see who has learned the most and lacks in what areas. This will help you identify your team member's strengths and weaknesses. With this step, you will diagnose your team’s problem areas and guide them accordingly.

8. Find alignment between your sales and marketing team

Sales and marketing are the two departments that work for bringing in sales to the business. Therefore, there must be proper coordination between the two departments for their activities to align with each other. 

The marketing team creates and develops content for the sales team. They are the two vital bodies responsible for sales conversions. For example, while developing the qualification criteria of a lead,  both the marketing and sales team should agree on the conditions applied for a lead to be qualified.

9. Organize your sales content

Your sales content or resources make a huge contribution to your sales effort. It is the base for all of your strategies. As such, it is important that you keep your content organized cohesively. You have to make this content available to your team. All you have to do is gather all the content and put them in a central location for easy access.

10. Make use of your team’s talent and knowledge

Your team is a precious bundle of resources. Make the best use of them. It is a given that your sales enablement team will have their own set of knowledge and experiences to share. Give them the platform to share their ideas and give their inputs on important discussions, so that all of you can learn together and devise better strategies.

11. Don’t settle easily

All successful businesses continuously engage in building new strategies and plans to keep their business on top of the game. With competition rising up to the neck and technology evolving at lightning’s pace, it is crucial for you to strive for new and better ways to keep your business running effectively.

Final Thoughts

As already discussed, the success of a business depends on multiple factors. You are not the only one responsible for your company’s success. There are strategies, plans, continuous trials, and a supporting team behind them. 

Sales being the most crucial factor affecting your business’s sustainability, you need to take proper steps in strategizing your sales tactics. With the sales enablement team in action, you can expect positive results if you plan out your activities and moves with a smart approach.

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