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Deliver actionable insights, automate administrative tasks, enable real-time tracking, manage data entry on the fly, and forecast accurately. Celebrate wins every day with Salesken’s AI sales assistant software and watch your revenue engine unfold its magic for you.

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6 Reasons you should use an AI Sales Assistant Software

Human assistants cannot be matched, but the intuitive power of Artificial Intelligence has top sales managers from small to medium businesses and top enterprises raving about Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant Software. These six reasons should tell you why we are the most preferred:

Reason #1: Automation and Improved Productivity

Your sales reps spend about 60% of their time on just administrative tasks. Imagine all the time lost on manual data entry, updating spreadsheets, and other things but not actually selling—what your articulate and trained sales rep does best. Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant can integrate with your favorite tech stack to automate every single task, including sending emails, scheduling meetings, following up with prospects, forecasting, and more, ensuring the soaring capability of your team.

Reason #2: Exceptional Customer Service

We know sales reps and customer service executives cannot be online round the clock. With Salesken’s AI Assistant chatbot, never scramble again to look for a rep and assume they’re well-versed with the problem at hand. Salesken’s AI chatbot speaks to your customers as if they were actual humans, ensuring an opportunity to never miss a conversation and make them feel special throughout!

Reason #3: Lead Scoring and Prioritization

Often, sales managers go by their gut to prioritize a deal that went cold or is about to slip through the cracks, and potentially lose a fruitful deal. Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant provides you with scorecards backed with data and detailed reports to help you focus on leads that will actually close.

Reason #4: Complete Visibility into the Sales Pipeline

No more shooting in the dark and failing to uncover reasons why the deal was lost. Track the behavior of your leads, prioritize them based on their likelihood to convert, forecast with accuracy, and understand the sales activities needed to perform to help you close the sale with Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant Software.

Reason #5: Expert Recommendations

Beyond prediction and prioritization, AI sales software can recommend sales actions and supply the exact sales actions and activities required to meet your goals and quotas based on actual data. Recommendations such as pricing details, leads to target, providing the right sales enablement, and more to help sales reps close more deals.

Reason #6: Sales Teams Love it!

Sales teams love Salesken for a simple reason: it constantly provides solutions for improvement. With Salesken’s intuitive AI, with each passing day, sales reps can up their game to the next level, learn from their peers, get the best recommendations, and more to make sure every call of theirs stands out in terms of all aspects of the call—customer satisfaction, conflict resolution, and be more productive.

Meet Salesken, Your Sales Teams’
New Favorite Assistant!

Salesken’s AI-powered recommendations are grounded in reality, acting as a single source of truth between your present and the goal
you want to achieve. Our AI sales assistant software not only records and captures every interaction but also conducts deep
assessments of those interactions in real-time.

We always want you to ace the sales game every day, and Salesken’s AI-powered Sales Assistant knows exactly
how to get the best out of your time and unlock your true potential.

AI-enabled assistance helps you crush your sales goals every quarter by automating your tasks ranging from easy to
the ones you cannot actually pay attention to, providing top recommendations, and helping you
from losing your leads to becoming top performers and driving more revenue.

Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant software works like no other. Its close-to-perfection reliability and tracking of data across teams mean
you can track every single action taken by your sales reps, even in volatile market conditions. Leadership and senior
personnel can monitor their teams’ activities closely to find gaps and fix them—with actionable recommendations.

Your sales team is your brand ambassador. Help them consistently align with your vision, assisted by Salesken’s unified intelligence engine.

Higher Engagement, Higher Revenue
with Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant

Treat every day as a victory and serve up the right experience and information in real time for your sales reps to close more deals on a regular basis.

Track What’s Working and What isn’t (and Why!)

Empower your sales reps with data aided by our AI-enabled autonomous assistant, delivered by capturing and tracking data on our robust dashboard. Leverage the data to monitor what sales tactics are actually working and discard the ones that aren’t.

Level Up Sales Activities with Automation

Make your sales team more robust and enhance their productivity with sales automation. Automate every single task that takes effort and time to help your sales reps focus more on their sales and less on mundane activities while improving efficiency.

Missed Opportunities are a Thing of the Past

Salesken’s AI-powered sales assistant will not make you lose an opportunity ever! The sales assistant sends timely nudges and notifications with real-time cues to let you know of an opportunity lost and help your reps focus on the final stages before closing.

Human-Like Chatbots to Converse with your Prospects

An AI sales assistant not only provides your team with quick tips and actionable insights, but it also acts as a human chatbot to keep your prospects and customers always engaged and never lets you miss an opportunity. Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant provides round-the-clock support, making every interaction matter and communicating with potential leads, talking to them in the tone and language that works best for them, while keeping track of the conversation and prompting the sales rep to solve a query and keeping them engaged.

How does Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant Software Work?

Communicate constantly and effectively.

Integrates with All your Tech Stack

Salesken’s AI Sales Assistant Software integrates with all your tech stack and your favorite sales tools to help you stay updated and connected on the move.

Updates and Syncs with your Data

Salesken syncs and uploads all relevant sales data by capturing every single data, accrued by gathering all data from all touchpoints to analyze and automate everyday tasks.

Provides Best Recommendations

Once the software captures and syncs all vital data across various sales tools, Salesken’s AI assistant tracks and analyzes actual sales interactions and provides the best recommendations for your sales team.

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More than Just a Sales Assistant Software

Unlike other sales assistant software, Salesken does so much more than just coach your team. Salesken champions delivering the right recommendations, creating channels for growth along with automating mundane tasks, and helping you close more deals.


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went wrong with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a AI sales assistant software?

AI sales assistance software also referred to as AI virtual sales assistants, are tools that assist sales reps by automating tasks and processes via embedded artificial intelligence. These tasks can include lead qualification, follow-up, scheduling meetings, pipeline management, AI chatbots, and more.

How can it improve the productivity of my reps?

AI sales assistants can be used to help your sales reps manage their everyday administrative tasks including updating data on spreadsheets and CRMs, scheduling meetings with prospects, following up, and more - thus, freeing up their time to help them focus more on the sale.

What are the different processes that can be optimized using sales assistant software?

Some of the processes that can be optimized using sales assistant software are -
1. Sales automation of mundane tasks
2. Predict outcomes with accuracy
3. Optimize best practices
4. Chatbots to engage with prospects and visitors
5. Lead optimization and prioritization

What are the benefits using sales ai assistant software?

Some of the benefits of using AI sales assistant software are -
1. Interactive chatbot and user design
2. Automate various tasks
3. Ability to integrate with various sales and marketing tools
4. Provide personalized recommendations
5. Sales forecasting

Which tools does Salesken integrate with?

Salesken integrates with all your favorite CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools. Click here to get the full list of integrations