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6 Reasons Why you Need Sales Intelligence Software

It’s not us, it’s our customers. Hear why you should switch to Salesken’s sales intelligence software

Reason #1: Better, More Accurate Data to Replicate Winning Strategies

Salesken’s AI-enabled sales intelligence platform helps your team gather fresh, off-the-oven data and strategies that can be easily integrated into your tech stack and workflows. Salesken is a sales conversation platform that tracks deals, predicts your pipeline, and helps you talk to the right people. Track all of your conversations, from email to voice calls, and increase your productivity with customizable lead scoring to replicate winning strategies across your team.

Reason #2: Visibility of Customer Intent Within your Pipeline

Wish your sales team had the superpower to learn if the prospect they are engaging with is interested in your product or not. Salesken’s wide capabilities mine customer conversations and provide valuable insights to provide a holistic view of deals in your pipeline and pick up on signs to work on before it’s too late. Get ahead of your agenda and always stay on track with accurate forecasting.

Reason #3: Faster, Higher Predictability with Forecasting Accuracy

Predicting sales forecasts with no supporting data is the same as clutching at straws - definitely not a win-win. Make use of a highly robust central dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of how well your team is performing, bottlenecks they may be facing, and activity levels for each deal. With Salesken’s real-time predictability, forecast your sales revenue pipeline ahead of time, offering complete visibility into your deals to quickly spot red flags and green flags to gauge the progression of deals.

Reason #4: Peer-to-Peer Coaching Made Easy with AI and ML Predictions

We don’t see any reason for your team members to be behind their quotas with Salesken’s performance intelligence feature. Although 1:1 mentorship and recommendations are preferred, however, for large sales teams that handle hundreds of calls and meetings every day, sales intelligence software is needed. Use Salesken to gauge your sales reps’ performance in real-time with predictive analytics reports to pinpoint activities that might lead to better learnings and outcomes. Expedite a faster onboarding process with the use of actual sales conversations and not a workflow, so you do not have to watch your sales reps make a mistake on a live call.

Reason #5: Be Consistent with your Product Messaging Across Teams

All of us are guilty of churning out numerous buyer personas for our product(s) but evidently fail to understand their actual requirements. What if we told you that Salesken makes this dream a reality? Get high-level, data-oriented insights with Salesken to understand how several of your buyer personas react to your strategic messaging and positioning, how well your team is leveraging sales enablement assets and GTM strategies are being used to their maximum advantage.

Reason #6: Accelerated Sales Cycles

Always wished for a faster sales cycle but are unable to achieve it in real-time? Salesken helps your teams automate their most mundane, administrative tasks to streamline processes. Improve team productivity by saving a ton of time, money, and effort with Salesken’s automation capabilities.

Why Use Salesken for Sales Intelligence Software?

Hundreds of businesses across the globe use Salesken’s sales intelligence software every day to reach their revenue goals
and help their teams reach their full potential but why? Because Salesken’s sales intelligence software works.

We help you analyze, track, and gauge every customer interaction between your reps - we’re talking about
conferences, sales conversations, emails, and even social interactions.

Not just that, Salesken’s AI can help your team gather actionable insights, help you break them down to carry out strategic decisions,
and understand every intent. Salesken’s reliable software provides accurate pipeline forecasting, understands deal progress,
and uncovers where your reps stand to help them improve.

Salesken’s sales intelligence platform is a one-stop solution for businesses to coach their teams and understand
pipeline value, revenue intelligence, and more. On track to become the fastest closing team this quarter?

Here’s What Salesken’s Call Recording Software Looks Like in Action

Close More Deals in your Pipeline with Performance Intelligence

Wished there was a way to get answers to the most pressing questions about why the deals in your pipeline aren’t closing? Salesken’s deep-level predictions and lead discovery help you as a sales manager and your team to review the pipeline and strategize on the next steps. Improve visibility with a clear reference of all activities occurring in your pipeline in a digestible format to manage all deals at scale and thus, close more deals.

Streamline Administrative Tasks with Quick Automation

Is your team spending more than half their time on administrative tasks, thus, unable to focus on sales activities? Salesken’s automation can integrate quickly with your tech stack enabling your team to automate their most mundane tasks to focus on making an actual sale. Streamline processes and strategies to free up more time and supercharge your quotas.

Learn Market Trends with AI Intelligence

Salesken provides real-world insights to help you understand where the market is heading and the upcoming trends to always stay ahead of the curve. With deep analysis and market research insights, never miss out on your competitors’ moves and get a low-down on problems your team can easily solve.

Build Highly Aligned Teams with High WIN Rates

Solve the mystery of what’s working and what’s not working amongst your sales rep for good with Salesken. Our sales intelligence tool helps the sales team understand and align their everyday routine with the best practices, and receive strategic, data-based insights to stay on top of their game.

More than Just a Sales Intelligence Software


Replicate winning plays with AI-enabled recommendations and improve sales productivity by 85%!


Understand your pipeline right from the first lead to the drop-off, and conversion.


Learn what went right with every conversation to supercharge and imitate the best closing calls.

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How Does Salesken’s Sales
Intelligence Software Work?

step 1

Integrate Data to your CRM

Salesken integrates with your CRM to help you filter data such as deals closed, deals lost, sales activities, forecasts, and so much more.

step 2

Analyze Customer Conversations

Salesken helps you capture and record every customer conversation right from calls to emails to webinars and more. While Salesken captures the important data, you can analyze the data to help you close more deals.

step 3

Provide Winning Insights Across Teams

Raise the bar for pipeline management, track every single deal that comes your way in the pipeline, forecasting, and revenue ops, gauge team performance, and set benchmarks with our sales intelligence platform to address gaps and replicate winning patterns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales intelligence software?

Sales intelligence software integrates with all tech stacks such as CRMs, web conferencing tools, telephony systems, and more to help your sales team move the prospects from one stage of the pipeline to another quickly.

With sales intelligence software, you can understand -
1. Sales best practices
2. Competitive intelligence
3. Accurate forecasting
4. Pipeline health and predictability
5. Team coaching 
6. Conversation intelligence
7. Sales automation

Why should you use sales intelligence software?

A sales intelligence software such as Salesken assists sales teams with usability and versatility to track conversations, analyze topics worth exploring, provide data-backed insights to take necessary actions, onboard new hires, and provide exceptional coaching to help your team close more deals.

Does Salesken integrate with my CRM?

Salesken integrates with all your favorite CRMs, dialers and video conferencing tools. Click here to get the full list of integrations