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May 20, 2024

Sales Words That Win: 2024 Guide to Boosting Your Sales Strategy

Choosing the right words can make the difference between winning or losing a deal.So, what makes some words more effective than others in closing deals? It’s not just about the words themselves, but how they connect with your customers, meet their needs, spark their interest, and build trust. This guide will take you through the world of ‘power words’ in sales, words that have shown their strength by turning potential customers into actual customers. We’ll not only look at what these words are but also how to use them effectively. ‍

Sales Words That Win: 2024 Guide to Boosting Your Sales Strategy
Table of Content
  • Introduction to Power Words in Sales and Why are they important?
  • Build a Connection with Positive Sales Words
  • Words That Enhance Your Pitches
  • Add Value with Strong Sales Words
  • Tactful Handling of Objections
  • Sales Transition Phrases/Words
  • Urgency Words for Closing Deals Faster
  • Sales Words That Move Prospects to Purchase
  • Words to Avoid During Sales Calls
  • Salesken’s Guide to Winning Words

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Power Words for Sales That Can Make or Break Deals

Build a Connection with Positive Sales Words

1. Client’s name ‍

People are naturally attentive when you address them directly. Using the prospect’s name makes them feel that you are offering bespoke solutions. Research suggests that specific parts of our brain get activated when we hear our own name. Use the prospect’s name more often to close deals faster.

‍2. You ‍

The best sales pitch phrases put the customers and their needs at the center of the conversation. Using the word ‘you’ repeatedly helps maintain intimacy and keeps them engaged.

‍3. We ‍

Emphasizing the word ‘we’ can help break down barriers and enhance cooperation. It lets prospects know that you have a mutually beneficial relationship.

‍4. Imagine ‍

Power words for sales like ‘imagine’ can help you describe the benefits of your product/service while enabling prospects to visualize the bigger goals you can help them achieve. ‍

5. Thank you ‍

Whether during calls, in writing, or through actions, being polite sets you up for a friendlier relationship. ‍

6. Welcome ‍

Just as with ‘thank you', be generous in expressing your appreciation with ‘welcome’. Saying ‘you’re welcome’ is better than saying ‘no problem’.

Words That Enhance Your Pitches

7. Value

Always find a way to contextualize your offerings according to the prospect’s needs. Personalization is key to doing business successfully in the new normal. According to a study, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that provides personalized experiences.

‍8. Advantage/Benefit ‍

‘Advantage’ and ‘benefit’ are sales buzzwords that reiterate your value proposition with clear reasoning as to why customers should opt for your offering over your competitor’s.

9. Help ‍

There is no better way to build trust than by helping customers beyond the purchasing process. Be sure to deliver if you are called upon. ‍

10. Do ‍

Experts suggest that using positive sales words such as ‘do’ instead of ‘try’ will make you seem more capable and reliable, and inspire confidence in your product/service.‍

11. Amazing ‍

Customers don’t want to settle for something good; they want to be wowed! Use power words for sales such as ‘amazing’, ‘remarkable’, and ‘wonderful’ when you can deliver on the expectation.

Add Value with Strong Sales Words

12. Tips

Additional information that can benefit customers will always get you brownie points. Use them wisely to add value without disclosing too much.

13. Avoid ‍

When used appropriately, your pitch could give a positive spin to sales words that are generally considered negative. This word can let them know that you are there to help them minimize wastage, whether it is cost, time, or effort. ‍

14. Proven ‍

Sales words such as ‘proven’, ‘genuine’, ‘authentic’, and ‘endorsed’ can help build trust. With increasing competition, customers want to partner with a brand they can rely on. When you use the word ‘proven’, it tells the customer that your product or service is market-tested and effective.  ‍

15. Safe ‍

It is important to inspire confidence and credibility with strong sales words such as ‘safe’ and ‘secure’ to let prospects know they are in good hands.

Tactful Handling of Objections

16. Because ‍

The conjunction allows you to bring customers’ focus to the reasoning or benefits for a particular offering, consciously connecting the two. And research suggests that people like to be given a reason or justification for things they are told.

17. Results ‍

Using definitive words like ‘results’, ‘guarantee’, or ‘authentic’ make customers feel comfortable investing in a product or service that seems likely to deliver on its promise. ‍

18. Or ‍

This can be a subtle way to make the prospect see your point of view or present them with alternatives, multiplying your chances of cracking a deal. ‍

19. Improved ‍

Products/services must adapt to changing customer preferences and needs. Using the word 'improved' can help you highlight how the new version of your products is better than ever before. ‍

20. I don’t know ‍

Sales phrases like this show prospects that you are honest and not afraid of admitting that you don’t know everything. Follow this up with “I will let you know soon” to show that you are willing to help the prospect further.

Sales Transition Phrases/Words

21. Fair

Humans have a natural desire to be perceived as fair and get what is fair. Make an offer or ask for something and follow it up with “Is that fair?”. When used 1.7x per deal, ‘Fair’ helps superstar sales reps move it forward to the next stage.

‍‍22. Remember ‍

'Remember' is a very useful word for reconnecting with past leads, reiterating the main features of your offerings, or reminding prospects of past promises (such as to close a deal sooner, maybe).

23. And ‍

Skillfully replace ‘but’ with ‘and’ when addressing a concern or criticism. ‘And’ when followed with the relevant information is one of the most useful sales transition phrases that bring inclusivity into your statements, even in scenarios where you may be disagreeing with the prospect.

Urgency Words for Closing Deals Faster

‍24. Hurry

Provide your prospects with a limited time offer they cannot resist. If they seem convinced, ask them to hurry so they don’t miss a good deal.

25. Free ‍

One of the most persuasive sales words, offering a part of the service or add-on benefit for ‘free’ can decrease the cost while increasing your offering’s perceived value.

26. Save ‍

Everyone wants to save on money, time, or resources. Back it up with a clear opportunity, and you could get a customer on board for the long-term.

Sales Words That Move Prospects to Purchase

27. Exclusive ‍

Sales buzzwords such as ‘exclusive’, ‘rare’, or ‘limited edition’ create the impression that your offering is unique and available only to a select few.

28. First ‍

This is another word that denotes exclusivity or brings in the wow factor. If you can deliver on the first-mover advantage, you can build a long-lasting relationship with customers.

29. Successful ‍

Top performers use ‘successful’ 4-6x per hour on a sales call. Follow their success mantra and close deals faster!

30. Simple/Easy ‍

From onboarding customers, using your product/service, and getting adequate support – if you can simplify the customer experience, they may be more willing to sign up with you.

31. Premium ‍

Sales words that denote luxury and prestige help grab attention. Customers respond to concepts of high esteem, value, and quality as it makes them feel privileged. ‍

32. Confidential ‍

Strong sales words such as ‘confidential’, ‘secret’, or ‘insider’ tap into natural human curiosity and serve to intrigue prospects. You can use these sales words to pique their interest and genuinely engage them. ‍

33. Risk-free

This term acts as an assurance for customers to know that they are not going to lose anything, especially when they are signing up for a free demo or trial.
Those were some of the most powerful words to sell a product.

Words to Avoid During Sales Calls

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34. We provide ‍

Prospects anticipate a sales pitch and stop listening the moment you say, ‘we provide’. Close rates fall by 22% when sales reps use it four or more times in a single call. ‍

35. Problem

Hearing the word ‘problem’ immediately incites a negative reaction. When referring to an issue that the customer may face, use ‘challenge’ or ‘hurdle’ instead.

36. Honestly

Although a positive-sounding word, ‘honestly’ can have a negative connotation in a sales language. When overused, this word could make the prospect feel like everything else you have said before may not be true.

‍37. Hopefully/Maybe

These words are vague and do not instill confidence. They indicate that you are unsure of what you are saying or promising. If you are not confident of your product/service’s benefits, why would prospects be?

‍38. Discount

Don’t offer a 33% discount; instead, offer 50% more of the same product at the same price! Discounts devalue your products and can decrease your chances of closing a deal by 17%.

39. Obviously

‘Obviously’ sounds condescending. It sounds like you are undermining the client’s intelligence by stating the obvious.

40. Cheap

Using ‘cheap’ undervalues your offering. It gives the feeling that your product or service is substandard. Say ‘cost-effective’ or ‘economical’ instead.

41. Free Trial

Substitute ‘free trial’ with ‘demo’ or ‘pilot’ if you are not looking to lower your chances of moving to the next stage by 5%.

42. Competitor

It is best not to bring up competitors unless the prospect does so. Putting down your competitors reflects poorly on you and your company. Instead, talk about how your offerings are at par with industry standards and how you can exceed their expectations.

43. Quota

Never mention that you are doing the job for incentives or fulfilling your quota. It can make prospects think you are only trying to close a deal even if it’s not a good fit for them.

44. Objections

When addressing queries from prospects, avoid categorizing them as objections. Call it a ‘concern’ or ‘challenge’ and show them that you are willing to address any issues.

45. Prospects

Do not refer to your prospects as ‘prospects’. You will immediately make them feel dehumanized and disconnected.

46. Perfect

Is it okay to reinforce how ‘perfect’ everything about your deal is? When used more than four times during a call, the advance rate drops by 16%.

47. Pitch

Even though you are technically pitching to your prospect, it is a very salesy term that implies you are there to sell a product instead of helping them find the right solutions. Say ‘presentation’ or ‘discussion’ instead.

48. Cutting-edge/Innovative

These are some of the most overused sales words, as every company tries to position itself as cutting-edge or innovative.

49. Erm 

Constantly making sounds such as ‘erm’, ‘ah’, or ‘uhh’ make prospects feel you have not come prepared. They also make you sound unprofessional and unsure.

50. Don’t 

‘Don’t’ is negative. No one likes to hear what they should not do. Instead, tell them what they should do.

51. But

When you make a positive statement, using ‘but’ means you are contradicting what you said previously. This creates dissonance in the prospect’s mind.

52. Show you how

Spend more time on ‘why’ rather than ‘how’ something works. If you use such sales phrases more than four times in a call, your close rate may drop by 13%.

Salesken’s Guide to Winning Words

Salesken is a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify meaning and emotion reflected by words that are spoken during sales calls. It then uses this data to help reps say the right words or avoid using the wrong ones – in real-time! You can even manually feed these words into Salesken, so it can help your reps have more powerful sales conversations and win more deals.

Salesken also provides sales leaders like you with post-call analytics to track your sales team’s performance. Salesken records and annotates sales calls so you can quickly navigate through them with ease. You can tie it back to sales people wanting to close deals as they can earn over $300,000 per year, as evidenced by sales salary site CompGauge, ‘Fair’ helps superstar sales reps move it forward to the next stage.

What’s more, in addition to metrics such as the number of calls or talk ratio, Salesken lets you see if your sales team is using the right words and how often, whether they are saying anything wrong to your prospects, and how they can improve their performance.

Click here to see how you too can build a high-performing sales team with Salesken.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are sales terminologies?

Sales terminologies are specific terms used in the sales industry, such as “lead”, “prospect”, “pipeline”, and “conversion”.

2. What are power words in sales? 

Power words in sales are persuasive words that trigger a psychological response, like “exclusive”, “guarantee”, or “value”.

3. Where can we use sales words, B2C or B2B?

Sales words can be used in both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) contexts, with the language often being more formal and technical in B2B, and more casual and personal in B2C.

4. How can I incorporate sales words into my sales pitches?

You can incorporate sales words into your pitches by strategically choosing words that resonate with your target audience and highlight the benefits of your product or service. 

5. Can sales words help improve my sales performance?

Yes, using the right sales words can definitely help improve your sales performance by making your pitches more persuasive and compelling. By choosing words that resonate with your audience and highlight the value of your offering, you can increase engagement, generate more leads, and ultimately close more deals.

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