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Sales Lift Calculator

Reviewed by Abhinash J

Published: April 11, 2023

Sales lift measures the increase in sales because of a particular marketing or promotional strategy.
Using Salesken's Sales Lift Calculator, you can determine which promotional activities and campaigns bring in the most sales and generate extra revenue for your business.

Actual Sales

The combined sum of money generated from all deals that have been closed within a specific time frame.

Baseline Sales

Historical sales revenue used as a comparison metric for current sales.
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What Is Sales Lift? 

Sales lift refers to an increase in sales when businesses run a specific marketing campaign during a particular period. It is a way for marketers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and the return on investment of the marketing efforts.

Components of Sales Lift 

Actual Sales Amount: It refers to the total revenue generated by a business during a specific promotional period. 

Baseline Sales Amount: It refers to the revenue the company would have earned from normal business activity during the same period of time. 

How to Calculate Sales Lift

The formula for calculating sales lift is

Incremental Sales Lift = (Actual Sales Amount - Baseline Sales Amount) 

For instance, if on a regular month, the team earns a sales revenue of $2500, and after running a marketing event, the sales revenue is $3500, then,

Incremental Sales Lift = [$3500 - $2500] = $1000

$1000 is the incremental sales lift because of the marketing event

Incremental Sales Lift Formula

To determine the percentage increase in sales:

% Increase = [Incremental Sales Lift ÷ Baseline Sales Amount] x 100 = [$1000/$2500]*100 = 40%
Percentage Increase in Sales Formula

This implies that marketing event led to a 40% increase in sales, for that particular month.

Importance of Calculating Sales Lift

1. Sales lift helps determine which customer profiles are most likely to respond to sales promotions. You can then tailor your promotional activities to specific audience groups to increase revenue. 

2. Sales lift helps measure the return on your marketing spending. It evaluates how these costs affect your overall profitability and allows you to allocate the budget for future promotional activities accordingly. 

3. The incremental sales lift can help in financial forecasting and evaluation. Managers can now know how sales and revenue will increase because of promotional / marketing activities, and forecast their revenues accordingly. This leads to improved financial planning and resource allocation.

Free Resource

Sales Lift Calculator

Calculate the impact of your marketing efforts and determine the lift in sales that you contribute with your campaigns with our Excel/Google Sheet template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sales lift mean?

Sales lift refers to the difference between the actual sales and baseline sales that occur during the promotional activity. It is the incremental increase in sales that occurs due to ongoing promotional activities, and it allows businesses to measure and analyze the efficiency of their marketing or promotional efforts.

Why should you calculate sales lift?

Evaluating sales lift helps understand how your marketing activities influence your sales that may not have occurred otherwise without any promotional efforts. Also, it helps one understand which marketing activity is leading to an increase in sales, the demography that is responding best, and allocate resources accordingly to ensure maximum ROI.

How do you calculate incremental sales lift?

The formula to calculate sales lift is subtracting the actual sales from the baseline sales for a specific period of time. Alternatively, enter all the component values into Salesken’s Sales Lift Calculator and discover your marketing campaign's effectiveness.

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