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Best B2B Sales Email Templates to Convert Leads in 2023

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Best B2B Sales Email Templates in 2023

A B2B sales email is an intuitively structured message sent to different B2B decision-makers, and stakeholders through automation or manual process. Sales representatives send these sales emails or cold emails to their prospects with the motive to nurture them as leads and pitch the offers. 

While the lead generation process is evolving and sales reps are making the most of emerging channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., email remains a top favorite. HubSpot shows that B2B sales emails have the potential to generate up to 4200% of ROI. 

However, crafting cold emails is not easy. In fact, the average response rate on cold emails is 1%. Want to know the secrets to writing cold emails that stand out? You must write a compelling subject line, an exciting copy, and place a persuasive CTA.

Want to know how to do that? Let us help you in this detailed B2B sales email guide. 

5 Tips to Write Highly Convertible B2B Sales Emails 

Writing a cold email that converts is tricky. However, a few quick tricks and strategies can simplify your job. Here are a few tried and tested tips to write sales emails that are informative, personalized and don’t sound like you are selling: 

1. The subject line has to be interesting 

Your cold email's subject line creates the first impression for the target B2B audiences. To engage the B2B decision-makers, sales reps should do regular A/B tests with the subject lines. The subject lines have to be exciting without sounding like spam. 

Now the question is how to write such attractive and credible subject lines. 

These tips might help. 

  • Don’t forget to target the pain point of the target audiences in the subject line of a B2B cold email. 
  • Research and invest some time to create the offer. If the offer isn’t unique, it cannot make a difference for the users. 
  • Add an urgency factor. The easiest way to do that is by adding a time constraint. 

Here is a subject line from Grammarly that we found impressive: 


Here’s why: 

  • The subject line is short and to-the-point. There is no excess information. 
  • It captures the pain point of the target audiences quickly and provides a solution. 
  • It also adds the urgency factor by mentioning the discount percentage. 

2. Keep the email concise and personalized 

306 billions emails are sent every day as of 2021, and only 19.8% of these emails are opened. If you cannot craft a B2B cold email that is personalized and authentic, your target audiences may never even open it.

B2B decision-makers are busy and don’t read each and every cold email coming their way. However, a concise email communicating the messaging can easily draw their attention. Hence, the goal of a sales rep should be to write brief and informative sales emails. 

Before drafting an email straight away, ask these questions yourself: 

  • What is the core message to communicate through this email? 
  • In what way can your email add value to the target audiences? 

Keep these two pointers in mind and remove anything that sounds excessive concerning the context. 

Here are a few tips to write short and readable cold emails: 

  • Instead of writing large chunks of text, add bullet pointers to the cold emails. These are easily readable. 
  • Don’t write long emails. Instead, consider sending a series of emails to the audiences and interestingly split your brand story so that users read all these emails. 
  • Don’t just promise. Deliver. Sales reps can attach product tutorials, product tours, datasheets, e-books, etc., and emails to describe the products and services in an in-depth manner. 

Check this example of a short and crisp cold email: 


This email stands out because it is direct and the author doesn’t use any fluff. She has directly explained how she found out about Zach (the prospect), what more information she collected about him, and how she can help the prospect. 

3. Add an irresistible offer to the CTA 

After you write a great email, you must conclude it well. The best way to conclude a B2B cold email is by adding the correct Call-to-Action (CTA). The CTA is what verifies your claims mentioned in the mail body and directs the users to a compelling offer that they cannot resist. 

Can you add an urgency factor to the CTA? That’s even better. It will help the fear of missing out on a great offer and they will take action quickly. A CTA can be as simple as “Book a demo” or as complicated as “Please reply with your complaint”. As long as it is relevant to the email content and not pushy, it can help you draw the audience’s attention. 

A great way to spice up the CTA is by merging with social proof or a past success story. For example: 

“Read our case study to see how we doubled the retention rate of Brand X”. 

“We have a combined social media following of 50K on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Join the Tribe”. 

Such statistically sound CTAs are easily relatable and compelling at the same time. They can easily engage the target audiences and convince them to click on the offer. 

7 B2B Sales Email Templates and Examples to Improve Sales Performance in 2023

We hope the tips we included in the previous section can accelerate your cold email outreach efforts. We are going a step further and helping you with some B2B sales email templates and examples to help you out. 

1. AIDA Formula 

AIDA or Attention-Interest-Desire-Action is one of the oldest principles of cold email and it still works. The AIDA framework states that a B2B cold email should have: 

  • An attention-grabbing hook 
  • A copy that builds the interest of the audiences 
  • Show the audience how they can benefit from the offer to grow their desire 
  • Finally, convince them to act by clicking on the CTA 

Here is a cold email template that follows the AIDA formula: 

Hi [First name],

If you are a [the designation of the prospect], you already know how hard it is to [explain a problem they are facing].

We can help you. Our product [name of product/solution] has helped X no. of customers to [the problem it solved] by [the solution].
Here’s how we helped Brand Y - [Attach a case study]

Would you like to discuss this? Let me know the best time to call you this week.

[Sales rep’s name]

2. SAS Formula 

The SAS formula introduces a unique approach to cold email outreach. It suggests that: 

  • The cold email should introduce the Star in the very beginning. Here “Star” can be the product, the customer, or anyone who plays the central role in the email. 
  • Next, talk about the Arch who is at the same place like your prospect and can face the same challenges. 
  • Finally, explain how the Star can achieve success with your product/solution. 

The SAS formula uses storytelling to entertain and educate the prospects simultaneously. 

Here’s an email template that follows the SAS framework: 

Hi [First name],

[Star] was facing a critical issue in the first half of 2020. The brand was [Explain the challenge].
In this situation, [Star] needed to achieve [result to win], but [Arch/ Cause of the challenge] made it impossible.

So how did [Star] fight back?

Would you like to discuss this? Let me know the best time to call you this week.[Star] used [your product/solution name] and [how it helped].

We have helped X companies to win with our cutting-edge solution [Name].

If interested, I can send you a personalized template to solve this challenge.
Let me know when you are free to discuss this.

[Sales rep’s name]

3. PAS Formula 

The PAS framework is a good old method to develop the content of any sort. It works well for B2B cold emails too. This framework states that an email should: 

  • Highlight a problem and the underlying cause behind it 
  • Agitate on the problem and explain its possible impact 
  • Finally, offer a solution to solve the problem 

Use this template to apply PAS formula in your cold emails: 

Hi [First name],

Are you facing [explain the problem]?

Many of your competitors like [mention a few names] have faced this challenge. It is a critical problem and can lead to [mention some critical consequences].

Our [product/solution] has helped Company X to solve this challenge. Read how in this case study - [Link to case study]

I would love to understand the challenges you are facing. Can we connect next week to discuss this?

[Sales rep’s name]

4. Introduce your brand 

Does your prospect know about you? An introductory cold email is very important in any cold email sequence. It helps you establish credibility and helps the prospects to clear their doubts about your organization. 

Here is a template that you can use for this purpose:  

Hi [First name],

I am [Your name] working as a [designation] at [Company name]. I recently came across your website while researching for [one of the competitor’s names of the prospect].
After spending a few minutes on your website and exploring how you approach solving [a pain point of the prospect that your product can solve], I identified an opportunity.

We have helped [competitor’s name] to solve [the problem] and achieve [ the results]. See what they say about us here - [Attach a testimonial].

Do you have sometime to discuss this next week?
Let me know, I will share a meeting link.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

[Sales rep’s name]

5. Reach out to the decision-maker 

B2B selling is challenging at times. Mostly because multiple stakeholders are involved in each stage of the selling process. It is often difficult for the sales reps to reach out to the key decision-maker. Here is a B2B cold email template to help you identify the key decision-maker quickly: 

Hi [First name],

Quick question: Who is heading your company's [Name of relevant department]?

They will surely want to know how we at [your company name] helped Company X [competitor’s name] to achieve [results you achieved] with our product [product name].

If you are the right person to discuss this further, let me know when we can connect next week for a quick discussion.

[Sales rep’s name]

6. Show how you are unique from the competitors

Want to create a long-lasting impression for your leads? Show them how you are better than your competitors. Here is a B2B cold email template that can be handy: 

Hi [First name],

I was browsing your website and found that you are using [competitor’s solution name]. How is this product performing for you?
I work in [your company name], and we have a similar product called [product name]. Only our product can [ mention the key differentiator], and we think this can help [prospect’s company name].

Let’s get in a quick call to discuss this further. Are you free anytime next week?

[Sales rep’s name]

7. Follow-up email template

Not following up is the biggest mistake. 48% of sales reps don’t follow up even once, which can result in the loss of powerful leads. Here is a follow-up cold email template that you can re-use:

Hi [First name],

Hope you are doing well.

We had discussed helping you solve [mention the problems] with [your product name] to achieve [results to expect]. But I didn’t get a chance to finalize things yet.

I would love to hop on a quick call to discuss this further. Will you be free sometime next week?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

[Sales rep’s name]

Things to Avoid while Writing and Sending a B2B Sales Email 

Now that you know how to write B2B cold emails, here are a few things that you must NOT do while writing and sending cold emails: 

1. A vague subject line 

A generic subject line that doesn’t target the right group of prospects may not create a good impression. Keep your email subject line short, personalized and maintain a professional tone. The subject line has to be relevant. It must explain what to expect from the email. Don’t write irrelevant subject lines just because they are attention-grabbing. 

2. Sending too many follow-ups 

Sending follow-up emails is always a good idea. However, sending multiple follow-up cold sales emails can send you to the cursed SPAM folder. Sending too many emails is pushing the prospects to speak with you. That is not a good idea as it may force the prospects to question your credibility. 

3. Writing a long email 

B2B decision-makers are busy and no way they will read lengthy emails. Remove anything that’s unnecessary and keep it short. Make sure that your cold email is brief and it communicates the messaging efficiently. 

4. Using jargon and fluff in the email copy 

Don’t use fancy words and jargon in cold emails. Keep the email copy simple and easy to comprehend. Else, the prospect will delete it after reading the very first line. Also, avoid fillers and keep each sentence unique. 

5. Celebrate your brand and ignore the prospects’ needs 

Is your cold email all about your brand, success, and achievements? Celebrating your brand too much can also push you to the prospects’ SPAM folder. The email content should be mostly about the prospects, their challenges, and what solution you can provide them. 

Final Words 

B2B sales process is challenging and so is drafting personalized B2B sales emails. What if we tell you about a B2B sales tool that can help you write better sales emails? 

We are talking about Salesken

This real-time sales enablement software can help sales reps with: 

  • In-depth call analytics and summaries 
  • A comprehensive call repository with all sales conversations and talking points 
  • Seamless collaboration with multiple sales team members at the same time 

Want to know more? Book a demo today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cold emails still work in the B2B sector?

Yes, a personalized cold emails strategy can always drive results. In fact, 77% of B2B businesses have included cold email newsletters as a part of their content strategy.

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